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March 30, 2006

Somewhat dazed…

I'd love to write a review of last nights gig, which was;

Pagan's Mind

(with support from)

PowerQuest and
Replica X

Only I think working the whole day before hand and being exposed to so much prog/cheese/metal/hair in such a short space of time actually blew part of my mind away…

Replica X were ace, although the stage was a little more restrictive than they're used to, and the new song scares me more than the circus-like breakdown in "half an hour in heaven" really does…

PowerQuest, though I'm sure they're lovely, lovely people had a pretty poor mix in my opinion, cos I couldn't hear their synths at all and it was just noise fronted by an 80's surfer.

Pagan's Mind were awesome, not purely because of their behemoth of a drum kit, with the album cover on the skins that made me glad I don't take acid! The lead singer was pretty scary, the keyboard player was crazy, but they were all enjoying themselves sooooo much and their fans are also awesome!

Ah, so I do have some memory…good thing it wasn't washed away by all the rain that fell on us on the way home!

Also good news, I have a new bed! it is all level and stuff, so now I'm going to go put the matress back on and try and get things all nice and livable again! Hopefully before the girls come and want their rooms back….then again that will be in 3 weeks…

March 29, 2006

If The Streets did Willow…


"You're fit (but Meegosh, don't you know it)

March 28, 2006

Race for Life

I shoulda written about this sooner, but here's the scoop;

My housemates have gotten me into doing something for other people (for once!) and I'm doing the Breast Cancer Research Race for Life in a couple of months in Cov. The whole point is obviously for us to raise as much cash as poss for this most awesome of charities, so if anyone feels inclined to pop by


and sponser us, (Us being housemates Jo and Carrie, coursemate Laura and Jo's coursemate Jess) that's be awesome!

I even went out for a brief jog/walk this morning-this really is gonna be a challenge! But my Nana suffered from Breast Cancer for several months, and it was from treatment formulated by such research that she recovered for a while, and if I can do my little bit to help fight a horrible desease, I think it's about time I did!

March 27, 2006

Leamngton Ho!

Am back in the Leaming Town…

Have to go to Abandon to give Jonny names and get the date of the Bandsoc Take-over…Abandsoc?

anyway…gotta go…

March 26, 2006

Take two!

My lovely Mummy bought my "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" for Easter, but cos it was too wet to go out for the mothers day walk we planned she asked to watch it today instead! Awesome-I was gonna be a good girl and save it, too!

ANYWAY, did we ever get around to properly discussing the plot holes?

I realised again how abrupt the ending is, and how annoyed I am at the laziness of scriptwriters!

I mean, the ritual poem and end-of-term speech were already there in the book-why not use them?!

There is a huge problem with Snape and Sirius not meeting and making up, but this may be resolved as apparently Gary Oldman has said he won't do the next one. Usually I would get annoyed, like did at Christopher "I don't wanna be type cast as the greatest sci-fi character of all time" Eccleston, but as his screen time was so brutally cut in 4 I don't blame him! Although if their previous knack for replacing actors is anything to go by I don't hold out much hope!

Also, there's gonna have to be a lot of explaination as to why no one believes Dumbledore-we weren't informed of a certain kiss, were we!

Ah well, I don't want to critise overly, cos it really is an acely done film, and I love it! I expect tomorrow will be spent checkin' ye olde (or newe!) deleted scenes, although the last few discs haven't offered much in that dept :(

On another, unrelated topic I'm heading back to Leam tomorrow! currently know of three days I'm working, well one day and 2 nights, and of course I must work on the essays and project due in 3 weeks! huzzah!

I need incentives…

March 25, 2006

Oooh…big shiney world…

As some of you know, I've been trying to formulate an exciting plan for this summer, cos I'll be damned if I'm getting another boring-as factory job for three months! oh no, friends, those days are over.

The initial plan was to go do some in-school observation and participation in India, then volunteer in Thailand for a couple of weeks.

Well, the schools aren't getting back to me, even though apparently the representative from the institute was going to see one of them this holiday and speak to her for me…This may still happen, and that inittial plan may still go ahead…

However, being ignored has caused me to formulate a more selfish plan…that and looking up the destination of a book I've just finished reading, "geisha of Gion", it's supposed to be more realistic than "memoirs of a Geisha", and this woman was supposedly the best Geiko (adult, qualified Geisha) so far, Iwasaki Mineko. All the talk of Kimono, dancing and the changing state of the Gion Kobu where it all took place put it in my head that the Kyoto region would be a marvellous place to go, and I'd always had an incling of rounding up my travels in Tokyo, so why not 2 destinations in Japan?

This lead onto, why not start there instead, and come down south through China, then Laos/Vietnam and finish in Thailand? And if it's no cheaper/easier to get a just-inside-Asia plane ticket, I might just extend it to New Zealand and Oz too-whistle-stop, I know, but having visited Europe a few years ago I know how much you can see in a day, and the advantages of over-night travel.

This is all still very planning-stages, but I've gotten all enthused now, and if I keep telling people what I'm up to I'll be even more inclined to fulfill what I claimed I could do!

And of course, I have the wonderful, knowledgable Miss Emma Dovener to prod and question over the why's and wherefores of the whole thing, as she did a similar trip a couple of years ago!

I am researching a lot of the comings and goings of the region on Forbidden Planet-weather and tourist season wise august and definately September are cheap times to go, even if I will get a bit warm, and politically it seems my brother's trip to Paris next week will be more dangerous!

I shouldn't joke about that, but I'm sure he'll be fine.

Ah, the infamous college music residential…:-S

Just watch out for the balconies, that's all I can say!

March 24, 2006

Revival of the Blogden…

OK, I've decided that seeing as this blog is all you'll see of me for most of the next 3 months, I'd better revive it!

