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June 07, 2005

exams are…

Exams are, as Rootes L2nd's Justin once said about top-up-fees, " a fookin bag o'wank"

That is a fact.

That is all.

June 03, 2005

At the risk of sounding like a miserable git

So many things grating at my nerves today…I'M A WOMAN ON THE EDGE!

1)My alarm clock, despite being set, didnít go off…there is no way I could have slept through it as my alarm is enough to wake the rest of the household. So instead of the intended wake up at 8, it was 11.

2)Instead of waking up gently, I woke up to some auld fella strimming the grass, intermittently for the following 2 hours. Whatís more he didnít do a good job. There are tufts of grass all over the place, I think he strimmed a few dog craps, and the noise it created made my brain go ďblahĒ, collpase and die.

3)The fridge is leaking again and I stood in the puddle of its contents in my bare feet. Rank.

4)There are no knives… plenty of forks and spoons, but no knives. Where can they actually be?

5)Lack of hair bobbles- currently am using bits of stationary to keep hair out of way, and resembling something of a shop display stand in Smiths.

6)My room is generally depressing, there is a hole in the floor, the wallpaper is peeling off, there is Chinese graffiti on walls, and someone has written SAMSUNG repeatedly on my desk. As well as there being several unidentifiable stains on the walls carpets and ceiling (how they got up there…I have no idea). All of this was here when I moved in, but now Iím in here so much…oh god its awful.

7)My computer is being a turd. Nuff said.

8)Iíve lost one shoe... yes Iíve checked the freezer… maybe its with the knives

9)People who sound like they are having fun... shouldnít you be in the library or something?

10)Revision... is... slowly. It has taken me hours to do one stinking lecture.

But on the bright side I got a ďDo your BestĒ card from Little Brother and good-luck token, which was quite sweet, and Lovely Irish Boyfriend is coming to stay, so Iím going to have a nice evening, and tomorrow will be a better day…

June 02, 2005

I am actually effed

Why? why? why didn't I start revising earlier? I knew this would happen and didn't do anything to prevent it! I don't know anything, don't have enough time to know everything. Panic is really taking hold of me… if I actually get through these exams without coming out the other side wearing a rather fetching white jacket with buckles and sleeves that tie up behind the back it will be amazing. What will be even more amazing if I don't have to resit without residance!

Which by the way I hope I don't have pay to tuition fees for that year!

Still have all of Oceanography to revise for which is laughable cos the notes are mostly terrible. Hoping to pick sisters brain at weekend, presuming that with her having done Oceanography as a degree, she will be of some use.

Lots of learning to do. My brain might just give up and ooze out of my ears…but at least it might count as a "mitigating circumstance"


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