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June 30, 2006

A song for Lee Road…

Inspired by spoofers everywhere, I bring you;

Empty beds in Empty Bedrooms

There's a grief that can't be spoken
There's a pain goes on and on,
Empty beds in empty bedrooms,
now my friends have all moved on,

Here we talked of playing Munchkin,
here it was we lit the flame,
Here we sang about our evenings,
Then went out for a frisbee game.

From Jubes bedroom in the corner,
We could see a house unclean
But we just carried on singing,
And I can hear us now;
The very glasses which we drank from
Were our cocktailed communion,
Now the lonely chav junction, at dawn.

Oh my friends, my friends forgive me
That the alcohol's all gone
There's a grief that can't be spoken,
Still the cleaning does go on…

Chris has used every pan in sight,
Jo has long since closed the door,
Casper took a plane to Sweden,
Carrie's packed her car once more,

Oh my friends, my friends don't ask me
What your Warwick degrees are for,
Empty beds in empty bedrooms,
Where my friends will sleep no more.

See, things do get better…

Well, that's what I'm trying to convince myself!

This is for all my friends who have gotten their results, finalists or not, hoping they did well and will continue to succeed in life!


June 28, 2006


Hey Blogfans,

well, I was so close to be successful, but due to the Event that was the Staff Party and the fact that my Dad came to collect half my belongings on monday I failed to put up this monday's update :–(

My room is now devoid of all but the bare essentials for the next month. You'll be glad to hear this includes the scanner, so soon I will bring you page nine (horray!) I'm just feeling totally weird, weirder than I've felt in a long time, and I know it's just another transition and that everything will be fine, but, man, I hate bare walls!!

K, going to catch my mid–week updates…I oughter check how far I got with the Guide and give you another of them too, I've been finding some new ones recently!

June 25, 2006


Todays page is dedicated to the wonderful Josephine Harvey. This brave lady has lived opposite a total nutter for the best (or worst?!) part of ten months. She has waded through the piles of stuff left lieing around beneath the excuse "but I've got a small room!" and washed up countless number of this flake's plates and mugs. She has gone above and beyond, bringing hot chocolate to the feverishly planning and even lending me a dress and shoes for the Final Fling! And sadly she is moving out today.

This woman is a gem, and we're all going to miss a lot, not only because Carrie will now be alone in her struggle to keep the kitchen tidy!

And of course we mustn't forget our honourary 8th housemember, Maisy Josie Harvey, who scrabblings and in–ball antics will be sorely missed. One chocolate drop, two chocolate drops…


In other news, well done to Casper for inflating this already quite healthy ego and guessing one of the cameos! I think the prize will be to have one of your own, next time there is a new crowd, so everyone keep your eyes peeled! I'll admit one of them doesn't look very much like it's supposed to, definately not in todays, but a clue is "He's a housemate". I think the third is quite good, so see if you can guess!

At work again today, then will be available socially in the pub from 8pm if you fancy catching up/saying goodbye.

June 24, 2006

From bad to worse…

Aw, thanks Roisin! Have a page!

As well as these dedications I'm trying to give a few people li'l cameos, especially in crowd scenes (well, only in crowd scenes really! :–S) Special prize if anyone can spot the three in yesterdays and tomorrow's pages (of course, you won't be able to guess tomorrows until tomorrow, unless you're psychic, but it's the same three in each!) and the prize is mostly for boosting my ego, to be fair…anyway…


Working tonight; pop in and say hi!

June 23, 2006

And this one's for Cat

Cos she realised what I was doing on the piazza the other day!


June 22, 2006


Would I let you down?


June 21, 2006

Page 3!

Well this is sort of ironic..

You know, I don't know if you deserve this, what with the severe lack of any comments EVER (apart from Casper ;) ) but, because I love you, and because I'm determined to get some speed into this thing, here she is…


(btw–this is what Ricky was pointing to on the previous page!)

Also, come to the LAST EXIT at the Colly tonight, it will be awesome!

June 20, 2006

Page 2!

Witness the keeping of my promises! This page is for Casper, cos he was the second person to ask! (Quite a deep one it is, too!)


June 19, 2006

An exciting week! Maybe…

Hey! OK, I know what you're thinking–two monday's have gone by with no Monday–update, what's going on?!?! Well, basically I was doing school work/watching TCM at the jug the last two mondays so didn't get time to update, and for some reason I couldn't be arsed to upload on any other day!!

So, to make it up to you I'm going to attempt to update EVERY SINGLE DAY this week! (especially as two of my lovely friends asked if there would be anymore yesterday!) oh yes, chapter 5 here we come!

Wednesday is especially exciting, as your mid–week morning will bring a new character!

But before then, this first page is dedicated to Alec, cos he was the first to ask !


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