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February 28, 2005

Teaching, Day 14

Ok, I've had enough for tonight. I've tweaked my to-be-assessed lessons, found as many resourses as I can stand and planned my RE on an Icon of St George. I have to bad mouth Dragons to Y4, impressionable children!

I might just go get some of Casper's extreme Dragonforce meeetaaaal and say the Dragon is the force for good, while the hunting, slaying alpha-male isn't! and then fail my course…hm.

Also, why has no-one campaigned against shrinking creme eggs?! We all know it's happening-they can't reasonably up the price anymore, so they're shrinking the eggs. But why has no-one done anything about it?!

Apathy. Bugger.

February 26, 2005

Missing Blog entry.

Dear Sir,

Can Claire please be excused from yesterday's Blog entry as she was too busy getting merry at the Real Ale festival to attend.

Can she also be excused from writing anything worthwhile today, as she is already late for the Interloper/Snarf/Moz's band gig at Kelsy's, and really needs to get her patent cherry red Doc's on and get outta here.

She will try to work harder and produce something origonal/funny/artsy tomorrow.

You's faithfully,

The part of Claire which is still sane.

February 24, 2005

Slybob, they play the accoustic rock music!

Last minute blog!!

Just got back from seeing the awsome Slybob in Bubbles, it was a wonderful night of chilled-rock, and I loved it!

If you havn't seen/heard them yet (and unless you're a Warwick first year, that's kinda difficult!) I suggest you check them out here

I hope that's right!

Goodnight once more, everyone.

(Full moon in Virgo; where could you refine your life?)

February 23, 2005

Teaching, Day 13

Today was a good teaching day.

Although I discovered that you can either have the work organised or the children organised, not both.

I didn't want to miss a day. But I really want to go to bed!


Raspberries-just think of those.

February 22, 2005

Teaching, Day 12

My Gods, what a lot of work!

ThinkTank was pretty cool, the children basically ran off and took care of themslves for the day! Although I've seen enough internal organs/eaten enough MealWorms for the week, thankyou.

Due to my chatty planning style and ambitious topic plan I've had a lot of paperwork to do, and my dream of having everything done tonight is not gonna come true. Still, tomorrow night's free.

I even STOPPED conversations on MSN tonight, that's how damn dedicated I'm becoming! (plus I want to see Slybob and…someone else on Thursday night and can't go out if science isn't ready!)

BIG-UP to Leni for winning her accoustic BotB heat, yay, you go, girl!

Now I have to have a shower,(at last!) then go to the Bandsoc forum and Interloper website, cos I said I would. And you should too. Now it's gone 21:00, go to bed!!!

February 21, 2005

Teaching, Day 11…I think…

Ah, back to the grind! It was a good day, I only had to take numeracy which after a few tweaks and a mistake a KNOW was pretty bad (if you're doing a quick activity make sure you know the answer before asking a child '_') it was good, I think they understood, they did the work, although I've gotta focus on pushing the kids who're just being lazy!

Then I observed English and pottered about helping and organising my life, although mostly in my head which we all know doesn't count, it's gotta be on paper! Miss Ward now has my lesson plans for this week (minus the ICT I devised today and the maths for friday which I think is too hard) so tomorrow morning could be good/evil morning of death. I did try the slightly-psychotic, boundless optimism approach today, and although I don't think anyone noticed especially I felt a lot better living like it!

Maybe it was cause I knew I was going out tonight…anyway, can't possibly talk about it, if it's too late to be out it's too late for blogging! (but not playing guitar…)

Oh, extra bonus, FIELD TRIP TOMORROW!!! to the ThinkTank in Birmingham. Extra responsibility but no lesson plans! :D

Life is awesome.

February 20, 2005

Tales from the Scarred Lands, the battle that was.

After spending a few weeks rambling around the Kia countryside and coming across a few colourful characters, including a man worshipping Syran, as the Ultimate God, who ever heard of such a thing? I retreated to the comfort and safety of The Tavern, the unofficial guild house of Adventurers. Good job, too, things have turned really nasty outside...

Tonight I was joined by the ever-excited Sparky the Fire Mage, Amber, a Druid who seems sort of in control of the party, Paprika and her friend who's name again excapes me, a brooding Mage with a cross bow and a wide-eyed girl in black, who refered to herself as merely Annie, and hardly touched a drop of food or mead all night.

