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June 29, 2005


Here I am at home, about to embark on a job search, probably going to be some crap job, with crap pay, but hey! it's money so shouldn't complain too much. Won't be here for long as need to visit Big Sister at Bangor, and back and forth to Birmingham to see Lovely Boyfriend.

Ideally I'd work at the hospital doing something really, really interesting, or some really obscure job involving the outdoors…though none of them are particually likely in crewe… ahhh well, here goes!

June 27, 2005


Well, somehow I made it through to next year despite failing several modules, but thanks to labs and essays I scraped through to thirdyear, and maybe next year my arse will be in gear to get a half decent mark…then again, maybe not… we shall see.

June 22, 2005

chop chop

I got my hair cut this weekend, a process I hate, hence waiting a whole year before having to put myself through it. Though it got to the point where I could tie it in a knot to keep it up, and the ends were all scraggy. I told the hairdresser that I didn't like getting my haircut and she couldn't understand why, and then proceeded to do all the things that would put you off ever being scissored again:

She had incredably long nails which she proceeded to press into my skull repeatedly.

She talked a lot about nothing and slagged off previous customers, her neighbours, and several other people, whom I had no idea about

She put a "treatment" in my hair which I had to pay for, only for her to put all this other crap on it as she went along which surely wiped out any effects of any "treatment".

She used hair straightners set to several million degrees C, and proceeded to sear my scalp. Not very comfortable.

She didn't seem to be paying much attention when washing my hair and soaked my face. Thanks missus.

And these all add up to me not wanting to get my hair cut, oh and ofcourse I should probably choose more carefully where I get it cut…so now only another 12 months to go before I get it cut again.

June 16, 2005


Well I had my last exam today, and should be elated but I'm tired and crankey.

I came home at 5ish and just sparked out, and woke up at 10 to an empty house…

so tomorrow I'm probably gonna sleep. good luck to those with exams to go.

June 15, 2005

One left

well this house of happiness has not extended as far as my room yet, I am the last one in the house to finish and so am insanely jealous of everyone who has already. Big booooo.

On the bright side Big Sister sent me some funny photos of the easter holidays, dominated by funny faces and two finger sallutes…always a good look I feel.

Well I should do some revision for EPP tomorrow… though I might eat those remaining two mars bars first… I can feel my teeth hurting allready. Mmmmmmm.

June 14, 2005


Yesterday I ate 1000 calories worth of chocolate. Thats half my daily intake of food.

I have just gone and bought 6 Mars bars, and will probably end up eating them all today. So I wondered, if a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play, what will six do?

Other chocolate bars are available.

June 13, 2005

This week…

This week I have been mostly eating tomatoes.

June 12, 2005


Over the past few days I have had songs going round and round in my head before going into, and during the exams, but its not even like my brain goes through the whole song, it just does one verse over and over and over again, or worse one line over and over and over again.

Such songs have included:

  • Coldplay – Fix you
  • Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl
  • Tim Vine – A song about Wax crayons
  • The Saw Doctors – World of good
  • The Chemical Brothers – Galvanise
  • as well as varoius little lines from sorted songs that I don't know the titles of.

I mostly put these songs down to passing cars streaming out music, the radio, other peoples singing and the generally fuckedupedness of my brain.

Apparently eating liquorice is supposed to clear you mind from these kinds of things, something to do with strong flavours…though I only eat liquorice with them Sherbert fountain things, which I can never eat properly and end up with sherberteverywhere! Infact I don't know anyone that can eat those things sucessfully…anyone?

June 11, 2005

what a wonderful… no, wait a minute!

I've just come back on the train, and spent the journey in someones armpit, not by choice by the way, but for the lack of seating available. For goodness sake can they not put extra carriages on at so called peak times, eg weekends, Friday nights are a bitch too.

Plus I paid for that bastard journey, to spend it up close and personal with numerous people I had no intention of ever getting that close to. effing train journeys. I accept though that they are not always bad, but when it is bad its very bad.

Oh and while I'm on a rant, yesterday when we left the exam hall, people were still doing their exams, but some of the people leaving felt it was ok to make as much noise as possible with chairs/tables/ small collections of stationary. And some people thought it was ok to talk. Stupid fucking bastards. Have some damn consideration. Wankers.

June 10, 2005

nearly there

Ahh only two exams left, very much looking forward to next thursday, when all the exams will be done. Need a break from this place.

Going to see Lovely Irish Boyfriend, and all will be better.


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