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March 11, 2006

The new mentos advert…

I thought it was going to be an advert for bird flu… hahaha… and they were going to say something like “there is no limit to the spread of bird-flu”... but then the flamingos got involved, and I decided it probably wasn’t an advert for the potential threat… and it was indeed an advert for mentos…

mentos better, mentos fresher, mentos better with mentos fresh and full of life… or something like that… I dunno, it’s from Clueless

drunken relatives

Jeez… you'd think at 51 you'd know not to go drinking on an empty stomach… The first thing my uncle said to me when he came through the door "I'm pissed as a newt"... before he staggered upstairs and slumped into sleep.

Hehhehhehheh, he is sooo hungover.

March 09, 2006

We're going home (ch ch)...

… we're going home (chch), we're going home to mum and dad…

… did anyone else sing that song in infant school at the end of the day? No? Oh well… never mind

But yep, I'm heading home this weekend to cover the house in balloons for Little Brother's birthday meal. I still have some of his presents to buy. I think I've got 21 ideas now, and managed to assign a reason/story for each one… some of them are a bit obscure, but hopefully it will all work out.

Should be good, some of the Irish lot are heading over for it, and some of the English lot are heading up, so a good few family members… and peach beer.

Mmmmm peach beer.

March 04, 2006

that's good, that's bad.

Ok I think little Brothers 21st present is on the way to being sorted… which is good. I might not have enough time to pull it all together… that's bad…I think I have a rough idea about my project… this is also good… though there isn't much research concerning what I'm planning to do… that's bad… Lovely boyfriend is coming over later… thats good… I have no food… thats bad… I can go shopping and Lovely boyfriend can help me carry it… thats good… the food may contain sodium benzoate…

… thats bad

March 01, 2006

Go dancey dancey?

Getting drunk and making up your own dance to Whiskey in the Jar in front of a group of people you've never met… and then enforcing them to dance too… can't wait to do it all again next week!


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