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November 07, 2006

What Do I Think?

That is the question. Tomorrow I’ll probably be asked it several times as I (hopefully) make a guest appearance on 18 Doughty Street, the online political TV channel with a right-wing slant.

If everything goes to plan, I might be on some time after 9pm. I’m assuming we may be talking about the U.S. election results and I’d quite like to stick my ore in on the Farepak debacle, although the moment might have passed by then.

Being a generally right-wing channel, I’m not sure how much I will try to be a dissonant voice in a sea of Tory rhetoric!!! Should be fun anyway.

Do watch it and send some comments in so we have something to talk about! I’m hoping to have some behind-the-scenes photos to share with you next week.


I’m afraid it will be a quiet few days on the blog as I’m at the Student Radio Awards on Thursday night (which is linked to 18 Doughty Street’s Iain Dale in a roundabout way) and then I’m traveling around the UK all weekend. I’m staying with Adam who is apparently living in the 1980s and doesn’t have the internet. What a sorry state of affairs.


I’ve just noticed Firefox 2.0’s spell checker while writing the blog. How brilliant!?! Why anyone would carry on using Internet Explorer I don’t know.

Getting off lightly

Writing about web page

A firm responsible for an incredible 6,900,000,000 pop-up ads has been fined a whopping £2m by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States.

As a “heavy user” (stop laughing at the back) of the internet, there’s nothing more annoying than this kind of crap, especially when it’s the result of adware, which is what Zango specialised in.

These ads often prey on the most vulnerable, informing you that you’ve won £56,000 on the Icelandic lottery, but asking for your credit card details before sending you the (non-existent) money.

The CEO of Zango apparently “deeply regretted” any negative impact.


Update: Zango is apparently still trading. Without any hint of irony, they’re offering an “ad-supported” game called Infection. You couldn’t make it up.

Tonight's midterms mean danger for Democrats

DemocratsThe United States goes to the polls today to elect a new House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. It’s a make-or-break moment for both parties, but could yield greater dangers for the Democrats.

They’re expected to take the House of Representatives, and have an outside chance of grabbing the Senate too. But such high expectations mean that anything less will be seen as a victory for George Bush’s party. And the potential pitfalls don’t end late tonight.

If the Democrats gain the House, they’ll surely use their position – which as Adam Brookes points out isn’t that powerful – to initiate inquries into everything that took place over the last 6 years under George Bush. So we’ll see inquiries into Iraq, Afghanistan, global warming and anything else Bush has cocked up (a potentially long list).

But they risk being so righteous that they make themselves unelectable. Come 2008, with a Presidential election and a real chance to take the Senate – and the Democrats might have squandered their chances by appearing universally negative and leaving little time to invent ideas of their own.

They won’t win an election by posturing and screaming at the Republicans. They need ideas – on Iraq, Afghanistan, and of course global warming – and they need to start thinking on their feet.

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