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December 30, 2004

Tales from the Scarred Lands 3; a New Era

As I dragged myself out of my Winterfest stuppor this morning (I know midwinter was several days ago, but I'm a busy Bard with many folk to visit/sing to/accept mead from) I could barely believe my perfectly normal ears at the rumors-

There fore I embarked on a totally sober search for the truth, and it seems that negotiations are underway, if not completed, for a truce with the Del Shim T'ree. Some people even go as far as to say an Alliance!

Now, I shan't be convinced until I see some royal document on the matter, but it's like I've said all along, those Blue-cloaked chaps are alright I expect, just misunderstood by the ignorant populace who grab any piece of sensational gossip and turn it into something completely unrealistic! and they seem pretty good fighters so I welcome them to our side!

Anyway, the snow is still very much upon the road, so I think I'll venture only as far as the Whore and Trumpet tonight, see if I can't aquire a bit more of that Mead...

May the Gods bless you all, excpet the heathen Atheists

And may the adventure soon continue...

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

December 06, 2004

L.A.R.P, a definition

OK, I'd love to say definative but I'm still pretty amature myself, so here's a try…

L.A.R.P. stands for Live Action Role Play. The basic definition I usually give is

Me:"Ya know 'Dungeons and Dragons'?"


Me;"Like that, but we actually hit people…"

I like to think it's slightly less geeky cos it involves going outside and only when a Tralden is around (F&H) or in a case of serious decision making which a ref feels should be left to chance do you see any dice!


hits-you have a certain amount of literal hits you can take to any limb/body before it falls off/you fall unconcious. this can be altered by how much armour you wear/how fast you can run away!

foam-latex weapons-see for some pretty examples-they do costume and parafinalia too. (hm, should use a dictionary more often)

advancment-making your character better either by playing lots/spending xp

Xp Experience points, earned by playing an adventure!

Player someone who is in character, playing who they want to be, completing the quest they have been set.

Monster/monster party-the group responsible for being the numerous goblins/orcs/trolls/undead/villagers/NPC's the players must kill/appease to complete their quest.

NPC Non-Player Character. This tends to refer to the more established charcters played by the monster team, for example Lord Casper, when he gets out of his room, the Delshim T'ree prisoner and "the big bad at the end who you were sent to find" I would class as NPC's

Ref-the guy (or gal) in charge-they write the adventure, brief the parties and make it happen-they also have to watch out for safty and be able to explain rules coherently and safety check new weapons and players. Oh dear…

In LARP we make/perchase costumes for relevant characters, and everyone will be carrying a latex weapon of some sort, from dagger to long sword, axe to staff dependant on your character. Although my last Warwick character didn't carry anything. hm…might be where I went wrong…

There are many systems in the country, all with their own rules on hits, character make-up (as in who/what they are, not how much eye-liner they wear!) advancment and expected costume/weapon quality, ranging from the most simple to the most extrvagant and complicated. Here are a few examples;

SagaS-this is the first system I ever played. It cost ten pounds to play and nothing to monster. It catered for all levels of involvment and was quite into character-orientated sub-plot, which I loved, and you could be anything. Absolutly anything. Human, elf(slipt up into wood, ice, dark etc), Dwarf, Fearie, Halfling, Tayling (which were lizard-like creatures from another dimension I think…could be wrong…they were named Emerald/Saphire/Ruby etc after their skin colour and each breed had different qualities, as did the elves) and you could be either good/neutral/evil coupled with law-abiding/neutral/chaotic. Most people went for some sort of evil character piece-pick-pocket was popular, or alchemist, lurking around in black stealing bits of things and making lots of money. They even had pirates last time I checked…
The character bit was easy compared to the hit points-everyone had hits per location, but also hits for conciousness which had to go down everytime you were hit, so sometimes you just fell down cos of blood loss!
So yeah, fun if you knew what you were doing, but not one for beginners really…

Fools and Heores (F&H)-this system was like heaven; no weapons calls unless you had an enchanted, hit points were done per location, one hit=-1 point. If armour is there, it's there. If you can't phys-rep it, it isn't. Three races;Human, Elf and Dwarf, you can have half breeds and play other characters if you can write a good enough character background. Everyone writes a character backgroud.
Then you chose a profession and possibly a faith. The Gods and Goddesses exist. if you claim they don't, you die. So do their evil counter-parts, but no-one talks about them…
I'm currently a physician, Miss Katelyn Skye, Guilds-man.( Advancment is done once you have played a certain rank over a period of time, not on a series of points.) As a physick I carry around lots of "drugs" and bandages and everyone protects me cos I can get them off the floor! So far I have saved the lives of the Primate of Carrack (though I doubt she's thank me) the Head of the Knights Templar, Lady Gwendolyn Vortigan and countless others besides, not that as a character she'd boast!
The best thing about this system is not only that it is National, but that players can become anything. They ascend the ranks and can be the head of their church or guild within a couple of years.
The worst is the Coventry banch dispanded and Derby always seem to run when I'm already busy!

