May 29, 2005

Tales from the Scarred Lands 9

So, the end is coming closer.

I followed a party of adventurers out of the Inn today, as their breakfast message summoned an undead right into the main room! Surprising wasn't the half of it.

They were following a trail to the Necromancer, a trail of Zombies and Spells. Once they had learnt their way through her trap the task became easy, although I know that Nathadras and the Pacifying Priest both saw her name and writhed in pain. I fear for the consequences of their actions.

Luthian was with us. Her skin is actually green, her ears clearly pointed and I'm sure she channeled something today, possibly even the Goddess herself.

Chloe, the coward Archer-sister of Nathadras tried to avoid the animated corpses as much as possible. She was particularly unnerved by the blood on the "Glyphs" which channeled magic around the woods. Poor woman, she isn't even a mage. Perhaps her brothers insanity is transferable...

The black-clad Mage of Pain, Dengra was there, although he didn't talk to me much I was constantly hearing him shout "pain! Is there Pain?" at the top of his voice. If it's inflicting or recieving, I think it's safe to say this Mage is obsessed.

The Barbarian Luxor, although his war paint is spectacular is probably going to be had up by the Eimian council, if the Blackies or Akam herself don't get him first. He was hacking trees left right and center thinking it would help stop the magic. I can sympathise slightly, I always felt quite a target on the plains, and I suppose he feels closed in in the Woods. He fought valiantly though, I just hope he doesn't clear too much forest before being allowed home.

So now I scrawl by fire light as I enjoy the, um, hospitality of the Gypsey folk. My cousins are quite sklled in arts that will hopefully defeat the Necromancer, and possibly the "Destroyer of Lives" himself.

I've said too much. I shall try and put some of these adventures into song to keep my spirits up. I fear it shall be a long night.

The Princess is in grave danger, ancient quarrels will be decided, the adventure continues. Who will live to see it end? If you find these papers, I did not.

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

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