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November 20, 2005

Time tunnle… THATS SPELT HOW? tunnel tunnal… i don't feckin know

Its the first time I have been out to the union this term and I had quite a good time. I was quite drunk, and was dissapointed that The Graduate was closed, as this meant I could get no Old Rosie andhad to drink strongbow, whichfrankly, is disgusting.

I managaed to catch the bus home " run! the bus is for leam!". Now I am knackered… and drunk Gonna sleep.

Essay tomorrow. nIGHT.

November 15, 2005


I really, really want to wave at other people on buses, especially when I'm on the top-deck and so are they.

I remember in primary school, on trips, we'd all wave at lorry drivers as they passed us in the coach, then when they'd wave back the whole bus would cheer, even better was when they honked the horn and the bus would errupt.

If I wave and get a wave back, inside I will be cheering!

November 14, 2005

Choo choo

Writing about web page

Today I travelled from Crewe to Leamington and managed to get a seat for all parts of my journey, in comparison to Friday's journey when I sat on the floor of the vestibule with several other commuters. This happens because I didn’t book my ticket in advance, but one shouldn’t have to on public transport, in my opinion. Imagine if you had to book a ticket for the bus!

Grand Central Railway, a company hoping to run trains along certain routes, is proposing that if you buy a ticket, but don’t get a seat, you should get half your money back. Ian Yeowart, managing director of Grand Central said “We don’t believe it’s right to pay the full fare if you have to stand for any part of the journey. In every other industry people expect to get what they pay for. Railways should be no different.” It makes sense to me, though I am just a lowly passenger. GNER who currently run “services” along these specific routes already, are trying to delay GCRs access to the route… I wonder why…

Sadly for me, I will not benefit from GCRs proposals. At the start of my journey I was given a questionnaire from the transport department concerning hours of travel and how often I made the journey. I bothered to fill it in the hope that this information might somehow be conveyed to the train companies, so that extra carriages can be stuck on at times at peak travel, giving everyone a seat. It wouldn't be difficult, it wouldn't cost a significant amount more and passengers would be much happier… Hey! A person can dream can’t they?

October 26, 2005

Transport friendlies

After a week of delayed buses/trains due to breakdowns, general problems and "customer service issues" (what that is I have no idea, but it was one of the train managers excuses) which resulted in missed connections and too much time spent in railway stations, as well as some mean Bus driver who shouted at me (you are a bad man) I was loosing faith in any joy ever occuring from taking public transport.

However on Sunday I was in Wolverhampton and there were two wonderful bus people, who were friendly and helpful and restored my faith in the transport system, as they helped Big Sister and me navigate our way to Wolseley house.

The best, best, best transport friendly though was the singing train conducter who sang "tickets, tickets, tickets please!"

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