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August 31, 2006

Coming soon…

OK, it’s gonna be a two-entry day, the first being the final My Imaginary Life themed before the September Hiatus!



This was a quick sketch done last night of some of the images that will appear in chapter 8, hope you like it! (although grr-at some point it’s been cut off at the edges! the title is “Disclosure”)

My Imaginary Life is now officially on Hiatus!

PS, thanks to those who’ve emailed me with compliments-they were people I don’t actually know and that’s ace! to the guys who sent me a link to their comic, I forgot to move the save off my campus computer then my groupwise email was deleted, so I will read it and hopefully give it a revue when we get back to uni in October! hope you’re still reading here!

August 30, 2006

Oooooooh…and roll titles!

Well, here you are, the final page of chapter 7!


Hehe, cliff–hangery, eh?! Well, I thought so! (BTW that is D talking in the last box–Christine's mouth is just sort of open in confusion!)

So, as threatened, here come THE FREE–TALK!

Where I get to be totally self–centred about my li'l project!

To be honest part of me is still amazed it's still up and running, I mean, commitment isn't often my strong point…cough of course I'm talking about where hobbies and interets are concerned! I have a few, pretty general ones which endure (e.g. love of comics, Johnny Depp, Mexican food) and then when we get into specifics and projects, often they get half finished or not done at all! I think having drawn this for over a year is a pretty good sign!

I've taken Ben's advice and am starting to spend more time with individual characters–Isaac still didn't come out quite right in the "Raven's Wing" bonus (which can be viewed on my all new DevaintART page as it was too big for here!) It of course features the lovely Sarah who won the competition, and she came out better, probably cos I was looking at photos of her while I drew it–used her own dress an' everything! So, the answer is obvious–I need to find a tall, long–haired bishonen of my own…purely for artistic reasons, obviously!

As I've said to a few people, this chapter wasn't particularly exciting, but it need to be done because it holds some important info for the story as a whole. I have no clue how you guys are tieing this info together, and if anyone has gotten close to what's going on yet, cos no one will tell me! I keep wondering if I should drop more hints…one is to say this would have been simpler if AJY had a shorter name…that's totally all I'm giving you!

I think I've been pretty generous to you guys over the past month, with the oober updates, contests and TWO colour bonuses, three if you go back a couple of weeks and include the birthday edition!

Of course it's a bit of compensation, as after tomorrows special that I'm cooking up it's a very real hiatus for My Imaginary Life as Miss Bowden is off on holiday! I've just confirmed my flight with KLM, I will be so outta the country in...holy shit, 48 hrs!!!

More on that story later…

August 28, 2006


Here it is, the penultimate page of chapter 7…


This is dedicated to my brother J, who wanted more chibi's!

August 27, 2006

Ashley Hutchings stopped me saying goodbye…

Ya know, times being as they are, a fair few of us are reaching a point where seeing certain friends comes at intervals, sometimes of a few weeks, sometimes a few months, and Gods forbid but it's going to start turning into years for some of those friends soon.

One such friend is David Newey. He's been mentioned in here a few times under the collective noun "Arlen" and has just released his first solo album. But that's not why I know him. Dave was in my form group and English and Music Tech classes at college. I used to poke him for answers in one and heck, he vrtually did my tech coursework for me! (never let him never the mixing desk you WILL NOT get it back!) I paid him back in cigarettes and later being roadie/sales gal for Arlen, although there were other reasons I hung around with them so much at that time too!

So today as he and the lovely Miss Lucy Rutherford (another friend I'm in danger of seeing less and less of, especially when she's famous!) were playing the Folk Festival I wanted to make sure I appologised for the terrible timing of my trip (or of their gig–booking, either way!) and say buh–bye properly, as it could be Christmas, could be well into next year before I see him again.

What do you know, but as I'm half way through my line Pete taps me on the Shoulder. Mr Hutchings would like to discuss merchandise. I know he is a Folk Legend and all, but I was having a conversation!! and I wasn't even staying for his gig, so had nothing to do with merchandising!! So, as Dave and Christie were eager to make a move I was made miffed by said Folky, as he realised I was, but it was too late by the time I'd explained to him that I really wasn't the girl for him to talk to.

So, to not reall cut a long story short, this entry is for all those friends I don't see enough of, who I couldn't possibly list by name but who I hope can all conquer the vile glutonous beast of distance and the slithery serpant that is time and that we shall all see each other at varying intervals throughout the coming years!

How soppy can you get?!

No worries, back to the silliness of the comic tomorrow–there are chibi's!

August 25, 2006

The mysteries of the opposite sex

Here y'are;


This one goes out with a big thanks to Chris Lofthouse for organising our splendiforous camping trip this week! it was great fun, wickedcool to see the ol' Lee Roaders plus the lovely Trish, Fab Phil and we made a new friend, Chris' frined Simon from his home town. Which it took Carrie and me a while to find…and to get out of…but it was all good!

