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January 29, 2007


Yo guys, I’m afraid there won’t be a comic page today, as I was working on something else very pretty and MIL related instead, and too busy LARPing it up yesterday to get anything done; it was another epic and very tragic adventure; guerilla warfare, swarms of higher level beasts created by the insane Coven beast mistress, new demons which are built like brick shithouses and hit as hard as the bricks and our own dear Emilio deMacedon taken to the darkside to become “The Hunter”! The love of my characters life has had his mind broken for the forseeable leaving a citadel to be tended to and a 15 year old girl the only possible choice to take his place! Sure I can look after a citadel, with all my best friends insensible/demons/trapsing off into the demon realms of their own accord!

The Tales from the Scarred Lands are being crafted by myself and posted on Deviant Art, although obviously I haven’t got much time for that right now! Got one last band practice tonight before our heat tomorrow-8pm in the cooler folks! Vertical Virgins, that’s us! I’ll explain all on the night…

I’ll try and post a section of what I’m working on later, but for now, to school!

October 24, 2006

Recent events

” I do beg your pardon, my fine Ladies and Gents, for it’s been a while since I reported back-infact it’s pretty hard to come by paper in Shayele, let alone a spare moment to scrawl things down in, so I shall have to wax know-it-all about current events to you in person!

“Still, let’s not be too formal, eh?! So, ‘ere I was a fortnight ago, spilling news and the promise of gold to none other than the Party Leader Emilio, getting quite a name for himself it seems! And still sympathising with those _Plains people who will have no more to do with their murdering, flame-throwin’-ahem, yes well…-Aure, Yoko and Milone, as I was corrected, were there, and a few other chaps whose names I don’ recall…but I’m sure they’ll remind me.

“So”, says I “I happen to know there is a bandit Lord with his eyes on Shayele. Fancy doing everyone, including yourselves, a favour and doin’ ‘im in?” And of course for the promised gold they agree, and off they go into the forest.

“The bandits are highly active, trying to put them off at various points and with a scary new ability to organise themselves, but it’s not too long before I find our party before Bob’s very gates. Akam knows how but I get myself roped into the fray, take a nasty stab to the gut for it too, if it weren’t for Gratha experiencing a sudden urge of kindness towards me, well, the tavern would be a bit less tuneful I can tell you!

“Similarly, I was elated to reach the body of a comrade in time, quiet chap, but I was able to practice my healing skills which have rusted of late. Think I’m getting more confident with this “actually being on a battlefield” thing!

“A shame they didn’t take the head with them after defeating Bob though, I hear Gratha made a tidy profit off that!

“Another party went forth that day, containing the much missed Lady Luthien and her new aide, none other than the missing Anna DeMontford, who has since dropped that surname which caused her such grief and now answers to Annabell Felix, or still the much more simple Anna. I wonder if Lady Charlotte is anywhere within the Baracade to be told that her daughter is still alive? I suppose I could tell the Marquis….but again, I speculate!

With them were two of the new physicians. Now that the guild is a roaming franchise you see more and more of these stoic men with their short swords and large pouches…ahem..of ointment, bandages etc. There was also one gentleman whose name more than slips my mind. A poet, he claims. A poet! hah! surely squirting ink in a goblin’s face isn’t half as effectual as singing loudly at it, insulting it’s mother then giving it a good stabbing?! anyway, it’s not that I’m against a little healthy competition, but he could have at least said “hello” before scuffing the boarders of my terrain!

This intrepid bunch were after an ancient Shayele artifact, which was in fact being used by a mage of less-than-friendly persuation to raise undead and have them do his bidding! research tells me the amulet was actually fuelled by the souls it removed, but as I am not a mage this is not something I can confirm or deny!

Speakin’ o’ mages, I hear there’s a crazy li’l female one running about advertising her fathers swords as the new vehicle for some sort of power she’s trapped. Now, I’ve only spoken to Gratha, and he only gives me riddles, but if anyone who was part of Emilio’s party yesterday (I saw you all, headin’ out of the village on a Shayele Spokeswoman’s orders!) cares to tell me more of your adventure, I’d be glad to hear it!

“The adventure continues, who shall see it end?”

Arklyn Lynks, Bard of the Scarred Lands

June 19, 2006


_The Kings men dressed in crimson
And the Plain's men bare of chest,
One dressed in shining armour
The other a loin cloth at best
They come to fight for honour
And they come to fight for gold
And this battle may be the greatest tale
I have ever told.

