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April 25, 2007

Progress…in one direction…

So yeah, if you’re bored/skiving/just lovely then pop over to deviantart (link in the side-bar there!) to get to the new uploads! The colour version of the Omake (the Anna one!) will be on Drunk Duck on Friday.

Also, next week I will attempt to get some new incentives up! Promise!

(I’m half-way through the project, by the way!)

April 23, 2007

Project week!

Hey all, for anyone who doesn’t know my equivalent-to-a-dissertation is due on Friday, so there may be an update, depending how quickly progress is made, bearing in mind I also have the joy of lectures this week!

On the brightside, I’ll be re-scanning the colour pictures and putting up a fantastic Omake with a character from the comic dressed as a character from a new project which is in the works…any guesses? Deviant might give you a clue…

Anyways, just getting it all organised, then it’s Language; culture and controversy, so yeah. Good luck for the next term, everyone! It’s gonna hurt…

April 17, 2007

Look into my eyes…


This would have been on time if Dad’s computer hedn’t decided otherwise! Ah well.

Thanks for the praise, Casper, but no one has anything to say about either version? not the odd proportions? the strange mashed-together appearance? and even if that didn’t come across the daft collection of colours, not to mention her clothes didn’t so much change as mutate? No? Perhaps I didn’t do as good a job as I’d hoped. Ah well, back to some good ol’ brain washing then!

April 15, 2007

Glorious Technicolour!

Yep, here are those images again, tis time all pretty and coloured. They go up with a good luck message to my brother who is about to drive all the way back to Stoke to complete his final term of his first year at Uni. Meanwhile I still haven’t finished my dissertation. damn.

Also, cheers to Owen, Rees and everyone for the lovely BBQ on the seafront yesterday. Man this weather is so cool!



There’s also going to be a “Colour your own” version in Deviant soon as I’m putting the lineart up there. I now I’ve been lazy not putting the text on the top image, but trust me, the fus that entails at home just isn’t worth it! (edit…ok I might put them through my pooter at some point cos the quality isn’t great…or they need re-sizing…)

April 13, 2007




Yeah, yeah, I know, they’re late! But, better late than never! Also, extra exciting is there are colour versions of these which will be up shortly…havn’t decided if they’ll go here or Deviant, but they’ll be somewhere…

It’d be interesting know what people think of the costume…in case you’re wandering, it isn’t supposed to be anything close to “perfect” or “accurate”, it’s hard to explain what I’m going for without putting words in people’s comment boxes, but yeah, the colours might help explain…or they might not!

Gah, I’m off, I’m making no sense!

April 04, 2007

It's only words…


Yay, late again! This time it’s because I was in Cardiff. Had an awesome weekend curtesy of Dave, met his lovely family, had lots of fun!

Yeah, I’ve noticed that i’ve strayed from my plan a bit; the conversation at the top was meant to be at the top of the previous page, and there was supposed to be an Otaku moment-will probably insert that in the next one. Hope it hasn’t spoiled the flow too much…if any one cares…!

Also, I’ve taken a huge slump on the polls lately, I know TWC is broken today, but if you’ve got a few secs clicky on buzz for me, please?!

I’m home next week so hoping to create some bonuses soon, any suggestions?

Also I have actualy changed the incentives this week!

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