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February 19, 2007

Lost photos. Nooooooooooooooo!

After getting a shiney, shiney camera for Christmas I went a bit mad and took loads of photos, some good, some bad and some downright ugly. Hundreds of them.

Then as I went to show someone the snowfest that was Birmingham the camra told me it had a memory card error. Bollox.

Now I don’t know what to do because all the card readers I have tried refuse to accept that there is a memory card full of photos in it.

Does anyone know if my pictures are doomed to remain on the card or is there some super-dooper method to get my ugly pictures back? Should I just keep trying different readers?

June 21, 2006

cider, me and my lovely fiance

I've had cider.
Westons's organic cider.

I like cider.
I've had three bottles… i am a light weight

I've had cider, have no more degree left and am with lovely fiance…

this isn't a very good likeness of me… my teef aren't that straight… But I am happy. and an iddle bit tipsy.

Lets go and make a better world.


Failing that lets drink Weston's cider.
It is nice.
I am sleepy.

April 12, 2006

Found it!

Follow-up to Lost it from not a scientist

In one of my modes of procrastination I found The Frames album I was looking for, and One by One and Back on Top… and that has made me happy for now.

Getting a bit more anxious about the exams, pains in the chest, that sort of thing, but I reckon they'll be gone by the 25th. If not, then I'll start worrying.

But yay!n I found me music.

March 15, 2006

Surprise? Again?

So what is it with my family and surprises for those most likely to suffer from its organisation…?

1) Christmas. Granny didn't know we were coming. We all sat under the Christmas tree covered by a sheet. Someone suggests we jump out… she's frail… it's not the best idea they've ever had. So we didn't actually come out screaming "SURPRISE!"

2) Dara's 60th, Roisin organised the initial surprise so that we'd all head to the Guinness sky bar (or whatever it's called), and be waiting at the top for Dara… she'd rang previously and checked that it would be ok. Lady on the phone said it would be… except that lady at the lift says it is not… not going to pay the 20 euros(Guinness isn't that great) to just to use the lift to go to the bar … neither is Dara… so we take the back route and go in through the exit stairs. Dara, who has had both hips replaced, has to climb a hundred or so stairs cos the Guinness lady won't let her use the lift. Fair enough cos we weren't paying… and pretending to leave… but new fake hips and lots of stairs ain't great.

Still she had a great time, as did we all, and was totally surprised!

3) This April, Niav is 80. 80. Shock isn't good for the system at these older ages… so what are we doing? Having a surprise party! Go the Brays/De Bris/Kellehers/O Dalys!

Though Niav is one of these ladies that you would never guess she was 80. She still runs around the Hills of Wicklow to sort out rare breeds of cow. She's the kind of lady I'd hope to be at her age.

No doubt we will all have a great time, and it will be good for the whole gang to be together… now I just have to get my work together so I can make the most of being over there.

Go! Go! Go!

February 25, 2006

Decorating with tea

When I'm working I always consume large amounts of tea, mostly, I think, as a means of procrastination. This evening though, instead of drinking it, I threw it all over the living room and swore lots!

I'm not actually sure what happened, except than one moment it was in the mug and the next it was all over me, the carpet and the walls! Tea was everywhere! I think the mug sort of slipped…

I promptly got to work with the kitchen paper. Mopping, wipeing and dabbing… and then made meself another cuppa, which I held onto with both hands and managed to consume it without spilling a drop.

February 15, 2006

Shoulda said please…

… and I usually do… not sure why I didn't… I do actually feel really quite bad about it. Arse.

…oh well, don't dwell on it. You'll drive your-self crazy. Zoidberg Stylee, whoop whoop whoop whoop.

January 26, 2006

Lost it

I have lost my for the birds album, by the frames. I have the case… but it's empty :(

Where, o where is it?

January 24, 2006

me thinkining

"hmmm, there's more people in here than I thought… wow they're noisey…still being loud… ok, out-loud them… "OK!" …Whoops! louder than I thought I could be… oh well they're at least listening now… and I'm going red… better make this quick and sit back down."

…and slowly return to a normal colour.

January 18, 2006

Eye Eye

My glasses are banjaxed. And here is why:

  • I keep putting jumpers on whilst still wearing my glasses so they end up being smeared across my face=wonky

  • I have stood on them… yeah a silly, silly, silly idea to leave them on the floor. But there was a reason.

  • One of the screws unscrewed itself and and got its self lost, so I had to put in another screw that is too long, so it sticks out the top, its also a bit too narrow for the thread so the lens pops out at really inappropriate moments…

As a result they are tied together with cotton and I am searching for some glue to keep them together until I can get home to buy new ones… which I won't leave on the floor, and I'll ask for spare screws.

December 22, 2005

Gifts for de family

Only two nights of work left, then its Christmas Eve, then it's Christmas Day and not surprisingly I still have presents to buy…

Me thinks it might be a mad rush round Chester on Christams Eve to get some final gifts…

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