I've seen fair Kia raveged now
For many years
Villages burned, the people run
Their eyes
So full of tears
The undead and the beast plague
And the people from our past
But now a choice it must be made
And it must be made fast.

Some come from the cities
And some come from the plains
Both sides have their reasons
And both sides stand to gain
The fearI once saw in those eyes
Is turned to bitter Ire,
But can our country be saved
By blood–shed and by fire?_

OK, this was a song I made up pre– todays adventure, which was ace!!

Also, I'll be attempting to have a page–per–day of chapter 5 following some (quite flattering) enquiries into if there would be any!!

I know school practice ate into my time, but would I let you down?! x

February 07, 2006

It's all over…I think

"Well, the problem is, all this Bard knows for sure is she's feeling a lot better than she was a couple of days ago. Two days ago was the last morning I spoke with Luthien and a group of quite/drunk weapon-weilders in the main room of the Hokey Mare. I gave them all the information I could discern about what had happened in Kia, and a strange key I had been given by a jibbering priest who had seemed to think it was of some importance to a ritual that happened in the middle of Kia about a year ago. Better late than never, eh?

"So I sent them towards the boarder with Sparky who had joined them before I left, and went in search of Thrond, who wasn't hard to find, especially as he now has followers, a left and right-hand of The Judge who have taken on his striking colour-scheme of red and black as well as his beliefs. I tried to tackfully point out that he had taken the orders from the wrong person in bringing a deseased creature across the boarder for money, he insulted my Goddess, we parted ways.

"The route into Kia is not so heavily guarded now, as all the guards are dead, so my plan was to find an alternative route to loop round and avoid anyfighting, as it tends to be dangerous to a Bard's health. On my way to the boarder I saw the two parties had joined up, under a shakey truce if any, and were beset by Goblins, who were jearing about how uninfected they were, and how the new masters of Kia were going to let them keep on pillaging and growing fat as they had there for the past year. If there's one thing I hate more than a goblin, it's a fat Goblin, but in my present state I would be more of a hindrance, so I pressed on.

"Secluded as I was I attracted the attention of a man in black. He teased me as though he thought I was going to fight him, or save Kia. Yes, of course, that's the logical answer when you find an ailing woman armed with only her dagger and a song hiding in the bushes. Pride has deserted me, I'll admit I'm no fighter.

"So this man; tall, healthy looking chap, probably good with a blade stood over me an gloated about how The Coven were almost free, that their master was returning, that this land was theirs, etc. By this point I wasn't so much afraid as bored. He told me to turn back, so I bowed politely and doubled back on myself.

It took me several hours to find an empty route and then to pick up the adventurer's trail of destruction; a mound of Goblin corpses, a be-headed fiend of the night and more dead Beasts than I care to think about. I think tere were demon corpses too, but they were decomposing into the elements by the time I crawled up the hill and could only guess that's what they were. Fear didn't really come until I came over the cusp of the great crater on top of the hill.

The bottom of it was painted blue, like someone had sneezed their snuff all over the place, it was the same shade as a Beast's slime. The hollow was full of death. There was one black-clothed man, not the one I had seen, more Beasts, 20 or 30 of them, and among the twisted remains were those of most of the party I had set off only that morning; the drunken farmer and the Viking from the Hokey Mare were there, as was the Akamian Priestess who had planned to learn her craft from Luthien. The Left and Right-hands of the Judge lay near the centre of the blue mess, and all the blood from every body was mixing with the powder and making an evil smell. How it would be safe to purify this place I have no idea.

"I saw nothing living in the foul place, and even more than the mystery of what had happened here pressed the mystery of where Thrond, High Priest of the resurrected Church of The Judge, Luthien, Chosen amongst her kind and named Daughter of Akam by the Goddess Herself, and Sparkey, the Fire Mage conscripted by the Fierce had gone. The silence in their absence was oppressing, so much so that I think they cannot have wlaked away from this place, but their bodies are not in it.

"And what of this strange Coven? Has the race indeed entered our world? what will they do if they have? And what shall I do, now I am left once more without a friend in the world? In Eim it will soon be time to choose sides, and I doubt whether anyone on the fair side of the baorder will mourn the loss of these brave souls. My only chance is Loxar, the Barbarian-he knew these people, and if I can secure his aid and that of his Barbarian Tribe we might be able fight whatever evil will come from this-because I know some will come...

"The Adventure continues, who knows how it will end?

"I want to find out."

Arklyn Lynks, Bard of the Scarred Lands.