Most of the tale was told by Sparky, as he rarely lets others get a word in edgeways, but I'll try to relate it without his idiosyncracies.

The Armies of Kia were feared to be under the control of the strange blue-headed beasts, as they were known to be heading towards the city, walking in a strange way and taking out all the villages in their wake. I too had heard the crazed shouts in the streets raised by those who had made to Bruthard alive, if not completely sane.

The afformentioned company were sent out by a noblman of the city, as were a hundred others to lead stragling bands of still-competant soldiers to crush the rallying army as it threatened the city. They tracked for miles through the forest, coming upon bandits before anyone else, bandits carrying weaponary rather too fine for their standing in life. They having no pride or honour even gloated about the soldiers whose dead bodies they had stripped the items from. They allowed the party to pass, only to attack from behind, but were swiftly dispatched by the swordsmen and women of the party.

As Sparky meditated, Amber and Annie interviewed a lone man who was wimpering about the blood and destruction behind him, who then turned quite beast-like before their eyes, but slow enough to do no damage when he lashed out. The party followed where he had come from, to come across goblins and a large variety of beasts, including one with a cloaked figure, which can only be assumed to be a blue-face in their midst, speaking through a human at the might of "The Beast"

A pair of goblins gave the party their second message of the day, apparently Goblins are going to rule the Scarred Lands courtesy of their temple, so says their "Big Goblin". Where this temple may be and how dangerous it is is yet to be determined.

The party encountered more soldiers driven insane by the carnage amid worrying claims that the battle was already over.

In a clearing, dazed and confused the party were set upon by a large pack of beasts, and even the Mages pin-point archery wasn't enough to save them. No sooner were Sparky and Paprika's friend sprawled on the floor bleeding another pack of monsters swamped the remaining party, leaving but Amber and Paprika standing with Annie staunching her own wound thanks to her impressive pain threshold.

These three females then witnessed the appearance of the Lady Akam, in the guise of a vengeful, painted male who told them the death of the soldiers (the numbers of which now reach into the 1000's) was punishment for a travesty on Her forest temple a year ago which is now infected by the souls of many including one evil soul in a crystal artifact, which many of the party seem keen on finding and destroying. That seems like the best idea to me, too!

Only half the men who left to fight today returned. Their clothes are blood-stained and their eyes seem wider than possibly, their skin white, some seem like they may never leave the city again. But if someone doesn't soon, we may all be devoured by the evil creatures that bay at our gates.

The adventure continues, who will live to see it end?

Arklyn Lynks

February 19, 2005

Awesome Ani–males…what number are we on now?

This is one of the dudes I was gonna put up on V$%^&"*(£ day, but got side-tracked by self pity…

This is Hotohori from my current favourite Manga, "Fushigi Yuugi; the mysterious play" by Yu Watase. He's the Emperer of Hong Nan in an imaginary version of Ancient China, even thought he's only 18.

He is chivilrous and does his duty to his country, although he is very vain and only does his duty up until Miaka (the leading lady) is in dire trouble then he runs to help her.

Unfortunately he hasn't got a chance because she's in love Tamahome, a money-hungry boy from the country.

Both these men are Celestial Warriors of Suzaku-Miaka is from our world but there she becomes the priestess of Suzaku, charged with collectig all seven (cute male) warriors to summon the Goddess and save the country, as well as getting a wish for herself.

And that's all I'll tell you for now! I don't want to spoil the story!

February 18, 2005

Battle of the Bands, the Heat of Death!

It started with a pint of Old Rosie, and we knew it would get worse…

Last night I took my brother to see some of Warwicks highly talented and drink some of our fabulous ale by way of education. it was much fun, and I ssall detail the events presently;

Before the first band began I was on my third pint of the cloudy stuff, and baring in mind how much I haven't been drinking lately, when did I think this was a good plan?! (most of the night, to be fair...) I must have introduced James (sibling) to dozens of people who he may never see again but I think he managed some conversation with a few of them between bands, I know I did I saw people I havn't seen for weeks, I was elated! Still need to have an Actual conversation with Charles at some point, he's always so bloody busy!

