January 15, 2015


According to the presentation of Mr Elliot Hirst around 90% of the customers are shown as satisfied of major level with the supplier. Indeed, a part will increase their relationship with supplier. Second, the 8% of the customers said that are satisfied but they will decrease their relationship. And finally, the 5% of the customers said that are not satisfied but it will maintain their relationship with supplier.

This analysis is a clear example the how difficult is reaching process of VOC and understand them. In my experience one of the most hard task in the work is satisfied the expectation of the customer, external and internal, because in many times even them do not understand their problem or requirements. Thus, the organization have to develop high levels of involvement with their customers to elaborate -together -integral and sustainable solutions.


November 30, 2014

Construction Industry

Six sigma projects were primary useful in manufacturing industry, but how we learnt this week it is possible apply this methodology in a variety of problem, or opportunities.

Six sigma project´s application in the construction industry (Lee and Su, 2013) is a great opportunity to identify the main element that is likely or commander in this type of project:

  1. Knowledge related to the tool (Six Sigma).
  2. Top management support.
  3. Previous data.

With this tree element the project developed a Project Charter associated to lightweight panel wall that is broken for earthquake (That is usual in some part of the world).

In this project was used a key driver linked to assess variables called KPOVs – Key Process Output Variables- and CUS for input to the system. C, controlled that is possible manages. U, it is uncontrolled. S, it is standard operation process. And with these elements was analyse the flow and cause-effect process.

The following component of the project and how develop a result is very technical and outside of the scope of this module.

Finally, this journal in very attractive as ones of the first in construction industry and show how management could be cover technical aspect to improve the total performance of an organization.


Lee, K. L., & Su, Y. (2012). Applying Six Sigma to Quality Improvement in Construction. Journal of Management in Engineering, 29(4), 464-470.

October 19, 2014

What really happens

How many companies do not have enough time and use this type is associate to expensive requirements from headquarters. I think that, this is happening in more than 90% of the SME. So, why in happening this kinds of think today and why every new generation of professional do not have the skill to move on.

I thing that we can see two element.

First, we you are involved in an organization your space of influence is according with the general performance of the organization.

Second, if you like improve the result. This effort is similar to an iceberg.iceberg


October 16, 2014


How does Organization keep their people?

What is the best strategic of development career?

Is development career for whole employees?

These are some question that I am thinking since the seminar N° 2. The work is more than money for some of us, but not for all. In some cases, people prefer have a secure and relax job. In my case I prefer a challenge job that helps me to be better every day. So, my background has been built based in different experience, projects or achieves than just time, day and year in some company.

On the other hand, how organization can create an environment where people move on and give the best of them every day but in same time get best position and have balance between salaries and labor force.

At the end of the day, people improve their position based in their skill but how many companies share that path with their employees. Today, I am concluding with a big question related to HHRR and I hope manage that answers very soon.


October 15, 2014

Measurement and OL

Measurement of result is the aim of many kind of job, as controller or manager the result nowadays is a key driver. But what happen with these senior managers that do not make different between results and perform. Maybe we are as themselves a leading indicator for them and internal issues are not matter in the organization. Organizations, that see the profits or results like all.

On the other hand, OL Cycle show many interesting element but I am focus in Reflection step because I believe that moment in the crucial for the organization where “lessons learn” are record – if do not have Legal implication- and the organization start to move on.

Therefore, measurement and OL are connected by improvement or interpretation thus, I think own role is to be this element of engine these topic inside of the System / Business Organization.


October 14, 2014

Meeting approach

Many different kinds of organizations have vary of meeting in some cases their very technical other more related to coordinate and general management. I think that in no complex works, the boss is the King. Therefore, the boss is sort of multi expert and command every task.

But what happen in complex organization where boss is the support of their team. In some cases the boss is some type of sponsor. Thus, what kinds of role the sponsor are doing today in meeting of complex organization? That is why, I believe that in actual system or organization meetings have other meaning or other way to do. According with my experience is greatly different the responsibility, role and the job. Furthermore, in meeting we can see element or function like: Agenda, Minutes, Timekeeper, Writer of minutes, Moderator, “boss”.

Indeed, what kind of meeting has the CEO of BP with CFO and Supply Chain Manager? I think you can see Coordinate Meeting where the teamwork is complex and based task, time, review, share, and more.

All the best,


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