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January 17, 2006

Still with The Fear, also with the Anger and the Sadness

I have been on campus for waaaaaaaay to long and it's making me sad, trying to do my fecking power point presentation. I seem to have a lot of words about nothing in particular, very few relevant pictures (I'm considering putting in a picture of a monkey… thats how desparate I am) and quite frankly its making me angry.

I'm not wanting Friday to be here, but as people keep saying I'll be glad when its over.

Yes I will… but I don't want it to come.

January 15, 2006

I am with The Fear

Yes, I am with the fear, and it's very very big and surprisingly shiney!

January 13, 2006

Tofu… can you help?

Ok just cooked Tofu for the first time ever… and eating it wasn't one of the nicest experiances… it just sort of tastes of nothing and is squidgey.

Does anyone know how to make it a bit more palatable?

I suppose I could just not eat it…

January 12, 2006


When little brother left today I did some more work on my presentation. EEK! I'm dreading having to talk to a group of people.

Some people are naturally good at talking. I'm not. I'm definitely more of a listener. I'm not good at expressing my point… which is going to be a bugger for the interrogation questions at the end.

…and I go red. I'm rosy anyway, but in these circumstances I go red. Bright fucking tomato red. And I know I'm going red, so I get redder! And then some bugger tells me that I'm really red. I fucking know I'm red!!!! I can feel my face burning!!!!

…and I'm trying to find pictures for this awful event, and there are only so many pictures of stem cells that you can show before it gets a bit tedious.

But oh well, its all good "charachter building" stuff…yes…

January 11, 2006

Eurgh…our house is soooooo bad!

Walked into our house this morning after dropping off my choice form in uni and was nearly sick at the smell… it's our carpet making the whole house smell, its a really sweet sickly kinda smokey smell. Rotting and rancid. Supposedly a plumber man is coming to fix it today… Hurrah! But for now I've opened all the windows to prevent the appearance of vomit.

Also if the washing machine gets turned on then the power to all the plug sockets in the house goes too, which is fun! Or not.

However, looking on the positive (apparently it's the way forward), Little Brother is coming to visit today. Yay! We are getting take away from Bollywood Spice (according to a conversation I heard on the bus it's the best take-out in Leam), then settling down to watch Lost.

January 10, 2006

Big Decision…little choice

I always leave any important choices/ decisions to be made to the last minute… and that includes my project title.

There are quite a few that I like, not so many that stir up passion, and few that I would be able to sustain an interest in for 8ish weeks (including the write up- probably a bad estimate)... so it's looking good! Or not.

The ones that appeal, probably appeal to a lot of people, so the chances are I'm not going to get them.

Oh well it will hopefully all work out in the end.

January 08, 2006

It's been a while…

I had an excellent holiday, and being in Leamington just adds weights of DOOOOOOM to shoulders. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

New Year was spent in Dublin with Lovely Boyfriend and his family, who are also all lovely. Happiness and optimisim a-plenty at midnight, got mildly drunk so as not to repeat previous years performance. Then we stayed up till the wee hours competeing on the playstation and getting progressivly more drunk, before heading to bed and waking up without a hangover …Oh yeah… If that is how the rest of the year is going to plan out then HOORAY! But I doubt it…

Was rushed at home, but whole family managed to sit down and enjoy a meal together before Little Brother and Da had to work and I had to get the crap back to Leamington. To our lovely mouldy house.

Thats right folks. Mould in the carpets, mould on the ceiling and mould on the walls. I'm pretty sure it's a Health Hazzard of biological weapon standing. We've been sporeulated. As the tiger says; "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

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