Anyway, congratualtions to Stef for his solo effort, it got quite euphoric I thought, it'd be great if he continues with it, I'd love to see what he's capable of.

Great to finally hear "Code of Energy" and "The Standoff", they were wicked,"Code.." were slightly scary at times, their vocalist was really going for it! and "The Standoff" were rocking, really enjoyed it. A justified third.

Next were "A Day Remains", previously "Balloon Burning" although here is one of the hazier moments of the night, I seem to remember them not sounding as good as I had previously heard, and we had another conversation about how the bassist was actually very good as well as female, then about how you never realise how many females are in the society/in bands until the Battle brings them out of hiding.

I had edged forward by this point to be in optimum position for "Snarf…" who did indeed take up the challenge as did I, managing to bounce, play the Viking drinking game and not fall over in my patent black heels. I was very happy with this. Liked the addition of Werewolves, guys.

Here I realise it's all Olly's fault. He had the Orb of Viking Love (/Pablo's glow sticks), which was fine, it was probably safe in his hands as he is a warrior for the Good and Righteous. It also had one of my braclets on which had been used to attach it to Ed's hair.

Olly then threw the orb to the audience. So, after the set I had to set out on a quest for the Orb, for which I recruited Rich and we traversed Zippy's drunkenly asking people if they had or had seen the orb. I think we managed to asemble a search party of three dwarves, two elves and three humans, the only one of which I can remember is Olly, he probably joined the search out of guilt.

Then it was Ryobi's turn to entertain the tavern, who were quite merry by this point and needed appeasing. Throwing knives had been brandished.

I remember they rocked, because I had my urge to dance, but then I wandered off for a bit. When we returned, we not only learned that "A Day Remains" had made it to the final and "Snarf takes up the challenge" into the runners-up heat (buggerit) but that the Orb had been destroyed by Orcs bearing the white "V" of the wizard in University tower, but my worthless bangle was absolutly fine, and was duely returned to me by Olly, so the circle was completed, and peace returned once more.

Cleaning up was swift and the wonderful James E gave us a ride home (thankyou James!)

I'm not publishing any explicit details, and I would like the bandsoc exec to STOP grinning, I'm appalled by your behaviour, you shall all have to see the head master.

And Casper is being suspended for lowering the tone via text. I'm sure you can all guess what that refferenced.

I had a fabulous time, in many ways, congrats go out as always to the bands and organisers for pulling it all off so well.

February 16, 2005

NIGHTWISH!!! (you knew it was coming!)

Ah, what a wickedcool night of beautiful melodic-metalness!

Against all my best efforts I have indeed forgotten the name of the support band, but they were marvellous-from Norway, and with three vocalists and the guitarist pitching in on vocals every so often to! They were very theatrical, which is what we like to see, and to the comment of "I would" in reference to the lead singer, Rocksoc's Roy said, "So would most of the audience", and I think this is true. Her voice when she spoke sent shivers down your spine, let alone when she sang! It was nice to see they had quite a following as well, and they really did suit the slot, being more shouty/growly, less orchestral/synth orientated than Nightwish, it was similar but not too the same.

Nightwish themselves played an awesome set, opening (somewhat predictably) with "Dark chest of Wonders" from Once and comcentrating mostly on their most recent album, cutting in a few classics, "Come cover me" being my favourite of these. Dissappointingly "Over the HIlls" was not to be heard, but they did perform "Phantom of the Opera", and the guys covered a Pink Floydd track which worked pretty well, although I'm not as familiar with my 'Floydd as I should be :(

Tarja changed outfits more than ever tonight, the final one expeosing quite a bit but still looking pretty classy…not a dry….yes…

There was a nice dynamic change when the whole band left Tarja with a backing track to perform the Finnish track from Once, it was so pretty!
Ace encore as well, though personally I would have put "I wish I had an Angel" second and finished on "Ghost Love Score"

Crowd ettiqutte was a bit lacking, and although it was nice to see a wide range of ages (about 7–70, I'm not kidding) rocking out, there was a distinct lack of actual all-out Goths. What is happening?! I'm gonna have to find a more under-ground scene I think! or something…

Oh yeah, and I had about half my hair cut off yesterday!

Overal, it rocked, lets go again!

And thanks to Casper, James, Danny and the Rocksoc "Black hole" for letting me join them! xxx

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