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August 31, 2006


Today I had chocolate cake for breakfast. It was TESCOs finest chocolate indulgence… or something along those lines.

And it was good.

August 18, 2006

Shopping and craveing

Yesterday we went for lunch and then went shopping. And it is true that when you go shopping on a full stomach you don't crave all the junk food because you just don't feel like eating it.

However I found myself being drawn to homeware shelves and found myself reasoning the possibilities of a loaf–tin… I have NEVER cooked bread before EVER, but was thinking about buying a loaftin… it may have been the alcohol consumed previously, but I thought it was weird.

June 21, 2006

cider, me and my lovely fiance

I've had cider.
Westons's organic cider.

I like cider.
I've had three bottles… i am a light weight

I've had cider, have no more degree left and am with lovely fiance…

this isn't a very good likeness of me… my teef aren't that straight… But I am happy. and an iddle bit tipsy.

Lets go and make a better world.


Failing that lets drink Weston's cider.
It is nice.
I am sleepy.

May 04, 2006

boyfriend's birthday and beer

Lovely Boyfriend's birthday.
Drank peach beer.
Was Good.

Stupid labs tomorrow. Booo.

April 07, 2006

Tea, revision and rot

Tea consumption is up. For roughly every two hours of revision, I'm drinking a mug of tea, though I have maxed out at three cups in an hour. This means I am doing little revision and a lot of tea drinking. Fact.

Revision is really quite bad at the minute. Fact.

I think that the only thing I have taken away from todays work is that it is all downhill from 25 yrs old (biologically speaking). Great. 2 and a half years before the rot sets in.

March 18, 2006

Today was a good day

Today was good, though I've done no work… ah well.

Brother and Sister were still here today. Brother's 21st present from Parents was a good guitar of his own. And today he chose it! We went to Regent guitars in Leamington, which is full of helpful people who know what they are talking about. I think we were there for just under 2 hours, and the "acoustic specialist" was very, very patient and helpful.

He explained the various models, and what was their best features, which ones sold most and why, he played them and explained about the different sounds you could get and how it varied between guitars and why, talking about woods, size etc. Basically, he was very informative, very willing too answer questions and very helpful. If you're looking for a good guitar shop… Regent Guitars is Leamington's… probably Warwickshire's…maybe even the Midlands…and so on and so forth.

But not only that, it was a nice shop to be in. It was very relaxed, and there were lots of lovely musicy sounds emmitting from different rooms.

Then we walked back, and found a bakery… Leamington seems limited in it's bakeries… unless they are all hidden away… Crewe has a much better selection of cakes/doughnuts/gingerbread men… Mmmm gingerbread men… but anyway we found it and I got a dough-based food.

Oh and then Ireland got the tripple crown… those last few minutes… good. Very good.

March 16, 2006

dilly DALYs

Little Brother and Big sister should be in here in the next few hours, then I can enjoy take-away and justify not doing revision…

which by the way I'm glancing over DALYs. but I keep thinking of is the phrase "dilly dally"... and then I think of that bit in Scrubs

JD thinking…
"Today's gonna be a great day. Still, no time to dilly-dally. God, that's a fun phrase. I have to meet Dr. Cox in five..."

An attractive woman with big chest goes by

"Good God! Check out those dilly-dallies!..."

…and it keeps making me laugh!

March 14, 2006

It all came together

Follow-up to that's good, that's bad. from not a scientist

Well I managed to get the 21 presents, with each one assigned a reason, or story that related to some point in Ozzy's life… so it was really a big nostalgia present, and he seemed to really like it, and we all had a laugh about things from when we were little.

And it was really nice to be home. Going back next week beore big Sister heads off to her new job to an isle at the bottom of England.

But till then, I need to worky worky work work. Bah revision is so slow at the minute.

March 04, 2006

that's good, that's bad.

Ok I think little Brothers 21st present is on the way to being sorted… which is good. I might not have enough time to pull it all together… that's bad…I think I have a rough idea about my project… this is also good… though there isn't much research concerning what I'm planning to do… that's bad… Lovely boyfriend is coming over later… thats good… I have no food… thats bad… I can go shopping and Lovely boyfriend can help me carry it… thats good… the food may contain sodium benzoate…

… thats bad

February 24, 2006

My lovely siblings

Little Brother and Big Sister sent me a box of random goodness which I finally collected from the post office today. Resembling a crazy-lady I was laughing outloud on the bus as I read the included notes, looked at the photos and picked out the sugar-rush inducing treats.

Most impressively it included a Chatwin's Gingerbread man…it was soooo good, dunking his arms into tea. Yum yum.

My brother and sister are great.

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