Warwick LARP society; This is the one you've been reading about, if you've looked at any of the "Scarred Lands" entries. This system is great because you can pick it up pretty easily when you first come along-there are only three Gods, each with a day and night aspect and you can be an atheist, but it has it's draw backs!
There aren't so much professions as character types-you can be a fighter, but you decide if that means a Northman (Viking!) mercinary, archer, whatever. A priest, which usually means healer but you can still be offensive. Mage, which as we know means insanity and as far as I know there are no rules against hidden agendas/slightly evil leanings…
Advancment is by xp, the better you play the more xp you get, and you decide what you want to spend it on.
We have a pretty high standard of costume/weapons etc cos it's what the society spends it's funds on! and of course it's great cos not only will we have Wills fabulously confusing adventures next term, but I shall be joining him! so come along, try it out, you'll enjoy it!

And there is my intro to L.A.R.P's. Feel free to post any questions/corrections below. And if you would like more info, is probably the best place to go!

November 25, 2004

Tales from the Scarred Lands 2

_After many nights spent in various Inns and buying other people drinks (oh my lightened wallet!) I have pain-stakingly pieced together the Tale of the Foreign Prisoner;_

An intrpid group of adventurers, consisting of an Archer, a Priestess of Akam, three Mages of varying Sanity and two Northmen (odd in itself, they aren't often this far south) were handed a Delshim t'eri prisoner by a representative of Lord Casper, who is said to be spending most of his time in his quaters of late.

Shortly after they assembled outside the gates, the girl-mage Suzannah took the Archer Chloe and the other mages into the forest, leaving the foreigners on the path. At the sound of snarls and screams the Northmen Wolfrick and Drogo rushed to save the Mages from a demon. Once everyone had recovered it was noticed that Suzannah's hands were covered in blood, but she seemed very happy about it.

On the road to the Capital, corpses lay in the road, a fiendish trap set by Assiassins on the trail of Honshu, the high-profile prisoner. The party were attacked but fought bravely, the assailants running off before finishing what they had come to do. HonShu was quite worried, especially when the mages and priestess retired to regain their power. But as we all know, pausing on the path can be more dangerous than pressing forward...

Drogo was a remarkable scout, helping the party through the treacherous route with little event, even though shadowy figures were seen all along their path and mercinaries talked of a beast who had stolen a bag of gold (which obviously sounded appealing to Wolfrick and Drogo!), but all that was found of any beasts at this point was a severed hand.

A plan formulated by the Northmen back fired, as Wolfric, Chloe and Suzannah acted as bait, with Drogo and Lock circling and Nathandras guarding the prisoner out of sight. However HonShu's bordom caused the two to follow the "bait" party, flushing the assassins and their cohorts out, but with dire consequenses. Suzannah was taken down away from the main party, and when the fighting was over and the prisoner healed, she was found dead in the road.

Nathandras, thought to be the most outwardly-sound Mage in the Party was seen making some sort of pact, but none of the adventurers has commented what. It is known they had met before, and it isn't polite nor sensible to think about what such people discuss between themselves. Her body was burned, and the party moved on.

Just outside the city the party were confronted with a lynch mob of angey villagers who sought the life of the Delshim T'eri to compensate them for the death of their families in the hostilities. They were defeated, but not before a man described as "the village idiot" burst from beneath his hood, deformed and strangly powerful and tore apart the "Smoking Mage" Locke, seemingly wanting to devour him. A second beast came sniffing around after the battle and scratched the Priestess as she prayed, but luckily the rest of the party were there in time.

Thus they made it to the City, and delivered HonShu into the King's custody. Hopefully the foreign scum will be made to pay for the crimes against this country and it's people, but only time will tell. The adventurers are currently residing in the city, taking rest for the mid-winter festival before heding out Gods knows where in the thaw. I'm having difficulty with inspiration for my songs...I may follow them!

The adventure goes on, who will live to see it end?

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

November 21, 2004

Tales from the Scarred Lands.

We live in a world of uncertainty. A world of fear. I world of danger. But also a world in which great heros can arise.

Sitting at my usual table in the "Dagger and Garter" Inn, whispers of adventurers fill the Air. Mostly, there is mixed awe and mockery in the air, as the locals and travellers speak of the deaths of two Mages on route to here, Kia's Capital from Farcry.

First to fall was the girl-mage, Suzannah. What surprises most was that she had ascended to the second circle, sacrificing the use of her hands (to most extent) by slicing the blood vessels open in an arcane ritual which left her slowly bleeding. A returning mercinary sayshe saw her with a happy grin upon her face, blood staining her hands, strangly coloured bandages about the wrists, and a torn-off beasts hand held in her own.

