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March 30, 2006


I dunno which boat to get…big and slow that will definitely sail (so long as the company don't try to replace the whole current crew with new cheaper labour, which the current crew didn't know about, and the current crew officers don't barricade themselves in the control room) despite the very, very windy weather we've had…

…or the fast boats which might sail in the wind but then if they do… boat goes up, can see all sky out the window… boat goes down, can see all sea out the window… ok if you're on deck, but inside my stomach doesn't like it.

Either way I will hopefully get there and have a lovely time doing less revision than I am now.

March 29, 2006

Lecture notes

My lecture notes are full of gems like:

"shove it up your arse"

"autolytic cell wall go BOOM"

"Mmmm edible antis"

"lots of shite"

ahhh I'll make a science writer yet!

March 26, 2006

weather wine and woop

Wow it's so warm out there and I wasn't even rained on…

Went round to see Lou tonight… was only supposed to be a short visit, to catch up… just got back… The wine got opened… I had almost a bottle… wine is straight to my head… I blame Louise thoroughly and thank her for it. Little Brother came to meet me, though he got invited in too and garlic brEAD WAS DEVOURED and he did some driving test thingy. Haazard perception seems tough.

Ahhh I'm so sleepy and I think I've killed some much needed brain cells. Revision sucks arse and I don't what I'm going to do with a bio sciences degree… maybe get a job in a shop… but I'll be living with lovely boyfriend so the rest isn't too important… so long as I have a roof and food. Woop.

March 23, 2006

Oooo thorny

Pointy trees hurt my skin.

March 21, 2006

This Guy is my favourite weather forecaster

There is something about the way Dan Corbett presents the weather that is so great!

Like the TV3 weather man " And a very happy birthday to little Marie Bloggins from Naas!" on the national weather forecast. Coooool.

March 20, 2006

Got to go to work, work all day, we are underpant gnomes

I know the underpant gnomes are a fictional work of South Park… but how do you explain the loss of underwear? Also I think they may have diversified into theft of socks…

March 18, 2006

Today was a good day

Today was good, though I've done no work… ah well.

Brother and Sister were still here today. Brother's 21st present from Parents was a good guitar of his own. And today he chose it! We went to Regent guitars in Leamington, which is full of helpful people who know what they are talking about. I think we were there for just under 2 hours, and the "acoustic specialist" was very, very patient and helpful.

He explained the various models, and what was their best features, which ones sold most and why, he played them and explained about the different sounds you could get and how it varied between guitars and why, talking about woods, size etc. Basically, he was very informative, very willing too answer questions and very helpful. If you're looking for a good guitar shop… Regent Guitars is Leamington's… probably Warwickshire's…maybe even the Midlands…and so on and so forth.

But not only that, it was a nice shop to be in. It was very relaxed, and there were lots of lovely musicy sounds emmitting from different rooms.

Then we walked back, and found a bakery… Leamington seems limited in it's bakeries… unless they are all hidden away… Crewe has a much better selection of cakes/doughnuts/gingerbread men… Mmmm gingerbread men… but anyway we found it and I got a dough-based food.

Oh and then Ireland got the tripple crown… those last few minutes… good. Very good.

March 16, 2006

dilly DALYs

Little Brother and Big sister should be in here in the next few hours, then I can enjoy take-away and justify not doing revision…

which by the way I'm glancing over DALYs. but I keep thinking of is the phrase "dilly dally"... and then I think of that bit in Scrubs

JD thinking…
"Today's gonna be a great day. Still, no time to dilly-dally. God, that's a fun phrase. I have to meet Dr. Cox in five..."

An attractive woman with big chest goes by

"Good God! Check out those dilly-dallies!..."

…and it keeps making me laugh!

March 15, 2006

Surprise? Again?

So what is it with my family and surprises for those most likely to suffer from its organisation…?

1) Christmas. Granny didn't know we were coming. We all sat under the Christmas tree covered by a sheet. Someone suggests we jump out… she's frail… it's not the best idea they've ever had. So we didn't actually come out screaming "SURPRISE!"

2) Dara's 60th, Roisin organised the initial surprise so that we'd all head to the Guinness sky bar (or whatever it's called), and be waiting at the top for Dara… she'd rang previously and checked that it would be ok. Lady on the phone said it would be… except that lady at the lift says it is not… not going to pay the 20 euros(Guinness isn't that great) to just to use the lift to go to the bar … neither is Dara… so we take the back route and go in through the exit stairs. Dara, who has had both hips replaced, has to climb a hundred or so stairs cos the Guinness lady won't let her use the lift. Fair enough cos we weren't paying… and pretending to leave… but new fake hips and lots of stairs ain't great.

Still she had a great time, as did we all, and was totally surprised!

3) This April, Niav is 80. 80. Shock isn't good for the system at these older ages… so what are we doing? Having a surprise party! Go the Brays/De Bris/Kellehers/O Dalys!

Though Niav is one of these ladies that you would never guess she was 80. She still runs around the Hills of Wicklow to sort out rare breeds of cow. She's the kind of lady I'd hope to be at her age.

No doubt we will all have a great time, and it will be good for the whole gang to be together… now I just have to get my work together so I can make the most of being over there.

Go! Go! Go!

March 14, 2006

It all came together

Follow-up to that's good, that's bad. from not a scientist

Well I managed to get the 21 presents, with each one assigned a reason, or story that related to some point in Ozzy's life… so it was really a big nostalgia present, and he seemed to really like it, and we all had a laugh about things from when we were little.

And it was really nice to be home. Going back next week beore big Sister heads off to her new job to an isle at the bottom of England.

But till then, I need to worky worky work work. Bah revision is so slow at the minute.

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