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July 31, 2006

A few things about adverts

Ok Barry Cillit, of Cillit Bang (bang! and the dirt is gone), why are you shouting at me? and why have you recruited all those ladies to speak in louder than normal voices at me? You had me convinced at the penny test!

Like the old advert for… he shouted at me too, and I didn’t like that. Now their advert is much more subdued… though I still don’t like it.

And is Coke zero different from diet coke? Or is it the new name for diet Coke?

Worthers Original ads just aren’t the same without a Grand-dad.

Is that aquafresh advert an old one that they used to show about 10 years ago? I’m sure I remember it from way back…

I’d like to see all the old Guinness adverts, in one long run… they were good, but they didn’t make me drink the stuff. You know with the guy dancing, and everyone in school would be singing the music and dancing…

ahhh you can’t go wrong with a bit of dancing in adverts.

If you like adverts you should go to this website:

July 12, 2006

lots of stuff

wOOO SOOOO MUCH STUFF SINCE LAST TIME. bUT AS…damn caps lock… but as last time I am tanked up on cider. Tonight was the Bhurtpore Beer festival, and i met up with some lovely lads and lasses. Had a good old natter…hmm that makes me sound like a real old lady… and found out all the wonderful things people are up to. Other friend is engaged too, so we were chatting about weddings generally, exciting, hard work and scary seemed to be the concensus.

Had to leg it for the last train to get the right side of the barrier. The signal box guy held the barriers up for a little while whilst we danced across the tracks. Directed some uys who were evne more drunk than me to the station.

since last time… I went to IOW. Ellie, (Big Sister), is working there. Tis lovely there, the train to Shnaklin is comprised of old underground trains and it is great. The people she works with are genuinely lovely.

…Also went to Kent. Went for birthday celebrations. They played 50s music. It was good. I danced like a crazy person.

…Moved into a flat in birmingham with the fiance. I'm hapy with it. He's happy with it. My family like it. His family are coming to stay this weekend. I think we are giving up our bed for them.

I smell of beer. Looking for a bottle lid I ittped the garden table of four of us onto the florr. I spilt valuable real ale onto myelf. No one got hurt though. all is good.

Need to writ blog entries when not tired, not drunk and not busy with other things

… oh yeah and I graduated. Got to wear a cape like batman, and a silly hat.

Well done to everyone who has made it through the past few years. You've probably found it tough in places but you made it this far. For others with time still to pass, you can do it. It will really suck at times, but give yourself more credit… UNLESS YOU ARE AN arrogant arsehole, then you probably give yourself too much credit already.

Anyway. Tata for now.

Cheese and tea beckon.


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