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January 25, 2007

Ah, ventilation!

Chibi Bowdy2

I know it’s hard to read, but it’s catharthis, ok? not exactly planned! In case you’ve not seen one of these before (lets face it, there haven’t been many published!) This is my “Mini-me” series, of stupid things that happen. There was a great one of Chaz and Rob tlking over my attempts to get their attention that I so did NOT draw while at work…but I lost it…Here is my day. The bruise on my knee has gone down considerably, as has my angst. a Carrie-hug+food+chocolate cake+James Ellis+having finally marked those damn science books and I’m feeling much better!

Yeah, if you’re not already planning to go see The Carter Manouevre on Saturday in Bath Place, why the heck not?!?! I’ll be there!

It’s Friday tomorrow! Hurrah! Now…to bed…

April 06, 2006

Two and a half weeks to go…

Had a planning meeting today; I am doing the half-term planning for science and music for the whole keystage! will also have a few numeracy and literacy in the first week I expect, although Monday is an Easter Fun Day! coool

oh, also aiding in the planning of a trip! I will be responsible for the safety of around 90 children aged 5–7!

Not solely responsible…

obviously! >D

It was the most epic bus journey ever! travel coventry all the way to cov, then the 13, 4 days after cov hav revamped the whole system so my bus no longer goes from by Forbidden Planet but Pool Meadow, like everything else! I mean, really!

The day did off to an ace start though, so brilliant I was almost blinded as Miss Holly Cruise Esq. kicked me in the foot and demanded a bus! Holly, I would get you everything you need if I could…

Thanks for the opinion on the comic, Chris, I'm always interested to know what people think of it, so long as it's constructive (Or complimentary :D) and you're name is not Cozmatic (insert random capital letters) OR Brad Bird (insert injoke)

Off to work again! only 3 more shifts this week '_'

November 16, 2005

Small furry creatures.

I'm looking for a WILF.

This is the search I used and these some of the images I got.

Answer one was dog skin, without the dog. Nice. moving on…

Who is this strange character?

In it's origonal format the name was "exotic3". Whatever crunches your carrot…

Beware Xengar the small and furry!

I know I've seen these two before…some sort of prize if you can tell me where….maybe I was drunk….

I'm too scared to even comment….

Nope, I give up on Google, I think I'll just make my own!

PS….who is WILF?

PPS appologies to everyone who saw me today, sams make-up and slightly hysterical. Especially Carter, Milly, James and Kat Stark; the first two, quite frankly should be used to it by now, but as James has only recently made my aquaintance and this is the first time Kat has spoken to me, I really hope they weren't too scared…It's not going to get any better…

November 15, 2005

I'm sorry Holly!

My history didn't go quite as well as planned, although to be fair I only taught half in the end as I got spirited away to cover some foundation time. Oh they are so small and inept! But at least 6 of them know which teddy is big and which is small and one boy got his shoe laces tied. I liked the idea of the birthday chair though- bow before me! it is my birthday and I shall sit in this very camp pink chair as I am 5 and have no concept of sexuality! (see, Carter, this s how I shall get to Timmy…)

English was slightly better, although I discovered one of the huge stupidnesses of the National Literacy Strategy (of which there are many);

Rhyme- (verb/noun) To rhyme-to have two or more words of the same ending sounds which can be used for artistic/humourous purposes.

eg; There was a young man from Venus,
Whose meals were all intrvenous.
He hasn't chewed
One morsel of food
Since that unfortunate night in Selinas.

Rime- (noun) the end sound of a word. this is usually made up of a singuler vowel phoneme or a blend of vowel and consonant phonemes;

eg Ve*nus* intrave*nous*, Seli*nas*, ch*ewed*, f*ood*

(the inititial sound of a word is called the onset. Onset and rime will usually be taught together. Also, children who are working on their phonic knowledge will probably not practice with words like "intravenous")

Hm, two words which sound the same, mean virtually the same yet are spelt slightly differently? What language would creat such an awkward situation!