And what more colourful and happy way to do this than to say "Wow, I'd forgotten how awesome the first Sailor Moon book is!"
Ok, I'm not allowed to upload the image it seems, but it is very coloufuk and happy!

Book one is fast paced, with very quick intro's to the main character, Tsukino Usagi, called Serena in the English version (or "Bunny", of course!) her family and friends and Luna, which is where the story really starts!

In the next 4 chapters there's cuteness, action and romance as three more Sailor Scouts are revealed and they have to go a masquarade ball to investigste the mysterious Princess D-*WARNING SPOILER" it's a totally ace episode as Bunny tries champagne by mistake and gets tipsy (bless her) and dozes off after the stress of battle-the even more mysterious (but not really!) hero Tuxedo Mask catches her and pops her on a pillow on the balcony and sigh kisses her, before Luna asks whether he's an enemy or not, and he says he doesn't know, and runs off!

Alot can happen in half an hour!

So yeah, I really haven't changed much…although now I can look at the comic with more appreciation, not just because it's one of the best storylines ever, but because Takeuchi Naoko has a very singular drawing style, which I'm hoping will knock out some of my own rigidity; it's even more exaggerated than most artists I've watched (expecially anime, and especially "Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex, some of that is just too realistic!) Takeuchi's limbs and fingers are all exaggerated, but the bodies are rarely stretched, breasts are always in proportion and although similar distortion applies to the men they don't have the weird, angular stances that those in "Seraphic Feather" seem to spend most of their time in. To be honest I'm surprised that most of my stuff is as "normal" looking as it is, considering the only manga I read for a couple of years, ingnoring the odd compilation I'd pick up in Brighton was "Sailor Moon"!

And saying that, I'm still missing "Sailor Moon SuperS 4"-Darien and Serena could be falling through space forever :(

so YAY! COmics are ace, and the Blog is BACK! I'll try and get "My Imaginary Life" back up and running when I return to Leam next week-I was gonna try and use Photoshop to enhance it, but I can't seem to use the damn thing at all :(

Ah well…where's book 3…

March 08, 2006

Battle of the Bands FINAL II!!!

Follow-up to Battle of the Bands FINAL!!! from Claire Blogden

Wow, last night was awesome! I was excited as a bagful of puppies who were just rescued by a benevolent passer-by from being thrown into a lake by their cruel owner from the minute I stepped into the Marketplace, and as that was 5pm, waiting was not fun!

I did get to oversee the draw though, for the final time sniff and you saw the results of that below. Here comes my very personal review of the night, ending with the actual result, so if you can't be arsed to hear me ramble, you know how to scroll!

Opening were Replica X, and though first is always a tough spot they didn't let it shake them and went all out with their performance, although because of the emmense lighting rig TSG had advised no repeats of last years insane moniter-climbing action. Charles did it anyway, but sans bass, bless 'im. A good choice of songs, although I hope next time I see them "Heavy Metal Ninja" will return-it has been gone too long! Ollie was all over the stage like bird-flu on chicken nuggets and I think the energy they created had a brilliant effect of getting the crowd ready for the night ahead…

They were followed by Eigth Day Descent, whose name I spelt wrong on the running order. Sorry chaps. As in their heat these guys radiated sheer enjoyment as they rocked their socks off-I even heard some of the lyrics today, which was ace! Dan's hair looked fantastic, and tonight proved beyond a doubt that Chaz is the most awesome drummer ever!! + mosh pit,= exxxcellent!

Third were The Carter Manoeuvre, who I love as we know, but tonight I fell in love all over again! THe new song which started with the accordian was so haunting and them it just grabs you and whisks you away and the harmonies were gorgeous! I think it's great that Dan has done his best not to just join the band but to add his own ideas, and everyone should own an EP!

Next were A Day Remains, who I thought played the best set I've heard in ages-the harmonies really came over today and there was definate energy-Toby was jumping even before the music kicked in! I'm loving the new tunes and think its a shame that more people can't see where this band are coming from-they're so dark sometimes it's unreal and I'm looking forward to hearing even more of them next year!

Now to the Indie! the So You Claim's wear laid back as always, with veeery catchy tunes and Rich has a lovely stage presence-I was trying to find Pablo at this point so I heard them more than saw them but what I did hear was just so cute, bouncy and yet not too chipper, very fun stuff.

Rounding the night off were The Rrrs, with the awesome Sharliza on vocals-what an outfit, what an entrance! what a super-poppy opener, and yet other tracks still retain their definate Radiohead influences. Again, I think this band don't get the credit they deserve, especially from some people who value technicality over enjoyability-the crowd were dancing their hardest all night, and 80% of them were girls! the band work really well together, look like they're having a lot of fun and I hope they bloody well keep doing it!

So, the Final result was, Third; Eighth Day Descent, 2nd; Replica X and 1st The Carter Manoeuvre, which I think was well deserved as they have worked hard and developed so much over the last two years. And I love them.

So, that's it for BotB 2006! The interesting thing is a few of the "big names" are moving on next year, but I'm not! Keep watching this space and I will keep you posted!

March 07, 2006

Battle of the Bands FINAL!!!

Dudes, I know I have been gone forever, and have a lot to tell you all, but most important is that tonight is the BATTLE OF THE BANDS FINAL 2006! The running order is drawn and is as follows;

1-Replica X
2-Eighth Day Decent
3- The Carter Manoeuvre
4-A Day Remains
5- So You Claim's
6- The Rrrs

It's an ecclctic and awesome line-up, and as well as music we have prize draws and Jack Daniels have sponsered us with a "buy two shots of JD and mixer and get a free glass" promo!

It's only £3 to bandsoc members, £4 non- and for this much entertainment, and the chance to buy this years exec a drink before we bow out gracefully tomorrow, it's a bargain! come on down!!

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