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June 21, 2006

cider, me and my lovely fiance

I've had cider.
Westons's organic cider.

I like cider.
I've had three bottles… i am a light weight

I've had cider, have no more degree left and am with lovely fiance…

this isn't a very good likeness of me… my teef aren't that straight… But I am happy. and an iddle bit tipsy.

Lets go and make a better world.


Failing that lets drink Weston's cider.
It is nice.
I am sleepy.

June 20, 2006

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll hate it tomorrow…

Whatever happens, what ever the outcome… it won't matter because of this:
and I'll get to do flower arrangeing which was my back up plan if the A–levels got bolloxed… if they'll have me!


Follow-up to The end is nigh… or possibly has already gone from not a scientist

Gah! It's nine o'clock tomorrow morning. I thought mine would be today, but they are doing all the special people first.

Damn you biological sciences! DAMN YOU!

June 19, 2006

The end is nigh… or possibly has already gone

I find out tomorrow if I get VIVA–ed or not. If I do then my degree will be over tomorrow. No more work at Warwick. If not then I finished almost two weeks ago. Woot!

…either way I didn't bother my arse enough to care for the past three years. So…yes.

From 3 years I can say:
I like the environmental side of biology.
I like the health–related topics of biology.
Ilike big biology. Big systems.
I don't like genes… which has sort of been fundamental to the past three years, and is essential to almost all biological systems. Oh well.
I like learning.
I like finding out things and passing on that information to other people.
I like outdoor biology.

I think I should have done a different course. An environmental–health course perhaps…

June 03, 2006

Old news is good news

Writing about web page

The unusual, the funny and the downright wrong stories end up here. I know most of them are pretty old, but they are still interesting. One of my favorites is this one the way the ape falls to the ground, and the poking with a stick is classic! If all else fails a good stick–poking should come in handy!

June 02, 2006

The history behind cosmetics

The history of cosmetics is part of my project, so here are some highlights… none of it science!

The first eye colouring cosmetics recorded were also the first to have preservatives (thogh it was coincidental). Yes, really!

Soap was outlawed by the Catholic church in the middle ages because bearing skin to bath was considered evil… isn't that interesting?

Oooo also, you know those beauty patches that the big–wigs wore? Well, where it was on the face indicated if the individual was a flirty Gerty, a Mrs or smouldering with passion! A bit more subtle than getting your boobs out for a night out!

I'm not enjoying the write up, but every now and again I read something that makes me go ooo!

All together now… "Ooo

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