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December 28, 2005

A worker nomore

Tonight was my last shift at work. I am quite glad to be leaving because I was beginning to become irked with some of the pointlessness and inefficiency of the tasks we were given. But most of people were lovely. And the Line managers were the most approachable managers I have ever had.

I will not miss the bruises from bags/frames and autos. I also will not miss the static shocks I got everynight… I seemed to be more conductive than anyone else in my family.

I have sooooo much to do again today, but a lot of it is seeing friends, so it should be very, very enjoyable.

December 26, 2005

Drinky drunk

Little Brother and I made random cocktails today. Was nice. Putting sherbert in random alcohol also tastes great.

Should probably point out, Little Brother is 20…

December 25, 2005


Not original, but I hope you are all enjoying the festivities, cos I am!

Just back from the pub after heaps of Peach Beer. Mmmmmm. And its nearly time for Dinner. Roast parsnips with cheese. MMMMMMMMMMMM!

December 24, 2005

Santa's little helper

Finished work early today but we get paid the full whack! BOOYAHHHH! And I'm only a temp!

Today is last minute shopping, cutting down a tree, decorating it, meeting friends and then getting some serrrrrious sleep. Lettttssss Go!

December 23, 2005

…which was nice

Washing machine was fixed, which was nice. Didn't get the sack, which was nice. Got off work a bit early, which was nice. Spoke to new peoples at work, which was nice. Recieved cards and letters from long lost friends, which was nice. Throat feeling furry, stomach all gurgly and muscles all achey… which is not so nice.

Hoping ye olde method of sleep and fluids will sort me out. Realllllllly don't want to be ill for Christmas.

December 22, 2005

Gifts for de family

Only two nights of work left, then its Christmas Eve, then it's Christmas Day and not surprisingly I still have presents to buy…

Me thinks it might be a mad rush round Chester on Christams Eve to get some final gifts…

December 21, 2005

From the man himself

Follow-up to Lies, all lies from not a scientist

Well, if Shane thinks he is singing the song then he must be! I read an interview at the back of The Observer's Music Monthly Magazine between him and Katie Melieu (sp?) and she has been asked to stand in for some of the (live?) performances. So it must have been released this week… I still haven't heard it on the radio which was my main gripe… However it picked up a bit at 4am when there was less slush and more upbeat tunes.

NOTE: I am not demanding that christmas songs are played non-stop, because that would turn us all into raging violent meatbags of destruction. But seeing as they are playing them occasionally on the radio, I just wish they'd play the better ones…

December 16, 2005

stuff about my bike

You know it's windy when you have to pedal to go downhill.

And the only sure way to test how bright your new lights are, is to shine them directly into your eyes

December 14, 2005

Lies, all lies

I read in The Metro back in early November that Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl was being re-released for Christmas. However this seems not to be the case. Which is a pity, because if it had been re-released it would be played on the radio more often than fecking Last Christmas and other sap filled festive songs. Oh well.

In sort of related news… I read in some magazine (yes I should be reading text books and science papers but c'mon!) that Shane MacGowan, front man of The Pogues, was being named for Big Brother 2006… Hmmm.

December 09, 2005

Worky worky work work.

Working nights is weird… when I come out of work it feels late at night, though really it is early morning… and I have totally lost track of what day it is now. I'm running a day late now… I think.

And I eat so much. I eat before I go to work, I eat at every break in work, and I eat when I get home. It's serious consumerage.

And radio music at night goes downhill…Late Night Love…blerrrrrgh… preceeds 2am, which is the time for softporn film soundtrack. Especially on Smooth FM.

And riding home there are no cars… Crewe is normally a fairly busy town, but I can ride on the wrong side of the road for aaaaaaages… its not a very good idea but I can do.

And not related to working nights… but I get very dusty. Only I don't realise that I'm covered in a thin layer of grime until I use my hands to eat… which happens on a regular basis.

But despite all this, I get money. Which means I can buy presents for people, and shiney things for myself.

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