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May 31, 2006


His death was unexpected. Dropped dead in the garden. Just like his Da. It's hit hard. He's only a few years older than Dad.

All the funerals I've been to in Ireland have been shortly after the person died. A few days. but now, because it was unexpected there has to be some sort of inquest, which means the body probably won't be released until next week…

Tim was cool. I really want to go. I like funerals. That might seem weird, but I like the fact it is a chance to say goodbye, however you might want to, whatever you believe. I like the fact I can get all my emotions out, with people who feel the same, and I don't feel I'm burdening anyone feeling what I feel. I like being with the people who knew the deceased, who loved them and enjoyed their company. And funerals are when the whole family turns out. All the long lost relatives. Yes they are sad occasions, but I have found that when they are over, and the family and friends all go for a meal and a drink, the feeling is one of celebration. And I feel better for having been able to grieve.

I might not get to go to this funeral though.

My project deadline is next Wednesday.

The funeral is in Galway, so at least 2 days will be taken up travelling and ceremonies.

I don't think I'll make it.

And that sucks.

May 24, 2006

Bugs, germs and microbes

Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Micrococcus are little bastards.


May 23, 2006

A little bit crazy

Once again I was the downpour.

Once again my jeans were stuck to my skin and my waterproof coat stopped being waterproof.

Once again I found it hilarious, and just went about laughing and smiling to myself.


Roll on two weeks when the celebrations can begin, and 10,000 words will be bound, neatly in a nice little mark inducing package… hopefully!

May 19, 2006

Love and Life and all of that

Feel the need to tell everyones

Jamie turned a crap day into one of the best days.

So what my project is a pile of crap? In the long run, none of it matters… Well, today at least none of it matters!

May 13, 2006

Project mumbles and grumbles

WARNING: Contains a lot of grumbling.

My project is being an arse. The micro organisms are not growing in the cosmetic products… which i suppose is a good thing, as it means the cosmetics anti–microbial properties are doing their job, but its bad for my project as it means all I can say is "they are dead". Well, that with a bit of elaboration.

So tomorrow the lab is only open for two hours and in that two hours I have to innoculate everything again, with increased amounts of micro–organisms. Considering this is only meant to be a part lab project I seem to be spending a fucking lot of time wearing the old labcoat. It could change to a full project, but I don't feel I have done enough or got enough results to merit that. So I spend 9–12 hours in the lab monday to friday, and then go in on the weekends, leaving me not wanting to write or research in the evenings, but I know everyone else is working hard too. And my enter–the–building–at–weekends–and–evenings card doesn't work properly so I have to wait for someone to let me through the doors, sigh.

The other thing that gets to me with the project is the complete and total variability in the project supervisiors. Some lead their students through the project, describing what they need to be doing. Others say "off you go".

Project–wise, this has been a bad and busy week. This coming week, I shall not burn myself with bunsens and autoclaves, I will not smash my experiments all over the sink, I will not set fire to bits of plastic that I need for my experiment, I will not spill Staphylococcus (all be it the safe variety) all over the workspace, and I will get out of the lab before before 7… hopefully.

May 08, 2006

Long lost books

I was reading this story on the bbc news website, about how the book, The Third Policeman is experiancing a boom in sales due to an episode of Lost, and it reminded me of a book I read of in another book... you following? (I read a book that referred to this book.) It was called The Trouble with the Irish (or the English Depending on your point of View) and I just thought it was an interesting title, plus it's written by someone with the name Wibberly and had all the intentions of tracking it down… but never did… UNTIL NOW!

SO in putting off my project I have discovered… it is out of print (to buy costs around $400 from the internet) and it seems only to reside in a few select university libraries, so boooo. I might find an old copy like McCarthy did…

May 04, 2006

Ethanol and agar

Back from labs. Flammable and smelling of dog biscuits.

boyfriend's birthday and beer

Lovely Boyfriend's birthday.
Drank peach beer.
Was Good.

Stupid labs tomorrow. Booo.

May 02, 2006

smelly, smelly agar.

Was in the lab today making smelly bottles of agar, and breathing in the nutrient agar powder by mistake. Do you know what it smells like? You should take a trip to Gibbet Hill for the experiance before being sick on your shoes.

Oh well. Only 13ish days left till I am outa there… if it goes to plan I manage to get some stuff done, grown and identified.

On the plus side, I saw some little duckies today. Sooooo cute! I wish I'd taken a picture.

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