February 05, 2006


Just to notify you it's a LARPs Sunday, so if you fancy playing (come on, you know you do really!) Come meet us in Rootes at twelve.

It's a big plot finale today (hopefully) so it's going to be a lot of fun.

If arklyn is alive at the end she'll balladise it I'm sure!

November 27, 2005

The Balad of the Hammer

Onwards they marched to the temple,
None knew how it would end.
What do you judge more important?
Your Power or your friend?

One was whipped within an inch of his life,
One sought Green Lady’s favour to gain,
One went to help, for no reward of her own,
And one went in The Judge’s name.

From an Inn in fair Eym they departed,
The one they called “The Hokey Mare”
To the woods of the land, so green and so cold,
Seeking their dear Akam there.

And Akam appeared to the faithful,
And dubbed them children of hers,
To life for the lives worth the living,

May all evil get what it deserves.

The Fierce would not wait their pleasure,
But came in swathes of Flame
To claim the man who plays with fire,
For service in her name.

So onwards they marched to the temple,
None knew how it would end.
What do you judge more important,
Your power or your friend?

They crossed the boarder, away from bright Eym,
To Kia, where the beasts hold sway,
And found to their annoyance that five
Hardened Warriors stood in their way.

Who had beheld the turning of friend to beast,
And believed to all this would come,
Their only defence to kill all humans
Before they dissolved into one

Of the vile, infected creatures,
Who are the adventurer’s shame
Those who failed in months gone by
‘Til all men shun their name.

Down fell these hardened warriors,
From confusion from the mage,
And Thrond’s great sweeps and feats of mace,
They turned another page.

So onwards they marched to the temple,
None knew how it would end.
What do you judge more important,
Your power or your friend?

Next, the goblins who live unharmed,
In the country of the plague.
Who mocked the champions their kin had met
Before falling under the blade.

Dispatched forthwith, and up the hill
To a village, grey and bleak,
Where villages wander, shout and curse,
But know not what they seek.

The crazed proles of Kia,
(who know nothing but death and desease)
When they showed that they only ate their kin
Where bought unto their knees.

So then to the steps of the Temple,
None knew how it would end.
What do you judge more important?
Your Power or your friend?

A kindly Priest he guides them in
To the cavernous hall of stone,
And once he learns the secrets of the door,
They learn he is not alone;

Forth spring demons from his pit
(for he himself is one)
And again they fight, and again they win!
But the test is barely begun;

Before them a door and a riddle;

Behind this door lies an object of power
Imbued by one of my faces,
Which one?

And now they must touch the symbols;

The heart?The flame? The sythe or golden corn?
The tree?Hourglass, lion or lamb?
Or fish?

To open the door and retrieve it.

Such pain for and incorrect answer!
And oh, how many they make!
For in Siran’s eyes, the Judge resides over death,
The Grim Reaper shows the path to take.

Touch it, Thrond! You shall enter the sanctum,
And see the treasure within!
But first, wraiths bearing questions-
Your test is about to begin.

Further into the temple,
None knew how it would end.
What do you judge more important?
Your Power or your friend?

Say the wraiths;
“Can any mortal wield this hammer of almighty power?”
The answer gives he “none”.
Say they “you are not alone who would take it away”
Says he “I believe I am the one.

“Though I cannot yet say I am worthy,
It is I who serve the Judge
And I who shall purify this land,
Drag it out of the Beastly sludge.”

“Then prove yourself!” the wraiths declared,
and sent forth warriors of stone,
‘Til Luthien, Dengra, Sparky and Thrond
Had shattered every one.

So the wraiths of light and dark stepped forth,
Saying “prove yourself on us!”
And when they were dispatched to the nether world,
Th Judge spoke to Thrond thus;

“You have slain my guardians,
My faithful this many years,
Who gave their souls to my weapon,
As their faith had banished their fears.

So now, Thrond, you must replace them,
Either with the soul of your own,
Or another which you deem worthy,
With which greater power be grown.”

And so Thrond stepped out of the Temple,
None knew how it would end.
What do you judge more important?
Your Power or your friend?

He looked at sweet Lady Luthien,
And Sparky the Fire Mage,
But on Akam’s chosen, Dengra,
He turned his furious rage.

Dengra raised his blade in confusion,
As he was driven back over the field,
But against the might of the Judge’s own Hammer,
He had no choice but to weild.

Thrond called the soul into themighty blunt,
As the blood seeped into his robes,
All white paint became crimson,
And power in carnage it grows.

