October 07, 2005

Leamington's Water

The water in Leamington tastes disgusting…always. In the morning it really stinks of chlorine, which makes me wonder how much crap there is in it for them to pump it full of germ killing goodness? But all that chlorine can't be great… though at least it's clear, which makes it phycologically easier to drink

And it creates a sort of scum in mugs around the surface of tea… though I drink it anyway… and it isn't always… though it is mostly… I hope its not too bad for me… is it just our house?


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  1. i agree, the water tastes horrible! i have resorted to buying bottled water as i can't bear to drink it anymore. more money down the drain! grr! i'm so bitterly annoyed!

    07 Oct 2005, 18:33

  2. Mathew Mannion

    I think there was something a while ago about a massive amount of fluorine in the water around Leam and the University, but I honestly don't remember much.

    07 Oct 2005, 18:42

  3. Yes! That scum on the tea! I was beginning to wonder whether it was just that my housemates were just really bad at making tea…

    07 Oct 2005, 18:50

  4. Haha, well it's good to know that it isn't just this house with scummy tea, and I hope it isn't poisonous or nowt, cos I always offer tea to guests!

    07 Oct 2005, 19:33

  5. More worryingly, heavily chlorinated water makes you poo…a lot

    07 Oct 2005, 21:29

  6. Dare I ask how you discovered that?

    07 Oct 2005, 21:31

  7. A smelly housemate

    07 Oct 2005, 22:15

  8. I can testify that this girl's cups of tea are delicious! However, I have said for aaaaages that the water in Leamington is awful and I am soooo pleeeeased that you agree. I think we should move back to Gateshead which has some of the best 'council pop' (do you call water that?) in the country/world! I'm sure it comes from the same place that this french company bottles and sells as mineral water!

    09 Oct 2005, 11:55

  9. Crewe's tap water, or council pop, tastes quite nice…though in a lecture in Geography we were told it comes from the llangollen canal… So I don't know why it tasted so nice.

    09 Oct 2005, 15:48

  10. Yeah, last year drinking a glass of Adam's finest nearly made me retch when were still in North Leam last year. It really was repulsive.

    14 Oct 2005, 17:54

  11. what is Adam's finest?! What's Guy been drinking in our house?!

    18 Mar 2006, 16:08

  12. Ergh…

    18 Mar 2006, 20:29

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