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May 29, 2006

Chapter 5

Well, I know yuou've all been waiting with bated breath folks, so here it is! I love it!


May 22, 2006


This weekend I have been mostly– Drawing th cover for chapter 5, which is gorgeous! (If I say so myself!)
–Joining Facebook (I know, I caved!)
–Washing fabric–type things
–Pretending I'm on target for school /_\
–And, in doing no. 1 and showing the result to some people, discovering that two of my housemates aren't actually that familiar with this little obsession of mine…although I do tend to work on it closeted away in my tower at the far end of the corridor…

But, I have something a little different today!


Yeah, this was gonna be a "free–talk" style page, only I decided against handwriting the whole thing (hence only the greeting!) then thought you could type over pics in here, but you can't, so it's in the normal, Matt Manion advised format.

A "free–talk" is a section in a comic, usually when put into a volume and often it just appears as a thin strip down one page about half way through. In it, the author talks about her/himself, what they've been doing, extra info on the comic, where it's heading, how they feel about it and thanks to people who have sent/said nice things or helped them out.

So I thought I'd do a little free–talk FAQ, as this weekend raised a few questions!

Q; Are those boys or girls?

A; Due to the Shojo (girly) nature of the comic, and my own personal liking for bishounen (pretty boys), this question can sometimes cause confusion in my work, and it's becoming more prominant as we progress! The above shows the three boys of My Imaginary Life, from right to left (Japanese sstyle!) Isaac Matthews, Carwyn Silver and Ricky Spears. Yes, it's indulgent. Yes, Carwyn looks decidedly "boy meets boy", I can almost hear him say "shibby!", but I think it displays some of their differing personalities, and who's to say they're totally straight anyway? Well, Ricky might be…

Q; How the hell am I supposed to read this thing! It's way too small!

A; the pictures appear here as thumbnails–if you click on them they get bigger and the words are just about readable!

Q; What's the point of all this anyway?!

A; This comic is composed with anime/manga fans in mind as it uses a few shojo staples, with tongue firmly in cheeck, although as with a lot of these things it will get more serious as it goes on. This is also why Ricky's "Otaku moment"'s exist; Christine is obsessed with manga and makes references to it a lot, so for anyone who hasn't read/watched that much they are there to make things more relevant.

And a couple I wish people would ask;

Q; is there anything special about the character names?

A; Only that they sounded nice and give a bit of a hint about the character's type–sometimes. The stereotyping comes mostly from comics, i.e. slightly down–beaten lead (although mostly by herself) female friend who to the main character is more attractive/successful, male friend who fancies her but she doesn't realise, "dark, mysterious" love interest and "cute, intellengent, vaguely more realistic" love interest.

What I did put thought into were the star signs and blood types as the Japanese put a lot of importance into bloodtypes in direct relation to personality. Similar for the subject likes, but I haven't gone as far as some others and come up with fav foods/songs etc…yet…

Q; are the characters based on anyone?

A; Of course they are! But they are combination real people/existing comic types.

Q; What's in store for MIL?

A; More new and confusing characters, desire, jealousy, romance and a bit more for the boys…and of course that awesome new cover!

Of course, if anyone has any genuine questions, please do post them below! It's always lovely when someone I know says "I've been reading the comic1" or I get email from someone who has, it all feeds my big–eyed ego! Actually that's not going to encourage you is it…

Go on, ask me something, I dare you!

May 18, 2006


Hey, it's Thursday, which means it's almost Friday! Which means I'm happy!

Also, found a link to a free comic host again, after just telling someone I couldn't find any! I totally hope they accept–I'm submitting the page at the end of the "Raven" fantasy sequence, y'know, one of my many near–kisses (it'll happen eventually….probably…to someone) but I held a house vote (well, Dave, Chris and Trish–the others were watching another 24, without me! and I thought they were trying to get me into it! probably for the best…) and this one came out fav.

