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January 29, 2007


Yo guys, I’m afraid there won’t be a comic page today, as I was working on something else very pretty and MIL related instead, and too busy LARPing it up yesterday to get anything done; it was another epic and very tragic adventure; guerilla warfare, swarms of higher level beasts created by the insane Coven beast mistress, new demons which are built like brick shithouses and hit as hard as the bricks and our own dear Emilio deMacedon taken to the darkside to become “The Hunter”! The love of my characters life has had his mind broken for the forseeable leaving a citadel to be tended to and a 15 year old girl the only possible choice to take his place! Sure I can look after a citadel, with all my best friends insensible/demons/trapsing off into the demon realms of their own accord!

The Tales from the Scarred Lands are being crafted by myself and posted on Deviant Art, although obviously I haven’t got much time for that right now! Got one last band practice tonight before our heat tomorrow-8pm in the cooler folks! Vertical Virgins, that’s us! I’ll explain all on the night…

I’ll try and post a section of what I’m working on later, but for now, to school!

January 25, 2007

Ah, ventilation!

Chibi Bowdy2

I know it’s hard to read, but it’s catharthis, ok? not exactly planned! In case you’ve not seen one of these before (lets face it, there haven’t been many published!) This is my “Mini-me” series, of stupid things that happen. There was a great one of Chaz and Rob tlking over my attempts to get their attention that I so did NOT draw while at work…but I lost it…Here is my day. The bruise on my knee has gone down considerably, as has my angst. a Carrie-hug+food+chocolate cake+James Ellis+having finally marked those damn science books and I’m feeling much better!

Yeah, if you’re not already planning to go see The Carter Manouevre on Saturday in Bath Place, why the heck not?!?! I’ll be there!

It’s Friday tomorrow! Hurrah! Now…to bed…

January 23, 2007

All eventualities…


Appologies; appologies for this being late, appologies for the terrible thought bubble at the bottom-I promise that in half term I will once again tackle photoshop…(this image was rendered using word and paint!) and…yeah…GAH!

In other news, tomorrow it will be half-way-to-half-term! Let the teachers rejoice! Don’t get me wrong, it’s going well, but still, a few consecutive lie-ins would be nice! And an art day. Man, my side-views are so crummy cos after the art binge of the Christmas hols I just have not drawn, anything, really! One page a week…sob! only about 3 hours of art for every 168!! :( I’m totally gonna go make a piechart of my life…Don’t ask me why, but just now it seems like an entertaining idea! Oh no..waaaait…planning….

P.S., currently holding steady in the ol’ rating; around 400-410 on TWC and steady in the 340’s on buzz, thanks to everyone who’s been voting! Those who have since Sunday will notice new vote incentives! This weeks influence is the one, the only Daniel Parker (or was it “Parkinson”...we all just called him “Parker” anyway!) He is the man responsible for getting me into manga in college in the very first place! Many’s the time I borrowed his sketch pad to draw what, next to his were pretty damn awful mangas…buzz is the monumental chibi-sation of “That Group of Weirdos who Always Sit by the Door in the Cantine”, some of whom I’m still in contact with, and TWC is…well, yes…I certainly never wore that to college! Came close on occassion…or at “Subversion!!” Oh Gods…

Parker has, unfortunately faded from my social radar, but perhaps, as Haylian, Mara and Jonesy are regular holiday-catch-up-type-folks still he’ll pop up someday…his work lives on!

January 21, 2007

Heat the First

Yay! The first ABotB heat went really well, dispite TSG having to sort out about 6 different events at the same time, sickness and ferrets*

More info’s and the Judges Comments can be found here; just head into Bandchat and you’ll find all you need to know! The line-up changed slightly cos Ben was ill and Dryland swapped with Carter and Pink Widow just plain couldn’t make it but Jimmy Kent could!

See you tomorrow with a comic! (hopfully!)

Okay, maybe there were no ferrets

January 17, 2007

ABotB draw

Yo, UPDATE! here’s the order;

Heat one, Saturday 20th

Dry Land
James Conlon
Jack Hazeldine
Ben Maxwell
Pink Widow
Laura and Sam

Heat two, Saturday February 3rd

Sarah Hacking-Brian
Chris Carter
The Frolics
Young and the Damned
Bang Bang One Dollar
Jason Morgan

Heat three, Saturday February 17th

Lucy Ayrton
Roses Keal
Mulouk’s Jukebox
Jaffa Rose
Air Fugi

As for the main contest, we’ve been draw for heat one. I’m terrified, personally! Ah well, it’s all a bit of fun, right?!

