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February 26, 2007


I don’t know why all my page titles have to be accompanied by a sound effect…


Well, here’s the first EVER copic grey-toned page! I hope you can see some difference…mostly the tones are cleaner than when they’re done with pencil and it’s actually a lot quicker!

This is the first more growed-up page for a while too. While this comic is set in a Y10 group we mustn’t forget that that is when puberty strikes and strikes hard (in some teenagers it’s way before that!) so although this is still not and never will be hentai (as someone suggested right back at the start…maybe cos she was in bed or somehing…) certain more grown up (I’m loath to write “adult” for obvious reasons!) themes are going to be explored.

On a lighter note, things will soon get even more fantastic as well, so don’t be too concerned!

Four days left of practice…

Thanks to everyone who’s been voting too, by te way, as we can see with your help and my growing audience on Drunk Duck I’m back inside the TWC top 400! whoop! Much love, people, much love! xxx

February 20, 2007


OK, am trying to plan but just had to blog…


This was the very last of my Christmas monies and they were origonally ordered from America (who then said they couldn’t send them) months ago…so I went through Artifolk again, on route discovering there is a stockist in Portsmouth and I never knew! There’s one in Leicester too (road trip, anyone?!)

So, here’s what I got;

Toner grey 1,3 and 5(T1,T3,T5)-possibly the most exciting as along with Toner 7 it means all strips will now be shaded in Copic awesome, not HB pencil!!

E13, Light Suntan-or boy-skin
E29, Burnt Umber-or “D” hair…not much different from Christine hair but Redwood isn’t available over here yet :-(
R29, Lipstick Red-self explanatory!
G05, Emerald Green-or AJY’s eyes
YR16, Apricot
YR 18, Sanguine-I know there’s a reason for the oranges…I know there is…
B39, Prussian Blue-cos I needed a dark blue!

So yes, that brings the current total to 24, which in English terms is over £80 of marker! ’_’ (of course, the first 12 were cheaper cos of where I was when I got them XD)

All this means is that the next cover (when I decide what it will be) will be even more awesome! As will all subsequent colour-works!

Dave has already witnessed the glory, and so will you, on Monday hopefully! Just let me get my observation outta the way first…

February 19, 2007

Oooh inverted!!


Yay it all makes sense now! No? oh well!

Dedicated to Casper who is such a fan he asked if it was ready last night and so has already seen it!

Gah, you know I almost got some awesome PAID supply work today, but it was snatched from my grasp! No hard feelings to the school, this way’s better for them but…sob all the same!

So, who’s living in Cov/ish/sort of next year? My housemates are keeping their options open as to where they go when this merry lark of a degree is over, so I may be looking for new people with which to live…I just don’t know…anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I must plan…

EDIT; also, I must update incentives! We’re going back to the “Influences” stuff, which this week is “Other Artists”! I am greatly influenced (as you can see by a certain character in C4!) by Naoko Tekeuchi and of course her work “Sailor Moon”. So this wek there is a big fan art from the cover of the SailorMoonS ova and a doodle including a rather cross looking Ms Tsukino and the image of her as the Moon Princess doing some cool, magicy, save-the world type stuff…

February 16, 2007


That’s right, chaps, BONUS UPDATE!!


Aw, you gotta love how I post the most seasonally inappropriate…then again depending how wednesday went for you I guess you might like it!

Starting Monday on the Drunk Duck site will be chapter 4; Release. There will be a redux near the end, but I highlight it because it’s funny how these two chapters have ended up running together; that one will really help you understand this one, although I think the revelation here will come before the “oh yeah, I remember that” moment there. There’s always the archive!

So incase anyone’s curious, here’s my to-do list for the rest of the day;

in a minute; go to put washing in driers
11:30 meeting on campus
Also need to; do some work on the dissertation I haven’t touched for a couple of weeks
plan next Thursday’s awesome final-link-tutor-observed-lesson-ever
come up with some other ideas for the volcano topic
revise the script I’m submitting to Freshblood
sort RPD
finish application form for Cov tecahing pool and send
15:30 (hopefully) leave for gig at Lock, Dock and Barrel featuring Hot Magenta, The Young and the Damned, the Rrrs, Jaffa Rose, the Human Circus and to top it all off The Carter Manouevre!

Not too much then…

February 14, 2007

Yep, happy consumerist holiday!

Argh, gotta be at work in 5 minutes!

OK, so yeah, Hearts and Flowers people! Your Valentine’s presents are under the incentive buttons! (hey, you give a little, you get a little!) The Buzz vote is Anna, who some of you who pop by DeviantArt will already have seen, but TWC is D, and yep, it’s special!

Sorry the pages aren’t quite as romantic…it’s only gonna get worse…(evil laugh…)

February 12, 2007



EDIT much better! also made improved the dialogue in the bottom section so it makes sense! well, a little bit more sense anyway…

February 06, 2007

Woo! updated!

Yes, the incentives are updated! They are two more of the “Romantic” series, buzz contains AJY and TWC Christine!

They’re supposed to be a little insightful/hint giving about the characters too, but I wonder if anyone’ll notice…

Click to see! (please?!)

February 05, 2007

With minutes to spare…



OK, so I make you wait two weeks for…another set-up page! heh, sorry guys, but it’ll be worth it! It’s all about to get really weird and an event which has been teased at since chapter 1 is actually gonna happen! But you’ll never guess to who…

Have to say I like the end frame on this. As you will see from the incentives I’ve ben spending a bit of time with my girls lately and it shows, I think…now it’s only fair I go and spend just as much time exploring the romantic-image possibilities of my boys too, don’t you think?!

I’m gonna try for some bonuses and will update vote incentives tomorrow, but now I kinda need bed…Yay for PPA tomorrow!

BTW, this one is for BJ who got me 3 new 0.38 pens from Muji this week! BJ, yu’re keeping the comis alive!

February 03, 2007

Progress report!

Thanks Holly, I’m gonna try and start on the next page in just a sec…if you’d like to see the other thingy go here;

That’s the finished quarter of it, anyway, there’ll be another one posted during the week and one has ended up quite appropriate for next Tuesday, possibly…

Tis another Acoustic BotB tonight; the Vertical Virgins didn’t make it through but we had a lot of fun! We’re gonna keep on going and hopefully gig soon, so watch this space! So yeah, comic…right…

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