Her death was probably caused by the Del-shim T'ree prisoner they were escorting, as they were constantly assailed by assassins.

The second Mage was known as Locke. He was recognised by the pipe he smoked, most believe as a comfort for his schizophrenia. Many peasents and Farcry-towns folk have complained of his argueing with himself, or flying off the handle all of a sudden, into an uncontrolable rage.

It was the rage of an infected villager which killed him, disfigured by a strange disease the thing leapt at Locke in a fury and mauled him to death with unbelievable strength.

The mockery comes from those who believe Mages to be weak and somewhat pointless, but the facination their death has caused shows they are at least good for stories, if nothing else!

Another name attatched to theirs is "Wolfrick", but all I know at present is he is a Northman, but seeing as he already has some renown no doubt I shall find him and his surviving companions quite soon.

The Scarred Lands never forgets it's heroes, although I wonder what good the death of two for the survival of one prisoner-who's race tried to kill ours-is going to accomplish? At least the death of the great Amerigin Falstaff bought us back one of our own!

The story goes on, who will live to see it end?

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

Warwick LARP, back next term every even Sunday, meet in Rootes bar at twelve for your chance to be a legend!

November 18, 2004

Chronicles of Suzanah, part 2

"I always feel quite refreshed after carrying out my "Mind tap" ritual, new Mana coursing through me, ready to take on anything.

In pursuit of a strange man who had deserted half his possessions on seeing us approach, Falstaff seperated us into twon groups of three. Although I was with Zog and another fighter I did not feel safe, the outlands being open yet fullof bushes for people or things to hide in.

We eventually caught up with the man, who said he'd just come out for a bath, but was wary of all he saw. He had good reason. The next time we came across him he was being held captive by some Del shim'teri (I do not know how they spell it) and as they said he was guitly of crimes against them he was swiftly exicuted. I was told to check the body. I'm not sure why, perhaps because I have seen so many. He seemed almost peaceful, compared to my parents agonised forms, even with so much blood running out him. The group did try to argue the point a little. I lay on my back and looked at the clouds. Blue sky. Gently drifting, with no clear purpose, just being blown gently forward.

We marched on. Falstaff seems reluctant to actually engage anyone. I wander why? He did say it was a rather nice rock he hid behind during his famous adventure. I wander if he tells many people that?

We were given some advice from a lord of we met that he had seen the preist passing as a prisoner some time earlier, and even though his men jeered at us we pressed on. I remeber only one other scuffle before the real fighting began, inconsequential but good casting practice none the less.

I occupied myself along the way reciting the spell for "Fear", although I tend to become distracted by a different section each time…"that which crawls beyond the firelight's edge,
That which causes primival terror in a man's heart_…"

This practice seems to unnerve other people."

November 16, 2004

Chronicles of Suzanah, Mage of the Scared Lands

This is the story of an imagined character in an imagined world, it's just created in a very special way...

"I walked to the edge of the woods. I was relieved to know we wouldn't be pressing too far North today, back into that burnt shell of a country, back where...I blinked the visions from my eyes. That tactic doesn't always work, but thankfully I'd had a solid hours sleep that night, so this time it did.

Some of the party were looking at me strangely. A tall Barbarian seemed quite oblivious to who I was, and this peace would have served me well on the journey. Unfortunatly the Lord hiring us had the idiocy to recruit one of his own, and not only a loud-mouthed Fop with a silly hat, but one currently being hailed as the Hero who had stopped the Shadow in it's path. Thousands of lives were in his his debt. And he knew it. It evades my battered memory at present who else was there. I think his voice drowned most of their names, but I remember they were fighters. Those I remember were the Barbarian Zog, and Falstaff, chaser of money and glory. If only I had reached the second circle before meeting him...

Our task was to press a little North and locate a Priest of Akam who had been kidnapped/gone astray on his own mission. All we had to do was find him, and bring him back.

The moment we started out Falstaff was bragging, and the others were encouraging him, I was outraged at his playing the leader when his negotiating skills left much to be desired. On several encounters with Bandits and such lawless folk I had to stop them from charging us for his outrageous claims and confidences. And raising my voice makes me so tired...

_An unfortunate combat arose as some lost villagers tried to make us lead them. They must have gone half stupid after seeing the undead march through the villages…so without a clear leader they had just stopped running. Then some soldiers from the neighbouring country came upon us with a desire to loot and run, but we engaged them. I cast what spells I could, causing two men to drop his weapon, another to become confused. This aided the battle, as I am here to do. How else will I ever find what bought me here? But as always gaining back the power to cast came at a cost to my sanity, and as I performed the ritual even the grotesque visions which have forever scarred my mind could not completly block out Falstaff's mocking remark,_

"What is she doing? Crazy woman.""

SO, there's the beginning-starts slow I know, but let me know if you think this is a good idea!

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