Also, have my own gig this term, week 7 at Unplugged, be great to see you there!

See you Saturday first though, obv!

January 16, 2007


Thanks to the amazing George for this awesome piece of CSS wizardry, welcome to the true home of My Imaginary Life!!

January 15, 2007

Yay lessons!


Ah, rant-tastic!

Your ex leaves their phone behind only to recieve a text, what do you do?
-Read it and hope they never find out
-Read it and tell them what it says
See who it’s from; a girl oh noes!suspect the worst…a boy-phew! well, I guess…
-leave it well alone. How dare you even suggest such an underhand and dishonest action!

Also Featured this week; the ‘phone from the “coming soon” page-now you know whose it is!
Two of my not so great cameo’s-Great History Teacher Ms Cruise and pretty-student Clouds, in thanks for their awesome fanarts!

Big thanks also go to Sarah and Casper for their awesome presents, but as you’ve already had a cameo each I thought I’d let the others have a turn!

Now…need sleep…have flipchart and questions for numeracy and vague knowledge of suffixes…it’s all I need…....jr9328mvlre;jB

January 13, 2007

ABotB update…

Just thought I’d let everyone know there are only 6 spaces left in the contest, so if you want in just email me! Scroll down for rules and infos!

Also, if anyone is not busy tommorrow and wants to acknowledge the warrior (geek) within, the first LARPS game of term is tomorrow, meet in Union North at 12:30, k!

School is going well, might publish something on that when all these other things are done!!

January 10, 2007

A tribute to Wednesdays!


Yes, to celebrate it being mid-week (and my Word programme having a hissy fit :-( Have a page! In an ideal world the background of the top panel would be Christine’s timetable, but I’ve not yet figured how to put one image behind another cos I’m scared of paintshop pro…I have made it though, it took quite a while as I forgot they are in y10, so do options not all subjects! And the school day is now laid out a bit differently to how you have sort of been lead to believe…I’ll put it up somewhere soon…

Schools going well, as is ABotB sign up. More on both of those later!

January 08, 2007

Acoustic Battle of the Bands


Yeah, I decided planning was more iportant-the page is half done, look out for it later in the week! Have got a more important announcment though;

This year, because I basically told Bandsoc I’d do it and I work for Ents, I am once again organising the Acoustic Battle of the Bands (I’ll look for the logo later!!)

This year it will be held during Unplugged, with many thanks going to Darren and Ben Ashmore for allowing the hi-jacking! The dates will be;

Heat 1, Saturday 20th Jan (week 2)
Heat 2, Saturday 3rd Feb (week 4)
Heat 3, Saturday 17th Feb (week 6)

Final Saturday 10th March (week 9)

If you wish to enter, do so by email to me by weds next week (Jan 17th) unless it fills up before then. I’ll then go over to the Graduate bar somewhere around 6:30 to carry out the draw in front of a group of independant edudicators (erm…people I know…) to decide who is which heat.

The rules are as follows;

-This is an accoustic contest. The only instrument of not totally acoustic origin allowed is a keyboard but this must remain on “piano” setting.(The other option is I make you haul a mini-grand up the stairs!)

-Anyone can enter, either solo, duo or group acts; if you are usually an electrified band I’d ask you put some thought into your acoustic arrangements, don’t just play your normal stuff acoustically-I’ll give you the schpeel on why I say this later if you want, but last year saw some really inventive work but Replica X and Pink Spider as they adhired to this!

-You really ought to be a member of Bandsoc, but unless Chaz has changed his mind this is not compulsory in this contest.

-sets are 15 mins long in the heats and 20 minutes long if you make the final. Points will be deducted from professionalism for over running.

-There are 6 places in each heat (18 total). There will be a panel of 3 judges who will choose two people from each heat to compete in the final

I think that’s about it…I am post-school, so I may have forgotten something…please feel free to remind me…

So yeah, emails to the warwick address please!

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