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June 30, 2006

A song for Lee Road…

Inspired by spoofers everywhere, I bring you;

Empty beds in Empty Bedrooms

There's a grief that can't be spoken
There's a pain goes on and on,
Empty beds in empty bedrooms,
now my friends have all moved on,

Here we talked of playing Munchkin,
here it was we lit the flame,
Here we sang about our evenings,
Then went out for a frisbee game.

From Jubes bedroom in the corner,
We could see a house unclean
But we just carried on singing,
And I can hear us now;
The very glasses which we drank from
Were our cocktailed communion,
Now the lonely chav junction, at dawn.

Oh my friends, my friends forgive me
That the alcohol's all gone
There's a grief that can't be spoken,
Still the cleaning does go on…

Chris has used every pan in sight,
Jo has long since closed the door,
Casper took a plane to Sweden,
Carrie's packed her car once more,

Oh my friends, my friends don't ask me
What your Warwick degrees are for,
Empty beds in empty bedrooms,
Where my friends will sleep no more.

April 16, 2005

An entry about Sam

Sam is a mystery man,
With well tailored seams,
Who steals like a phantom
Into my already freaky dreams.

I've seen him drowning kittens,
or juggling with mice,
He's been made of clay and boogers,
and once came served with rice!

His beard is rather pointy,
which caused psychological bother,
But I shan't claim to be properly scarred,
Because I haven't met his mother!

(This awful verse just goes to show how little I truely know about Sam!)

March 31, 2005

This place is confusing

Today's bedtime will be a bit before 7am, but I thought I'd give you a bonus entry of a song. Enjoy!

hold me
Cos that's all you can do right now.
This place is confusing
And I don't don't know if I'llmake it out

It's not a person I'm missing
I'm just a person with a piece gone.

It's not the touch of a hand
It's not even a smile.
It's not the shirt he was wearing,
You can't pin it down to style.

It was caring so much
I'd do anything, and I did.

I haven't cared so much for so long,
Maybe that's why they question me.
All the things that I love,
Seemed to pale ____ly

I try to pick myself up
But knowing I have to drags me straight back down.

I know you've been through the same thing,
I just hope you can understand.
I need to be needed,
And wanted, if you can.

So, hold me,
Cos that's all you can do right now.
I know I'm not easy,
But I'll try to be easy somehow.

There's a difference between what you say
And what you convey.

I need a little help actually-what's the word for when things have a relationship, so when one goes down so does the other? answers in a comment box please...

January 04, 2005

Waiting for my dinner to cook…

These are songs, but if you think I'm gonna try and tab them here, you must be outta you're freakin mind!

Drifting away

Mother wears a necklace she's had since she was a girl,
On it are the faces of the memories that shaped her world,
And is it any wonder, as the day's are growing colder,
She feels a liitle older,
Tryin' to stop the years drifting away?

Emma wrote a poem about when we were young,
I think it captured perfectly lots of the things we've done,
And highlights the changes, As we're coming of age,
No more dreams of centre stage,
Just tryin' to stop the money drifting away!

And I know not everybody suffers from
This temporal distraction,
Of where I was, and where I'm going to be.
I think I'd like to find out for myself, if you know what I mean.

J just can't wait til he is 17,
Get a job and get a car, drive out of this small town scene,
And Lucy bought us champagne, to celebrate moving on,
Here I am celebrating with my melancholy songs!

And I know not everybody suffers from
This temporal distraction,
Of who I was and who I'm going to be.
I think I'd better find me way out
of this temporal distraction,
cos if I can't live now,
Well where does that leave me?


Celia, put your dress on,
Oh not that one you know he think's it's way too short,
Celia, watch your words today,
You never know how he'll react to what you say.

I know you used to think you were a pretty girl,
I know you knew exactly who you were,
But I'm looking at a different person now,
Do you even know, what you've become?

Celia, where you headed,
You know he doesn't like those old friends.
Celia, whatcha talking about?
Better not be him, you know he's already paranoid.

And I know it started just like a movie,
and he knew just what to say, to get you on your knees,
And have you ever been so in love before?
Have you ever been so desperate to please?

oh where has our friend gone?
Can she even make up her own mind anymore?
Can our friend Celia come out and play?
What does he say?

When he talks,
it's all about himself
You don't get sweet nothings,
you don't get anything anymore…

Have you ever been so in love before?
Are you ready to love again?

Celia, where you headed?
With the pieces of your shattered crystal heart?
Celia, watch your words today,
You know you might tear both of you apart.

December 22, 2004

One more for the road

I'm having one of those days where you look back through all the old notebooks and things, root out the art work, realise what a daft little thing you were at school, when everything had to come now…anywho-This one actually got a third in a college writing contest, written in 2000, possibly 3/6, as that's when the other snippet on the page is dated..

The sad thing is a was putting what I dreamed of being my anthology on disk, and my lap top buggered the disk, and did itself become buggered, so there are a fair few things lost…but perhaps that was a hint…

This one is untitled, and perhaps appropriatly so…

Poems that come from the soul,
Are too awful to reveal.
Baring ourselves to the world,
We use clumsy rhymes to hide what's real.
And string syllables,
To portray a feeling
In the hope of some worldly appreciation
To substitute the love we cannot find.

Verses Of a Younger Mind. (1999)

I look up at the grey sky,
How strange.
The faces and Whales are gone,
The Games.
The Sky is angry with us,
The fumes,
But the forgiving wind will always blow.
And blue,
And sun will stream on us,
and we
Won't change our ways,
But then,
Everything must change, and then
The Wind
Will give up and we will have,
Grey Sky.

Walking in the Rain

The cold rain
Covering us in cheating kisses
And the sun dries them,
Wipes up the rains mistakes.

I love the rain.
I take his kisses and the sun,
Happy and cursed,
Won't take away our sin.

Water to the seed,
The seed in my dark centre,
Now they say,
"She's strange, and we'll mock her

and leave her to her pain."

Tired Eyes

Bags weighing them down,
Eyelashes hooks for weights,

long for their meeting,
The happy kiss of sleep,

The punishment, spent
welling up tears that fall

Dried out,
Hot wind, a dessert.
Black hole, no stars,
Only sighs.

Her Heart

A crystal,
Chisled from a soul,
Clipped and polished and shone.
And every man
She's ever loved,
Has a chip, a single one.

They're big,
And small, and rare,
Intricate detail displayed.
And once they're gone,
They can't return
The where they once had laid.

Though she tries,
She can't piece it back,
One whole it can't be again.
With every chip lie
Splintered pieces,
She won't, or cannot mend.

this was about my friend Laura, but it may be true of a lot more people

The Fire

I struck the wet flint
And some spark
Flew to light the
Crowded Dark

The Panic, the turmoil,
But somthing
Grabbed and shook and
Sunk it's sting.

Now it's burning,
and it Burns.
now I'll have to extinguish
what I lit.

possibly more to come...most of them are pretty concieted, but what 14yr old isn't?!

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