When reached by Sparky and Lutien,
They beheld a tragic scene,
Scarlet and black their companion,
Beneath, red painted what was once green.

At first, Luthien sought out vengeance,
Shouted Thrond “Dare you challenge me?
My Judgment is made and is final,
I am of the Judge, for all to see!”

He turned his back on his once party,
You could see disbelief in their eyes,
And a body that will return to its Goddess,
And a darkening of the skys.

Walk away, walk away from the Temple,
Now you’ve seen how it did end.
What would you judge more important?
Your Power or your friend?

May 29, 2005

Tales from the Scarred Lands 9

So, the end is coming closer.

I followed a party of adventurers out of the Inn today, as their breakfast message summoned an undead right into the main room! Surprising wasn't the half of it.

They were following a trail to the Necromancer, a trail of Zombies and Spells. Once they had learnt their way through her trap the task became easy, although I know that Nathadras and the Pacifying Priest both saw her name and writhed in pain. I fear for the consequences of their actions.

Luthian was with us. Her skin is actually green, her ears clearly pointed and I'm sure she channeled something today, possibly even the Goddess herself.

Chloe, the coward Archer-sister of Nathadras tried to avoid the animated corpses as much as possible. She was particularly unnerved by the blood on the "Glyphs" which channeled magic around the woods. Poor woman, she isn't even a mage. Perhaps her brothers insanity is transferable...

The black-clad Mage of Pain, Dengra was there, although he didn't talk to me much I was constantly hearing him shout "pain! Is there Pain?" at the top of his voice. If it's inflicting or recieving, I think it's safe to say this Mage is obsessed.

The Barbarian Luxor, although his war paint is spectacular is probably going to be had up by the Eimian council, if the Blackies or Akam herself don't get him first. He was hacking trees left right and center thinking it would help stop the magic. I can sympathise slightly, I always felt quite a target on the plains, and I suppose he feels closed in in the Woods. He fought valiantly though, I just hope he doesn't clear too much forest before being allowed home.

So now I scrawl by fire light as I enjoy the, um, hospitality of the Gypsey folk. My cousins are quite sklled in arts that will hopefully defeat the Necromancer, and possibly the "Destroyer of Lives" himself.

I've said too much. I shall try and put some of these adventures into song to keep my spirits up. I fear it shall be a long night.

The Princess is in grave danger, ancient quarrels will be decided, the adventure continues. Who will live to see it end? If you find these papers, I did not.

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

February 20, 2005

Tales from the Scarred Lands, the battle that was.

After spending a few weeks rambling around the Kia countryside and coming across a few colourful characters, including a man worshipping Syran, as the Ultimate God, who ever heard of such a thing? I retreated to the comfort and safety of The Tavern, the unofficial guild house of Adventurers. Good job, too, things have turned really nasty outside...

Tonight I was joined by the ever-excited Sparky the Fire Mage, Amber, a Druid who seems sort of in control of the party, Paprika and her friend who's name again excapes me, a brooding Mage with a cross bow and a wide-eyed girl in black, who refered to herself as merely Annie, and hardly touched a drop of food or mead all night.

Most of the tale was told by Sparky, as he rarely lets others get a word in edgeways, but I'll try to relate it without his idiosyncracies.

The Armies of Kia were feared to be under the control of the strange blue-headed beasts, as they were known to be heading towards the city, walking in a strange way and taking out all the villages in their wake. I too had heard the crazed shouts in the streets raised by those who had made to Bruthard alive, if not completely sane.

The afformentioned company were sent out by a noblman of the city, as were a hundred others to lead stragling bands of still-competant soldiers to crush the rallying army as it threatened the city. They tracked for miles through the forest, coming upon bandits before anyone else, bandits carrying weaponary rather too fine for their standing in life. They having no pride or honour even gloated about the soldiers whose dead bodies they had stripped the items from. They allowed the party to pass, only to attack from behind, but were swiftly dispatched by the swordsmen and women of the party.

As Sparky meditated, Amber and Annie interviewed a lone man who was wimpering about the blood and destruction behind him, who then turned quite beast-like before their eyes, but slow enough to do no damage when he lashed out. The party followed where he had come from, to come across goblins and a large variety of beasts, including one with a cloaked figure, which can only be assumed to be a blue-face in their midst, speaking through a human at the might of "The Beast"

A pair of goblins gave the party their second message of the day, apparently Goblins are going to rule the Scarred Lands courtesy of their temple, so says their "Big Goblin". Where this temple may be and how dangerous it is is yet to be determined.