So, in conclusion some children still need to practice their ryhmes. Erm, rimes. erm, yes.

If you are having a moment of mental ineptitude or just wish to fins words that rhyme with each other for fun, may I suggest this site link.

Although it neglected to mention "penis.

November 10, 2005

The Great Fire of London

unfortuantely didn't generate any cute or whimsical reponses.

Apart from possibly the cutest little boy in the world saying one difference between then and now is that noew we're not on fire.

This boy is so small, bless 'im, that in 1666 he probably would have been kicked out by his drunkard father and prostitute mother for not even being able to lift a tankard twice his size*

In fact, the only whimsy was me telling them the story about how the Americans bought London Bridge, and did, but were way dissapointed cos they thought they were getting tower bridge, which is much more impressive…it only further confused them. The other Teacher in with me found it amusing though. Oh well. No humour for the under eights then.

Also discovered most of my life will be taken up with the Christmas play for the next three weeks! hehehe…

No entry tomorrow, as I'm going to the Bivi Camp reunion to big it up with all us Page-ians who followed our crazy ex-marine of a PE/Biology/PSHE teacher through bogs, stances, smartie tubes and rivers, day and night, for he is awesome and a wonder among teachers. Also get to see my hypocrite of an ex-PSHE teacher, the man who destroyed my fragile teenage belief in the Christian faith, although it may not have been the faith so much as him being a hypocrite (although I only found that out a li'l while ago).

I wonder if Mr Clifford will come back for it…:-D

*This is complete fabrication, I have never seen this boys parents-unless his name is actually Timmy, in which case the father might explain it...

November 09, 2005

My first Numeracy lesson

Didn't go as well as planned!

To be fair, it was a tad adventurous and mostly based on the leading literacy observation I saw last week in terms of pace, which with a clas who are not trained in that style of working is silly to expect.

But, although using the practical equiptment confused them they did understand multiplication as repeated addition when written as just figures. So objectives "must" and "could" were met by at least half the class, which on their first attempt at multiplication and my first attempt at teaching that and them isn't too bad!

The shocking thing is they haven't learned to work in groups and share, and the supply didn't seem to think this was strange, but I thought that was quite a key thing in reception? also I assumed they'd understand the term "groups of…" but they had issues with that too…so we ended up just playing a game of getting into groups of different numbers of people!

So it's all good. Just need to remember to impliment the behaviour strategies with certain pupils who are getting a little unruley…

Also read "The Gruffalo's CChild" to them this afternoon. Turns out the child is a girl, but just as daft as her dad! they liked it, especially the year ones, and I did the voices and everything!

Good to chat to a few people for a bit on MSN, and get 2 lesson plans doneby 22:15! And read much comicy goodness…Tamahome's in the real world! man is Yui pissed off! Oh, and I spent about 20mins trading emoticons with James from LARPs and my brother, also strangely called James! I think I'm gonna get a Japanese lesson off him when I "pop" home this weekend.

Four hours from Coventry it's gonna take me….FOUR HOURS!!!

November 07, 2005

Day the first

I love my school! We were welcomed all nicely in the "Mission" assembly, and sung happy songs, and the Headmistress plays guitar!

And I worked with lots of different groups and learned some children are better behaved than others but they all seem very nice and I have a security pass and an ICT loggin and the Interactive Whiteboard isn't fixed yet :-( but they heard the songs for the Christmas play today and I fixed displays and was drawing a station!

And it was someone's birthday and there was cake everywhere!

And then I discovered at a Staff meeting that the gov. are changing the national numeracy and literacy stratagies just in time for my last placement!

And then I went to Brownies and made "fireworks" including Roman Candles with Bi-carb and vinegar and made a big mess!

And even though I didn't go to the Bandsocness in Zippy's I watched "Much Ado About Nothing" and am still not gonna get to bed before 11!

WOOOOOOO for sleep depravitiy!

P.S, skim down for the next page of "My Imaginary Life

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