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November 29, 2006

pigeon poo with your drink?

Follow-up to Creweites and their pigeon catching ways from not a scientist

Pigeon poo is apparently very good for plants as it is very nutritious.

At Shrewsbury railway station I saw a guy drinking his coffee/tea out of one of those styrofoam cups. As he moved his cup away and began to look for when his train was, a pigeon on one of the beams above him released an arse-load of shite, that landed in the centre of this fellas drink.

Some of the drink slopped out of the cup and onto the mans hand, causing him to look at his drink. Then he looked up. He saw the pigeon, looked down at his cup… looked up…looked down… and from where we were sitting you could see the realisation dawn. Muttering to himself, probably about how much he hates pigeons, he threw his drink away deciding that despite it being rich in nutrients it was not for him.

November 28, 2006

Creweites and their pigeon catching ways

Follow-up to Pigeons… sort of from not a scientist

On one of my many train adventures, I got talking to this auld fella and it came up that I was from Crewe. He got to talking about the only person he’d ever previously met from Crewe was in a factory sat with a box propped up on a stick, above some bread, and some string tied to the stick… cartoon stylee, illustrated below. When he asked what he was doing he said he was trying to catch a pigeon that had flown into the building.
pigeon trap

Now I thought this was something that only ever happened in said cartoons or comedy films… but then I was told by boyf that he had seen some kids on his way to my house trying to catch some pigeons using the same method… so maybe it happens in cartoons and Crewe…

November 12, 2006

Pigeons… sort of

I went out tonight with a load of family and family to be. It was nice, but I drank a load of stuff that I don’t normally drink and now I am very, very sleepy, though not too drunk.

Due to todays events it occurred to me that quite a few people I know have pigeon anecdotes… Over the next few days I might add some of those that I have heard.

But in the mean time here is one of the rankest pigeon stories I have heard in a while
... and here is a less gross one, but might not be considered half as interesting

Peace out you crazy pigeon watchers

November 03, 2006

Fun facts for all… well, for me please

Each morning at the work team brief someone is required to give a “fishy fact”, I’m not entirely sure why this is. It might be because one of the aims of the centre is education, or it might just be because headoffice says we have to… anyway my fact was this:

The irish word for jellyfish translates into english as seal snot

...really it’s seal mucus, but snot is a kind of mucus I figured, and it sounds better. I like that fact.

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