The party encountered more soldiers driven insane by the carnage amid worrying claims that the battle was already over.

In a clearing, dazed and confused the party were set upon by a large pack of beasts, and even the Mages pin-point archery wasn't enough to save them. No sooner were Sparky and Paprika's friend sprawled on the floor bleeding another pack of monsters swamped the remaining party, leaving but Amber and Paprika standing with Annie staunching her own wound thanks to her impressive pain threshold.

These three females then witnessed the appearance of the Lady Akam, in the guise of a vengeful, painted male who told them the death of the soldiers (the numbers of which now reach into the 1000's) was punishment for a travesty on Her forest temple a year ago which is now infected by the souls of many including one evil soul in a crystal artifact, which many of the party seem keen on finding and destroying. That seems like the best idea to me, too!

Only half the men who left to fight today returned. Their clothes are blood-stained and their eyes seem wider than possibly, their skin white, some seem like they may never leave the city again. But if someone doesn't soon, we may all be devoured by the evil creatures that bay at our gates.

The adventure continues, who will live to see it end?

Arklyn Lynks

January 16, 2005

Tales from the Scarred Lands 5

Well, I told you I'd do it, and I almost did it!

Today I went out of the city gates and set about trying to find some adventurers who weren't too inebriated to give me a good tale, and I found some! Unfourtunately not the renowned travellers I was looking for, perhaps they have become fat with mead over the winter...I can't say without seeing them!

Bizarrely I found a group of only three adventurers, more than a little green as they were backing away from a group of stupid goblins instead of just hacking their jabbering heads off! I used the old, "Shall I blow my whistle nice and loud so the King's Patrol can hear?" trick, which was even better as there weren't any Patrol Guards for miles!

The party consisted of Sarkey the Mage, who probably wouldn't shut up if he got infected and became a mindless eating machine! I bet he'd still ramble on, but he was brightly dressed, armed with a frying-pan and muttering about "comfortable, absorbant Wings", fancying himself some sort of feary, perfect mad Mage material! He also told me a charming verse about a man defeating a vampire, only to have his lover marry his brother! Marvellous. I could make a Bard out of him yet!

He was joined by the more subdued Amber, a female priest I think but I couldn't make out of what faith. By her simple brown attire I'd hazard a guess at The Fias and hope she won't be offended! She seemed to have most of the common sense. There was also a well-armoured chap, who said even less, not even his name I fear, but he had two swords, so I would venture him destined for success as well!

Apparently, the strange illness has caught the attention of the Royal physicians, who obviously don't want the weirdness inside the city walls, and want to know what's causing it. But No-one knows! No cause, no cure, only symptoms resulting so far in a lot of people becoming very ugly and eating the nearest friend or family member until they are slain. It's all a bit depressing, really!

So, I shall give you a few verses of my new goblin song to cheer you up!"

Goblins are green, and goblins are mean
_They are the thickest creatures I've ever seen_

_If you put two planks, together end-to-end,_
they wouldn't be as thick as a goblin, my friend!

As I went walking just the other day
_A little greenie Goblin he got right in my way_
_I said "look over there!", all he could do was stare,_
And I was swiftly on my way again!

The adventure contues, who will live to see it end?

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

January 09, 2005

Tales from the Scarred Lands 4

Ah the air is fresh, but the snows have melted
_I feel the wind in it's cruel spirits blow_
An Evil is looming, like billowing smoke
_We are waiting for it to fall on it's victims below_

_In the night, strange snarls come creeping,_
But nothing is said of it within these high walls
_And those who control would have silence_
But to others the wilderness calls

What are these shifting, swift shadows?
_What of ghosts, whispers of deform-ed face?_
_When the roads are once more open for travel,_
What shall be found in that great open place?

_For now is the time for serious begginings,_
For some, no more banquets or balls
_for it's up with the sword, shield and arrow,_
As adventure, and the wilderness calls.

I'm still hunting for the much talked-of adventurers, but have only rumours to guide me. What I did find today was some light sparring, and a new form of corporal punishment among the lower ranks, "Trail by hood". Two young rapscallions, I've no idea of their crime (perhaps they were just idiots!) placed enormous hoods over their heads, which todays high wind blew over their faces, occasionally twisting them right round, but the fellows fought under these conditions, often missing each other and coming in danger of impaling their spectators!

entertaining, at least. I Hope something more interesting happens soon, I'm becoming quite restless.

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

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