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February 26, 2006

Presentaion reeks of crap

Hmmm, so on a scale of 1 to shit, my presentation is probably up there as a honking great pile of turd.

Currently what is most worrying is the complete lack of understanding I have on the subject, so that when it comes to the questions I'm just going to zone out and stare blankly at the person asking the question, whilst my brain plays elevator music in my head… for 5 minutes until I can sit down and stop being ridiculed.

At least I'm first, so no comparrisons makes it look a bit less shite… but… argh! I'm first!

I'll just arm myself with the pointing stick and see what happens…

February 25, 2006

Decorating with tea

When I'm working I always consume large amounts of tea, mostly, I think, as a means of procrastination. This evening though, instead of drinking it, I threw it all over the living room and swore lots!

I'm not actually sure what happened, except than one moment it was in the mug and the next it was all over me, the carpet and the walls! Tea was everywhere! I think the mug sort of slipped…

I promptly got to work with the kitchen paper. Mopping, wipeing and dabbing… and then made meself another cuppa, which I held onto with both hands and managed to consume it without spilling a drop.

February 24, 2006

My lovely siblings

Little Brother and Big Sister sent me a box of random goodness which I finally collected from the post office today. Resembling a crazy-lady I was laughing outloud on the bus as I read the included notes, looked at the photos and picked out the sugar-rush inducing treats.

Most impressively it included a Chatwin's Gingerbread man…it was soooo good, dunking his arms into tea. Yum yum.

My brother and sister are great.

Sneezy bowling

Went bowling last night… I'm so incredably bad at it.

I can't stop sneezing. I quite like the afterness of sneezing. But the sneezing comes with snotty nose and watery eyes.

Today is my last day of lectures. Just sort of blah.

February 21, 2006

Little Bro's birthday

Two weeks today is my Little Brothers 21st Birthday… but I have no idea what to get this…

Ozzy... lookin

…little fella for his birthday.

I'm crap at choosing presents. Any ideas?

February 20, 2006


You know, I think toast is better when you cut it into triangles.

February 17, 2006

Election posters

Poor old neglected Gibbet Hill, it's still canvassed in presidential (and others) election posters…

February 15, 2006

Shoulda said please…

… and I usually do… not sure why I didn't… I do actually feel really quite bad about it. Arse.

…oh well, don't dwell on it. You'll drive your-self crazy. Zoidberg Stylee, whoop whoop whoop whoop.

February 14, 2006

Fecking chartered accountants

There isn't much money in the biology jobs I want to do, and I was discussing this… well it wasn't really a discussion, it was him telling me I was wrong… with some chartered accountant in Lovely Boyfriends pub.

So he told me how much money he earnt and how much money I should be earning… by telling me I should go to an investment banking company and "present myself and my set of skills". Right… fine… but that has NOTHING to do with the field of science I'm interested in… OR TO DO WITH MY SCIENCE AT ALL!!

Ugh he was so…

As if all the recruiting e-mails from warwick careers wasn't bad enough to put me off going into banking, he certainly has.

February 13, 2006

Ride me sideways


We won the RAG quiz… well, sort of… ok so we only won a box of Quality Street… I'm not even sure what for… but we won it! So, ahhhhhhhhhhh! I'd like to thank Lovely Boyfriend, Kate and Guy. Well done you lot!

A team of only 4 and we didn't come last! Wooooo! And I've had two pints of Old Rosie, which, though lovely and makes me say "Hi" to people I recognise, has made me sleepy. I am soooooo gone.

Going to bed now, oh and "Ride me sideways" was our team name… it's from Father Ted. You should watch it. Cos it is Great.

Night all.

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