February 20, 2005

Tales from the Scarred Lands, the battle that was.

After spending a few weeks rambling around the Kia countryside and coming across a few colourful characters, including a man worshipping Syran, as the Ultimate God, who ever heard of such a thing? I retreated to the comfort and safety of The Tavern, the unofficial guild house of Adventurers. Good job, too, things have turned really nasty outside...

Tonight I was joined by the ever-excited Sparky the Fire Mage, Amber, a Druid who seems sort of in control of the party, Paprika and her friend who's name again excapes me, a brooding Mage with a cross bow and a wide-eyed girl in black, who refered to herself as merely Annie, and hardly touched a drop of food or mead all night.

Most of the tale was told by Sparky, as he rarely lets others get a word in edgeways, but I'll try to relate it without his idiosyncracies.

The Armies of Kia were feared to be under the control of the strange blue-headed beasts, as they were known to be heading towards the city, walking in a strange way and taking out all the villages in their wake. I too had heard the crazed shouts in the streets raised by those who had made to Bruthard alive, if not completely sane.

The afformentioned company were sent out by a noblman of the city, as were a hundred others to lead stragling bands of still-competant soldiers to crush the rallying army as it threatened the city. They tracked for miles through the forest, coming upon bandits before anyone else, bandits carrying weaponary rather too fine for their standing in life. They having no pride or honour even gloated about the soldiers whose dead bodies they had stripped the items from. They allowed the party to pass, only to attack from behind, but were swiftly dispatched by the swordsmen and women of the party.

As Sparky meditated, Amber and Annie interviewed a lone man who was wimpering about the blood and destruction behind him, who then turned quite beast-like before their eyes, but slow enough to do no damage when he lashed out. The party followed where he had come from, to come across goblins and a large variety of beasts, including one with a cloaked figure, which can only be assumed to be a blue-face in their midst, speaking through a human at the might of "The Beast"

A pair of goblins gave the party their second message of the day, apparently Goblins are going to rule the Scarred Lands courtesy of their temple, so says their "Big Goblin". Where this temple may be and how dangerous it is is yet to be determined.

The party encountered more soldiers driven insane by the carnage amid worrying claims that the battle was already over.

In a clearing, dazed and confused the party were set upon by a large pack of beasts, and even the Mages pin-point archery wasn't enough to save them. No sooner were Sparky and Paprika's friend sprawled on the floor bleeding another pack of monsters swamped the remaining party, leaving but Amber and Paprika standing with Annie staunching her own wound thanks to her impressive pain threshold.

These three females then witnessed the appearance of the Lady Akam, in the guise of a vengeful, painted male who told them the death of the soldiers (the numbers of which now reach into the 1000's) was punishment for a travesty on Her forest temple a year ago which is now infected by the souls of many including one evil soul in a crystal artifact, which many of the party seem keen on finding and destroying. That seems like the best idea to me, too!

Only half the men who left to fight today returned. Their clothes are blood-stained and their eyes seem wider than possibly, their skin white, some seem like they may never leave the city again. But if someone doesn't soon, we may all be devoured by the evil creatures that bay at our gates.

The adventure continues, who will live to see it end?

Arklyn Lynks

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