November 02, 2005

Cheese triangles

Another cheese related entry…

I ate 4 triangles of Dairylea before deciding I don't like them. Blergh.

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  1. Edd

    Blergh is right. Spoken like a true connoisseur. Did you buy them? If they were someone else's I can understand why you scarfed 4 before you thought better of it…

    02 Nov 2005, 14:53

  2. Haha, yeah they were only 65p…or 99p… and I really wanted some cheese…never again!

    02 Nov 2005, 15:15

  3. Any cheese is disgusting, unless its melted! I can't believe it took you 4 of those triangles to work it out though!

    02 Nov 2005, 19:43

  4. Jim

    Darylea is just like melted cheese anyway – it's all gooey and squidgy and uuuuuggghhhh rank. How rank is that cheese! (if indeed it can justify calling itself cheese).

    Cheese as a phenomenon is okay. I am not into all the bizzarre varieties that one can purchase however – if it looks mouldly I'm not keen.

    Dairylea is also the name of a large, regional milk cooperative located in Syracuse NY (just in case you weren't aware).

    03 Nov 2005, 08:38

  5. Yeah, carrying on from Jim's comment…I've never understood Stilton, for instance. I mean, there's no getting away from the fact that it IS mould on it.

    04 Nov 2005, 20:31

  6. Edd

    But tasty mould! Seaweed, raw fish, snails and mould should all be rank. But they're not. Milk to begin with should be disgusting, yoghurt should be worse, and cheese should be absolutely nauseating. But it's great.

    (apart from dairylea, which is grody)

    05 Nov 2005, 02:31

  7. Cheese seems to be of the utmost importance to a lot of people! And all the serious cheese monsters I've spoken seems to agree that Dairylea is indeed "grody

    08 Nov 2005, 17:25

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