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April 26, 2006

Especially for Jo

Hey dudes, school practice has made updating slide, but especially for my housemate, here is an apology and a page!


Schools going really well, actually. One of the KS1 teachers is away so I'm currently taking "my" class pretty much fulltime, which is tiring as heck but really good cos now I know most names and a little about their working styles, especially the ones who want to avoid it!

I don't know if it's because I've gone back to a school I know or what but it's all felt a lot more natural this time round–then I guess you'd hope it would after almost three years of training!

In fact, I think the only slightly down thing about today is that a certain floppy–haired thesp is ignoring my texts, but hey, we're all busy people, right?

Let me know what you're doing! x

April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

Well, I've had a totally awesome weekend, and I haven't even opened any of my eggs yet! In celebration, have two pages!



April 14, 2006

Of course talking to your ex is easy!

Due to work and the Warwick sites being wierd, I missed a couple days. This was supposed to go up yesterday, sorry!


Notice anything familiar…

April 11, 2006

What I learned today…

A windowmetre is a device used for measureing the thickness of windows.

True story.

April 10, 2006

Speaking of monday updates…


I'm trying to make a move towards more detailed pictures, ie including backgrounds/extra li'l details, and here's the first of such pages.

I've almost finished the chapter, only can't find my fineliner anywhere /_\ so will have to wait until I do. Or get a new one!

April 09, 2006

Once again, the essay is delayed by…

Follow-up to I bring you MORE comics! from Claire Blogden

The Blogden Guide to Webcomics, issue 4!!

The good news is, I FOUND CAT LEGEND!!!! Some other server booted the poor girl out of her space but I followed a link to the new address, so all is well. Also today, two of the most beautiful webcomics to dates, one of which has an archive to keep you going for most of the day! (Or week, if you can stagger yourself!)

So, first onto Cat Legend. This story centres around a boy who is ressurected from the burning rubble of his house by the Queen of the Fae and newly named Cat, and his baby sister who is infact a vortex sucking the magic out of the world. The King of Fae wants her destryed, but the Queen decides she can't just be killed, because it could destroy the vortex or make it stronger. Another refugee of the time is Sarah, part human but part Fae, with the ears and tail (and colouring) of a fox. For the initial part of the journey they head out with a Fae called Bing to get the Vortex to Truth's Island, a place existing outside the normal timespan, where the girl will age slower than the real world and buy them more time. Also, Cat and Sarah will be safe from persicution.

Jump forward a few episodes and Cat is being held in a secure military prison, recounting thses events to a psychologist, however most of the characters you know and some you don't are involved in a mission to save him before something called "the games". What is a wedcomic if not complicated?! (OK, this is only the ones I read…)

Cat Legend is full colour every week, with the author developing new fonts for each character as she goes. Currently there is a huge cast, so this is very handy! The action is back in the past now, on the island again, where Elves have just arrived and a trio of witches…intense stuff! as with a lot of comics, the artwork improves steadly as you go through, and there are no random acts of graphic sex/violence, so this comic is safe for everyone!

Now onto two very pretty, very high-quality creations; First up, Errant Story. This comic is so good it has two volumes currently in print. The main character is Meji Hinadori; she looks 11 but is actually a 17 yr old half-elf in her last year of Mage training. Her problem is she is not a very good Mage-all she seems proficient in is blowing stuff up, usually her wise-talking flying-cat familiar. So, for her final project she sets out to discover a great source of power and become a god, this way even if they fail her she can just destroy the school!

On her way she meets an assassin who has nothing better to do as he botched his last job by sleeping with a prostitute who was too easily bribed, another half-elf who is trying to find the same source she is to help his ill sister, and an Elf officer who, rather than destrying the "Errants" or half-elves as she's supposed to, decides she too would like to see what all the fuss is about, as her race has tried to destroy all knowledge of the whereabouts of this strange power.

There is also the supporting cast of bandits, Errant-destroying elven task forces, Evil, power-hungry priests and the village of assassins helping to move the action along, not to mention some reeeeally cute fearies!

This is a definate adult comic-although black and white there is plenty of bloodshed, swearing which is eventually done without the stars and hash-marks and many overt sexual references, mostly from Meji! The script is very funny though, the plot is pretty thick, especially as you get a complete history of the world and action takes place over a very wide area. Add to this consistantly beautiful artwork and you have one of my personal faves!

Close behind, although possibly because the lead character is sooo cute is Skyfall. Unfortunately only being updated once a week, this is a comic where you never really know who is who and capable of what.

At the opening you are introduced to the main races that are/were present on this plain of existance, the two main of which (the Haeloar and the Lemiroar) have been at war for as long as anyone can remember.