So, let's see if they like it! It's the same network that hosts Cat Legend so quite reliable, I think! more important, it's free!

And so, to celebrate, and maybe bring me luck, here is a bonus–the final page in chapter 4!! To be honest, I'm impressed I've kept it up so far!


You'll be glad to know I have already started on chapter 5, I'm sure!

Although I haven't thought of a cover design yet–any suggestions?

May 15, 2006

Most complex page EVER!

I had to call in sick today. Bloody digestive system. Stupid Kidneys. Once again YAY DRUGS! will be aok to teach tomorrow thanks to glorious modern medicine! Although I'd better not make a habit of it–£6.65 a go! and these ones don't even make me high!

oh well, this page does! Hope you can follow the words, and don't worry, it's supposed to be confusing!


May 14, 2006

Ah, larps.

Yaaaaaaaaaay LARPs!!

'Twas an awesome day, full of "black snuff" and arguing Lords, switching allegences and a little bonus plot for yours truly! Yes, Anna's in the thick of it, unfortunately for you, she's not a prolific writer (unlike a lot of 14 yr old girls) so you'll either have to adventure or check our forum to see what's been going on!

To give you a bit of a hint, here are some snaps taken by Emily during the adventure…

Our intrepid monsters–

Alec at LARP

Casper at LARPs

Alex, Vic and someone...

And a few party shots;

Tyrone and Loxar

Lords and Barbarians disagreeing? Never!...

about to advance

Girls do it too!

James as John

This is John. He's not scary…really…

And post adventure, there's nothing like a god game of jugger!

The teams square up–
Those in coloured costume…

The White Shirts!
And the White Shirts! ah, deplomacy…let the game begin!



Most importantly, the Colours won, but it was a bit overshadowed by one white shirt sustaining one of the rare actual injuries anyone ever suffers from playing, I shan't embarrass him by saying who, though I can't promise no–one else will!

Ah, such fun. Now, back to he real world. Oh, for more other–plainly insanity go here; link and come to our next game on the Sunday of week 6, run by me!

May 10, 2006

In colour! How rare…

Thanks, Max!

I'm giving you guys a mid–week bonus, on account of PPA time tomorrow morning! (hell yes!) shame I can't stay home for mine, but it does give me two hours free to get next weeks planning in order and I don't have to write daily plans for tomorrow! Whooooooooooot!!

Also, 5 children came to my book club today _ and I've een introduced to a "childrens" horror writer–I say "childrens" because the first horrific scene made me go O_o and now I wanna know who vets this stuff! But Alex is a very serious, mature young boy–I'm sure it won't warp his mind….can't put it down for long though….yes, I borrowed a book from a year 5 pupil–so sue me!

Here's your bonus!


May 08, 2006


Hey mes dudes, sorry I'm being so lame with the updates, especially as I know how thrilled you all are with my in–school–exploits! Have to get down to the real work in a sec cos am being observed in the morning, numeracy this time (will hopefully go better than last week's ICT disaster!)

The whole thing is generally going quite well, am enjoying myself immensly, letters went out about the schoo trip last week, which is unfortunately the same week as my duel Link Tutor/Mentor observation and the Jug A"bandsoc" gig, but on the up side that week ends in a Carter Man–hoover Crash!, and isn't infact until after half term, so loads of time to prepare!

Following are a couple of comic pages on how to make a fantasy–orientated girl veeery happy–not generally accomplishable in the real world! Oh, in case anyone hasn't realised the error of their ways, we're LARPing this weekend, play–testing some system alterations, so come along and see our new shiney things! Not to mention Webster's new, shinier weaponry! I didn't write up the last adventure because I played (Yay!) and Anna isn't the diary–keeping sort of girl.

ANyway, have comic, enjoy!


May 01, 2006

Happy May Day!

Lets hope Spring is truely here!


I have a Link Tutor observation tomorrow–I'll let you know how it goes!

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