August 12, 2006

Tea Towels

Wow… tea towels are so educational, you can learn lots of interesting facts from them… wow.

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  1. I learnt lots of things from tea towels in the first year that I really wish I hadn't! The other day I was thinking about that slogan–generator you found one evening and put 'rank tea towels' into, and how I laughed and laughed til I could laugh no more, as it came up with suggestions such as 'A rank tea towel a day helps you work rest and play'.


    12 Aug 2006, 08:54

  2. Jim

    A rank tea towel works wonders.

    Things happen after a rank tea towel.

    Promise her anything, but give her a rank tea towel.
    Rank tea towel keeps going and going.

    Little, yellow, different. Rank tea towel.

    Rank tea towel is our middle name.

    Get more from rank tea towel.

    Four out of five dentists recommend Rootes rank tea towel.

    There's first love, then there's rank tea towel love.

    Rootes Rank Tea Towel really satisfies.

    He who thinks rank tea towel, drinks rank tea towel.

    Don't forget the rank tea towel, mum!

    A day without rank tea towels is like a day without sunshine.

    and finally my favourite:

    Does she or doesn't she? Only her rank tea towel knows for sure…

    15 Aug 2006, 20:37

  3. Jim

    If you google for 'rank tea towel' this entry is the first thing that comes up! :D

    18 Aug 2006, 22:33

  4. Cait

    Haha, thats great!

    Oh the thought of a rank tea–towel just makes me laugh sooo much. That one we found on the very last day in Rootes. It was a urine shade of yellow in most parts with other ominous stains dotted randomly. It actually was disgusting.

    What happened to the power point presentation?? "Errr… isn't that a balloon?

    18 Aug 2006, 23:41

  5. Edd

    If you no longer have a copy I know it's spread all around campus thanks to DC++ and someone's creative naming. "Friends — the one with the rank tea–towels" was quite a hit.

    Incidentally, "Promise her anything, but give her a rank tea towel." was the funniest thing I'd heard for about 6 weeks.

    That was until I saw the cilit bang advert in Flemish (no, not dubbed, with genuine Flanders housewives!) about an hour ago.

    19 Aug 2006, 00:40

  6. Guy Jeffery

    I still have that presentation!! I just watched it and laughed and laughed. I believe it was on DC as 'Friends – the one with the rank tea towels porn hardcore xxx sex cock' or something to that effect!


    Is that a smudgy brown stain? Why…yes it is!!

    23 Aug 2006, 19:34

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