Things to look forward to this weekend include;

this years logo!

Yes, it's that time of year again, where I join J.R. and the Barking Spider crew to steward my local folk and blues festival! For this years full line–up, go here and don't forget there's free, yes FREE music all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the first two being more folk orientated and the last blues! I'll give a few reviews as the weekend progresses, I'm looking forward to tonight's act, Mike West, as he is billed as having a "scary sense of humour", and seeing some of the local bands, including Teapot Junkies and of course my friends Arlen (if Dave actually gets back from France on time!). Ashley Hutchings and Ric Sanders are also appearing with their current ensembles on Sunday and Saturday evening.

So, there you go!

Oh, did I mention it's one week and one hours until I board my flight to Japan? _

August 21, 2006

Don't run before you can stalk


Ah poor Ricky!

The BBQ this weekend was great fun, thanks to everyone who came! A couple of my friends looked over the comic–I havn't actually started the redux yet so it was a little embarrassing showing it to my friend who now has a degree in animation! :–S He did give me a couple of pointers but it was more on the early stuff than the recent, but anyway, any feedback, as ever…!This page isn't great. For some reason I really wanted Ricky sat on the left, so all the other spacing (well, the "hug" frame at least) got kinda shoved out.

The other friend read the whole thing, however, and was actually getting into the story line! horray! Mum and J have read it too, up to the end of chaoter 6, I finished chapter 7 today and have left it in a convinient place! It's interesting that even when given the whole thing to read through in one go they still don't really know what's going on, but possibly more on that in the "End of chapter free–talk" at the, um, end of this chapter!

Updates will be this Friday, next monday and next wednesday, cos I'm going camping tomorrow (back thursday) so no wednesday this week! (I am not taking the laptop/scanner into a field!)

Is it sad that I have it so panned out? probably. Some good pages coming up though, so it's worth checking back!

August 18, 2006

First impressions

See? just like I promised…


Do you see how I cleverly switched Anna and Christine's hair and costumes in that first page? Aren't I clever! :) Of course the titles SailorMoon and Fushigi Yugi are copywrite to Naoko Takeuchi and Yu Watase respectively.

OK, if anyone hasn't checked out the Sugarcult "pretty girl" video that uses Fushigi Yugi footage on YouTube you so have to! Since getting into that site I've noticed a lot of videos that just sting images not necessarily at random but with little regard for synchronicity–this one shows the heartache of both Miaka and Yui with a really ace perspective change halfway through the song, it is just a work of artistic genius! (there are two submissions, one called "pretty girl" and the one I watched which is called "deceptive passion" although they may be the same!)

Also I found the Loudan Wainwright III "Wish I was a lesbian"–there are actually 5 verses! (which I will have memorised by October!)

In two weeks time I will be airbourne!!!

How's everyone else doing?

August 16, 2006

Not so normal after all…

See? SEE?! weeks of love and ink poured into pages of storyline, nahdah. Give a boy a fact and they're all about the comments! (Although I do see what you mean, Matt, technically I'll arrive 22 hours after I leave, though I shall only be in the plane for 11 o_O [I love that face!])

So yeah, more pages–I'm producing at quite a rate, mostly cos everyone back here has a life and I'm the only one left in her house all day…(thanks for the call today, Chris!)

These two go out to all you poor, disembodied people who are still feeling the weirdness of being at "home"!


The second page of this chapter features a sort of experiment, their are two rows of people in front of Anna and Christine, and I was going to pen the outlines but thought that would get too complicated–I'm not sure the shading worked much better either, but that's what's great about your work being in pencil, right!

Feel free to let me know what you think!
'nother update comin' friday!

Also, don't forget the cameo contest! xxx

PS on a more personal note, I leave for Japan on Friday Sept 1st, in case you're wandering! and for anyone who doesn't already know there's a BBQ at my parents house this Saturday, all welcome! xxx

August 15, 2006

Two and a half weeks to go…

Japan is 9 hours ahead of England.


August 14, 2006

Credit where it's due

Follow-up to A Day of Celebration! from Claire Blogden

I just realised (as I'm re–reading Fushigi Yuugi at the moment) I forgot to credit Yu Watase as the creator or the characters Maika and Hotohori from said anime; it's a bit of a spoiler, but basically Hotohori is the awesomely beautiful emperor of Hong Nan who follows this Shojo trend of falling for the main (albeit very cute) character and being dissappointed because she is very much in lve with Tamahome.

Hence the very geeky moment on Ricky's part.

I'd better start name–dropping some more masculine manga soon or he really is gonna turn into girl…although he's the only one who is regularly identified as male!

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