July 19, 2006

Ghost in the shell;stand–alone complex

I've just finished watching the first Ghost in the shell; stand alone complex series, and ok, perhaps finishing after work (i.e. after midnight) was not the best idea, but I've gotta say, I'm totally confused!

I don't even think I really understand what the Stand Alone Complex is…it's something to do with being alone in a crowd, it's a mental condition, I think, and obviously the Laughing Man had it–is there a hint the the Major and/or the Chief suffer from it too?

This series is in stark contrast to Cowboy Bebop, which I watched last week. There is much more complex talk in Ghost, lots to take in about political standing, AI and Cybernetic technology that I think watching the subtitled version can be a real strain; though when there's a lot of talking there's not so much to see on screen anyway, the battles are usually backed with music.

I also preffered the animation style of the origonal film (with it's back–drops borrowed from Bladerunner!) and even the characters; most of them don't change from movie to series but they really go for the fan–service angle on the Major more; I mean, would you really stroll around in what appears to be an armoured leotard, only occassionally wearing trousers? The optic camoflauge works fine over the normal clothing of all other team members…her personality type is a lot sassier as well, almost as though she's supposed to behave like that because she's a woman. There is no sexual tension in ghost in the shell, it's far more intellectual; in the film the optic camoflauge required nudity and she was the only one advanced enough to have it (being the only member with a completely cybernetic body) but there was none of this flirting with poor Batou; it doesn't suit her!

Bless the little Tachikoma, though!

Major Kusanagi Motoko is, however, awesome!

Major Kusanagi

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