So naturally, as a pair of intrepid adventurers in search of some holy items start their quest, they instantly end up with one of each in the party! the plan concocted by Nesshin, a member of the Naiethoar race is to assemble all the artifacts and destroy them, however, here's bound to be one devilishly sauve, dark, long-haired member of the party who has designs of his own…

This comic is very fast moving, but gives you enough background detail for things to make sense, and there are a lot of secrets still well-hidden. Chapter covers are full-colour and the episodes are in high-quality black and white, again beautiful designs with very detailed costumes, and the wings are ace too!

Content wise nothing too brutal yet, although one possibly unusual feature is that the two main males, Nesshin and Shin are a gay couple, which means that dark handsome probably evil dude has the two other women of the party to himself! potentially…

OK, there you have it! I'm off for candy then we'll see about this essay…potentially…

April 08, 2006

Boys are stupid!

This is evident in many places, but quite keenly demonstrated in Mary Wolfstonecraft Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, mostly through it's protagonist, Victor.

Rather than have a child the normal way, VF decides he's going to select bits off dead people that he thinks are attractive, but bigger than normal cos he can't be arsed with all the fiddly bits, through in some animal guts and probably some metal in there too, then bring it to life via science so it will worship him and he gets to be God and Lord of his own little world.

Then when, not surprisingly his plan goes wrong and the creature is actually ugly as hell, the only things remaining attractive being the bits that are dead (hair and teeth), rather than admit it's been a bit of a mistake and taking responsibility for his actions, Victor runs away, leaving the creature no mother or father figure, no explaination, no one to care for it.

This reaction to the creature is repeated over and over, until eventually it hides itself away, learns to talk, can't even succeed with a blind man because of his prejudice son, and instead becomes a murdering, vengeful monster.

The novel is also scary because Shelley kills off Henry Clerval, Victor's best mate and the personification of the poetic ideal which the men of her aquaintance were striving for, and leaves Victor, all their negative aspects of egotism, selfishness and non-empathy, although he does try to teach Walton the danger of living this way, as Walton is full of the same emotions he probably doesn't learn much.

In summary; boys, you are stupid. When you get an idea in your head please, think it through-is this really a good idea? how can I go about this the best way? or am I just creating a murderous fiend that will kill everyone I hold dear?

Just think about that.

April 07, 2006

I thought I'd seen everything!

I've worked the back bar a fair bit this week, either because I'm trustworthy, or because the others woud rather I wasn't working with them…anyway-I thought it'd got as mad as it could get when last Saturday I served at a 30th birthday party-not any 30th birthday party, but that of the girlfriend of Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and Steve's trumpet player (they had their launch party last night, hope everyone had fun!).

For her birthday, Helen had a Beetle Drive. You kow, one of those cute English games where you have to roll a dice and draw the corresponding part of the beetle?

Everyone had a lot of fun, and I learned two things;1) hearing people shout "FEELER!!!" at the tops of their voices is very funny 2) If I look that good and am that hyper at 30, I'll be happy!

That was quite strange, but last nght topped it!

It was a race night-I didn't discover til right at the end it was a business do, when all the departments were being bigged-up by a series of letters (argh! coorporations!)-but yeah, some of the races were on old-fashioned film reels and some were "interactive", including "pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey", and rubber duck race (blowing rubber ducks along a trough of water) and donut eating! I'm a bit gutted I refused the proffered chocolate bribe to steal "money" from the kitty, but the team asking weren't being all that subtle! I got very little thanks from them, whoever they were, not even the offer of putting a drink on the tab…

They made me laugh though, and made me realise that if any of us think we're immature, we reeeeelly don't need to worry!

Off to the day shift! If anyone fancies a drink I'll be hanging around from 6 when I finih, if you like!

April 06, 2006

Two and a half weeks to go…

Had a planning meeting today; I am doing the half-term planning for science and music for the whole keystage! will also have a few numeracy and literacy in the first week I expect, although Monday is an Easter Fun Day! coool

oh, also aiding in the planning of a trip! I will be responsible for the safety of around 90 children aged 5–7!

Not solely responsible…

obviously! >D

It was the most epic bus journey ever! travel coventry all the way to cov, then the 13, 4 days after cov hav revamped the whole system so my bus no longer goes from by Forbidden Planet but Pool Meadow, like everything else! I mean, really!

The day did off to an ace start though, so brilliant I was almost blinded as Miss Holly Cruise Esq. kicked me in the foot and demanded a bus! Holly, I would get you everything you need if I could…

Thanks for the opinion on the comic, Chris, I'm always interested to know what people think of it, so long as it's constructive (Or complimentary :D) and you're name is not Cozmatic (insert random capital letters) OR Brad Bird (insert injoke)

Off to work again! only 3 more shifts this week '_'

April 05, 2006

I love you guys!

So here's page one of the new chapter!


I've uploaded most of the chapter onto los hard drive now (I haven't quite finished the whole thing!) So there'll be no more lapses for the next few weeks, promise!

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