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February 21, 2007

More advert stuff

This. by the way. is a nit-picking entry about nothing important.

In that Tres Emme advert (or however it’s spelt) that hairdresser guy voiceover says something along the lines of “clients ask me if all that heat ffries their hair. And I say ‘no’” Then as this is being said they cut to a close up of the hairdresser guy. He doesn’t say no. It looks more like a non-committal “nearghm” or a “nyermh”.

Yes I do watch too much TV. And its proably making me fat and blind .

July 31, 2006

A few things about adverts

Ok Barry Cillit, of Cillit Bang (bang! and the dirt is gone), why are you shouting at me? and why have you recruited all those ladies to speak in louder than normal voices at me? You had me convinced at the penny test!

Like the old advert for… he shouted at me too, and I didn’t like that. Now their advert is much more subdued… though I still don’t like it.

And is Coke zero different from diet coke? Or is it the new name for diet Coke?

Worthers Original ads just aren’t the same without a Grand-dad.

Is that aquafresh advert an old one that they used to show about 10 years ago? I’m sure I remember it from way back…

I’d like to see all the old Guinness adverts, in one long run… they were good, but they didn’t make me drink the stuff. You know with the guy dancing, and everyone in school would be singing the music and dancing…

ahhh you can’t go wrong with a bit of dancing in adverts.

If you like adverts you should go to this website:

March 11, 2006

The new mentos advert…

I thought it was going to be an advert for bird flu… hahaha… and they were going to say something like “there is no limit to the spread of bird-flu”... but then the flamingos got involved, and I decided it probably wasn’t an advert for the potential threat… and it was indeed an advert for mentos…

mentos better, mentos fresher, mentos better with mentos fresh and full of life… or something like that… I dunno, it’s from Clueless

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