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February 11, 2006

Best actress?

"Naomi Watts has been named best actress at the London Film Critics' Circle Awards for her role in Peter Jackson's King Kong."

Now… Naomi Watts, yes she is lovely, but did they watch King Kong? Mostly, it was her doing this…
Miss Watts

or this…

I've nothing against Naomi's acting, indeed I can't really comment on it cos I've only seen her in this film… but she won best actress... from all the films this year... for looking wistful

I accept that it's probably more due to faults of the director that Miss Watts looks like this for most of the film… but she won an award for that… anyway I'm done now.

February 06, 2006


It doesn't take much, really does it?

February 04, 2006


DO you ever feel like a part of you is missing? I'm missing part of me, I'm sure I am. I think she has gradually been disapearing for a while now, and instead of being replaced with something new it just leaves a space. I feel…I dunno, lost? I want her back. I want to be that person again, or at least have her here. But I don't know how. Or maybe I do and I'm scared. Very scared.

January 17, 2006

Still with The Fear, also with the Anger and the Sadness

I have been on campus for waaaaaaaay to long and it's making me sad, trying to do my fecking power point presentation. I seem to have a lot of words about nothing in particular, very few relevant pictures (I'm considering putting in a picture of a monkey… thats how desparate I am) and quite frankly its making me angry.

I'm not wanting Friday to be here, but as people keep saying I'll be glad when its over.

Yes I will… but I don't want it to come.

January 10, 2006

Big Decision…little choice

I always leave any important choices/ decisions to be made to the last minute… and that includes my project title.

There are quite a few that I like, not so many that stir up passion, and few that I would be able to sustain an interest in for 8ish weeks (including the write up- probably a bad estimate)... so it's looking good! Or not.

The ones that appeal, probably appeal to a lot of people, so the chances are I'm not going to get them.

Oh well it will hopefully all work out in the end.

December 23, 2005

…which was nice

Washing machine was fixed, which was nice. Didn't get the sack, which was nice. Got off work a bit early, which was nice. Spoke to new peoples at work, which was nice. Recieved cards and letters from long lost friends, which was nice. Throat feeling furry, stomach all gurgly and muscles all achey… which is not so nice.

Hoping ye olde method of sleep and fluids will sort me out. Realllllllly don't want to be ill for Christmas.

December 21, 2005

From the man himself

Follow-up to Lies, all lies from not a scientist

Well, if Shane thinks he is singing the song then he must be! I read an interview at the back of The Observer's Music Monthly Magazine between him and Katie Melieu (sp?) and she has been asked to stand in for some of the (live?) performances. So it must have been released this week… I still haven't heard it on the radio which was my main gripe… However it picked up a bit at 4am when there was less slush and more upbeat tunes.

NOTE: I am not demanding that christmas songs are played non-stop, because that would turn us all into raging violent meatbags of destruction. But seeing as they are playing them occasionally on the radio, I just wish they'd play the better ones…

December 14, 2005

Lies, all lies

I read in The Metro back in early November that Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl was being re-released for Christmas. However this seems not to be the case. Which is a pity, because if it had been re-released it would be played on the radio more often than fecking Last Christmas and other sap filled festive songs. Oh well.

In sort of related news… I read in some magazine (yes I should be reading text books and science papers but c'mon!) that Shane MacGowan, front man of The Pogues, was being named for Big Brother 2006… Hmmm.

October 25, 2005

figment of imagination

Pottery Society. I joined it, y'know, cos I like mess… but it doesn't exist!! I went to the building where it was supposed to be and found it had been knocked down… so where did all the stuff go?

They still have a website inviting you to come along where they "meet every Monday and Thursday"... no they don't…

According to some bloke at the uni it doesn't exist and I shouldn't have been able to join. But I have. Now I'm going to get my money back and join some other society…any suggestions?

June 27, 2005


Well, somehow I made it through to next year despite failing several modules, but thanks to labs and essays I scraped through to thirdyear, and maybe next year my arse will be in gear to get a half decent mark…then again, maybe not… we shall see.

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