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May 28, 2007

Exams; the story so far

OK, so the first two have gone fine, nothing unexpected and the science was so open that really you could pour everything you’d learned onto the page and should (hopefully) get some credit!

Today was Dave (Housemate Dave)’s birthday, so much fun and celebration (and food) was had but we’ve also bent ourselves to Mathematics (Curriculum style). We discovered via the lecture notes that section B may not be as we had anticipated, but have figured that as long as we know why children have certain misconceptions and can adapt those to whatever question we get we should be fine.

My main concern lies with Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday (pedagogy, or “How I will one day be Literacy Co-ordinator) contains questions for which my research is…lets say patchy…so, luckily as tomorrow’s exam is in the am, I have all the pm to revise in the library to make up for it! I also have a “How to be a Literacy Co-ordinator” book here which I may read before bed.

The other thing(s) I may read before bed are any of my feminist literature books. Again, know the books, just need some critical support. Alsom, am fairly confident about the nature of the question on each. “But this looks easy” you cry “What on Eath is she complaining about?”

You know that feeling when you can stare and stare and read and read and it just doesn’t stay?

You also know that feeling when you don’t want to confuse yourself by revising everything at once but you have 3 exams in 3 days?

And that feeling when you’ve had so much pizza and cake that it’s probably done more damage than all the beer you could drink ever and your head is full of cotton wool?!!?

Yeah, that’s me, right now. At least I have my new insane mage character to use in the LARPS forum to vent every so often.

Also, here’s a list of things I’d want to be doing but feel I can’t cos I have to prepare for these £6^£*&”)(”$(k-ing exams…

drawing pretty, vaguely MIL related bonus-come-anatomy studies (OK, so it’s Isaac topless, so sue me!)

Also conducting studies leading to the “Her Secret World” work-Dan, Casper and B.J. I need to see you about those, perhaps Sunday night, post adventure?

Making some actual progress in Chibi LARPS or The Tales…

Putting up something to celebrate my 1000+ on deviant

Trying to figure how to save my falling viewing figures on DD, although apparently comic viewing figures fall in he summer anyway

Planning chapter 10

Finishing the commissions that are two months/two weeks over due!!

And that’s just for starters!

Bloody exams…roll on Thursday…

May 24, 2007


Thanks Sarah! OK, the MySpace should be findable at, as that is apparently my URL-let me know how you get on!

Also, for anyone who I haven’t jumped on and informed yet; I have a job!! I will be teaching at Templars Primary from September! Yay me!

So, Curriculum English tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes…

May 22, 2007

This is the end…



Of this chapter!

Wow, 23 pages, longest one yet! Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, big thanks to Casper and Sarah for their support, as always! And check it out, the top page is verging on fan-service!! (I have less shame than usual…)

What I’ve decided to do is go “back to basics” for a bit, do more studies and practices, so the story is taking a pause here for a while-not to mention I managed to lose the plan I had for chapter 10, no idea where it’s gone! And I kinda have these things called “exams” from Friday to Thursday? I mean they’re not that important, but I think I’m supposed to pass at least!

Plus I have a back-log of commissions (b-day presents and a prize) and a whole load of new ideas-Chibi LARPS needs to actually get to the piss-taking story stage, and I’ve always wanted to do a strip to accompany The Carter Manouevre’s “Her Secret World” and last night the plan just fell onto a piece of paper in front of me! So, keep ‘em pealed!

Also, for anyone who’s interested I got a music MySpace yesterday, and have put the recordings of Heron, Trigger and Time Apart that Jason and I did before Christmas. They’re quite amusing! I need some pics for them too…

Anyway, gonna go revise and practice and panic some more…I think I’ll use this more for venting over the next few days, which I know is dull, so consider this fair warning!

Much love x

May 14, 2007

Or maybe two!


OMG, it’s updated on the right day! Not only that but there are some new (albeit Chibi-LARPS related) incentives! so get voting people!...erm…please?!

So close to fan-service on this page, and yet so far…

Also, so near to the surprise chapter ENDING!! longest chapter so far, and doen’t it just feel like it!

As usual, any suggestion for free-talk subjects/bonus pics always welcome. Judging by previous experience there won’t be any, but I could genuinely do with a ego boost right now…those in the know know why. So, any suggestion, no matter how bizzarre will be warmly welcomed.

May 08, 2007

MIL–one act of violence per page!


Horray for being up and motivated! I’m proud of this page purely for Carwyn’s left hand! (what, it’s a good hand!)

May 07, 2007

And so do I!!!

Oh, I was so on schedule, and then I just popped into Maelstrom to get my number for Phil and discover…I have a lot of work to do over the remaining week of downtime! Profound Decisions are ever so helpful though, I’m sure it will all fall into place…so I’ll say wednesday at the latest? I really ought to go read some more HMT before bed!

Thanks for the epic comment Sarah! Glad you’re still with us! Even more than I am, it seems!!

May 02, 2007

And she tries so hard…


Yes, calm yourself, and quiet your wild cries, I had not forgotten you! I’ve just been trying to go in so many directions lately I’ve ended up doing little bits at a time and this page has taken me three days!!! (wouldn’t think so, would ya?! ;-))

Yeah, one of the things was the auditions for Boy Number 5, my addition to the Arts Festival-they went well, not as well attended as I’d hoped but the quality was there which is what I was really looking for! The great thing is when the casting is done I’m not really involved, I just get to see something I wrote get performed! Please come and watch it with me! I’ll let you know the definate time when I have it!

Also starting this week (tonight, possibly) is a new comic project, Chibi-LARPS Theatre, a venue for multiple in-jokes and terrible geeky humour all presented in (you guessed it!) CHIBI!!!

To celebrate the handing in of my dissertation (yes, it got finished!) I got myself even more Copics to aid with my many projects! Non-geeks look away now…

E11, Barely Beige-finally a boyish skin tone!
E19, Redwood-good for leather and other adventurer-suitable fabrics.
B00, Frost Blue-to aid white surface shading
B32, Pale Blue-suitable for blue eyes
B18, Lapis Lazuli-to be shaded by Prussian Blue
G28, Ocean Green-cos I needed a dark green…
G14, Apple Green- ...and a mid green…
G21, Lime Green-...and a pale green!
R59, Cardinal-Dark Fius (and possibly later “D”) haircolour

The last two I miss-ordered as sketch markers not just the normal markers. It lead to me finding the brush tip, which feels great to colour with, but requires severe concentration in fine areas! This lot all looked very sensible; I have decided my next order will not contain Earthtones, I have so many, and so few purples! I also got a case, so now there are 24 in there, the sketch markers are in their own box and the Toners are in another-is it sad that I have over £100 in marker pens?!

Wait til you see the results though!!

So yeah, sorry for the absence, will try to make up for it, although I am going to revise too…promise, Sue!

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