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April 30, 2005

One satisfied woman

Oh God, that was good!

I am of course talking about Crash!, where the awesome might of Fire of Prometheus and Replica X rocked the union to it's core! Imperial Vipers tried very hard, but they just weren't cheesey enough!

It was a joy to see so many people 'fisting in unison. And both our bands played their hearts out, I mean you don't get performances like that without trying! Soooo gooood!!

Also grat was meeting lots of new people and having so many people I know appearing from every angle in the Union. Natalie, you dance wonderfully, dear, it was a pleasure!

Unfortunately I soon have to go to work. If you're bored in Leam between the hours of 12 and 6, why not pop into the Jug' and say hello?

April 29, 2005


Yes, as I have just commented on Andy's blog it's time for more shameless self (ish) promotion;

tonight is Crash!! featuring Replica X, something Viper which I should know but have forgotten and Fire of Prometheus.

This will be a night of metal, a night of weaponry, a night of fisting…it will be WICKED!!!

The bonus is it is preceeded by a blog social in Rootes Bar, so I can finally go to one!

Also, Sunday is Live Action Role Play, me-style. We meet in Rootes bar too. Then we go to the woods and hit each other with foam latex weaponry, shout silly commands, and try to save the Scarred Lands (and to be fair, the adventurers we've got aren't doing a very good job!!) Come along at 12 and try it out! it'll be fun!

April 28, 2005

Recovering the Satellites

Why am I not working? Or at least filing?!

April 27, 2005

Commence Evil Laughter


Yes, I now have the items of power; the ancient Folder, see its black casing , hiding all that there ever was to know; the history, the legends, the magic, the skill! And now, shining against the keys of normality, The Key to The Cupboard!! (ok, so union north probably want that back…) but now I have scores of weapons at my disposal, bows, arrows, spears, swords, shields, and not forgetting the armour and swirly-cloaks-that-look-awsome…now I just need adventurers to weild them…

Control is truely mine…

hahaha hahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 25, 2005

just another manic monday…

So begins a week which I have noticed is turning into one of little sleep and far too many late nights…

Not too different from last week then? Only with more nine am lectures.

I wish I had something insightful to post…I'll try and find something at work…COME TO ABANDON and BLACKOUT!!!

April 24, 2005

I don't get it :–S

The mind boggles.

I've just returned from Spandex, which was Swedish, I danced for hours, and the new air guitar champion is female, it rocked!

The other nice thing was I recieved quite a few compliments, and purely out of curiosity I was wondering if someone could tell me why!! Was it;

a) having my hair up in quite a random style

b) Contacts (which I now have to attempt to remove!!) instead of the trademark glasses

c) is for Cleavage

d) short funky skirt

e) fishnet hold-ups

f) glam silver-and-stars make-up

g) a combination of the above

I especially enjoyed Carter's reaction, although with his blog as it is I doubt he'll give a justification. i shan't relate it exactly, but it was as though at first he didn't realise who it was invading his stage.

I'm saving this evening in my "memories that make me feel good about myself" catagory. I realise a vainer post there has never been, but as the not-most-self-esteemed-girl ever, that folder needs some work.

Whatever happens, cords and glasses still rule-they'remuch less hassle! ;-)

input appreciated, cheers!

April 22, 2005

I am so dull :(

I went on something of a spree today, although not really a conventionally girly spree. I went on an organic/fairly traded/healthy spree, which has resulted in lots of Green and Blacks, Olives and Body shop goodies. Dull, I know, for you, but I feel all cosy and chocolate filled inside!

Congrats and damn you shake fist here to all those lucky third years who have finished their exams.

Week nine.

I have to wait till WEEK NINE!!!

oh well.

*SPANDEX, TOMORROW!! POWER BALLARDS!!* you know it makes sense.

April 20, 2005

Veins of Glass

Anyone know where that song title is from? I do!

More important is*COME TO SPANDEX ON SATURDAY!!!!* it will feature me, post work, with nothing on Sunday so able to drink whatever I please, dressed in an outfit probably prescribed by others and getting down to Pure Power Ballards. Everyone should be there. Not to mention the Air Guitar contest.

And also, Dan Lawrence, you were in my dream last night. You lived just round the corner from me and we hung out, but your house flooded. You were stil awesome though. So was your hair. I take this as an omen that you should come to Spandex so when your house floods you are safely absent from it.*

Anyway, I missed two days, so sue me.

Monday was fun. Hectic, but fun, and everyone who works there is lovely, so yay for working!

Have handed in the dreaded science assignment, and yesterday went to the gym, two Bandsoc meetings, and T'ai Chi (oh how I've missed it! I felt sooo much better after going!) and was so tired I thought, I know, I won't work, I'll go straight to bed because obviously I'm about to sleep really well!

I was wrong, so tonight I'm going to work and read and all sorts until I pass out, in the hope that I will feel better by 7am tomorrow.

Somehow, even though I was all keen to contribute and help I programmed myself to believe the Bandsoc meeting was 2:30, which it wasn't, and hasn't been for ages, so I missed it, damndamndamn, but went to the meeting with Rootes Hospitality's Ents guy, which was productive, so it was ok. Sort of.

So there you go, dullest entry ever, but it's the truth!!

That is all.

*the order of this Blog was changed when I realised the last 2 paragraphs were much more interesting than what preceeded them.

April 17, 2005

Life is Grand!

Woohoo! I've been employed! In a place I enjoy and in hours that are ideal!! I shall now be pulling pints and shooting shots in the Jug and Jester! The manageress is lovely, and they gave me free tea during my interview! Just shows what being assertive can do!

(thanks Carrie for waiting around for me, too, even though you had to read a random paper, and put up with me squealing on the way home!)

Also IMPORTANT: Come to the Robin's Well today for all afternoon Punk including Snarf Takes up the Challenge and Brutal Justice, and a guy who thinks he's from the 18th century and sings about going to Eton, apparently!

Doors at 4, £4 to get in, 9 bands in total.

See you there.

Although hopefully Jeremy won't be there…

April 16, 2005

An entry about Sam

Sam is a mystery man,
With well tailored seams,
Who steals like a phantom
Into my already freaky dreams.

I've seen him drowning kittens,
or juggling with mice,
He's been made of clay and boogers,
and once came served with rice!

His beard is rather pointy,
which caused psychological bother,
But I shan't claim to be properly scarred,
Because I haven't met his mother!

(This awful verse just goes to show how little I truely know about Sam!)

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