July 17, 2006

Catching up

OK, I get it, I give in. No more pleas for reactions, I'll just put the pages up, even if only Casper reads them! (come on, Keenspace!!!)

I've put even more effort in this week, as I've sorted the gallery so all the pages (bar one mysteriously missing from the proglogue) are in story order! So, if anyone is new to the comic or has been confused, now it's easy access, baby!

I answer to Casper's question, Christine has never been a pirate. Check back to Chapter 3 and it shall aaall make sense. Possibly.

Speaking of three…


In other news, Pirates of the Carribean 2 is ace! it's really funny, and Orlando Bloom has dried up a bit (ie he's not such a wet blanket anymore!) So go see it!

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  1. If you stop I'll come after you with a stick, like that woman in Misery... Sorry, I mean please continue.

    17 Jul 2006, 22:16

  2. Casper

    If the guy on the right in the final frame of the third page is who I think he is then I love you and will do your bidding from this day forth!

    What does it say by his leg though?

    18 Jul 2006, 13:00

  3. Casper

    Ah, upper 6th, never mind.

    18 Jul 2006, 14:41

  4. Casper

    Not wishing to take over the blog with comments but since you wanted reaction here you go dude.

    I can't believe Carwyn is such a sleaze! I had him down to be this monolithic upstanding hero of a guy but no! On only his second day back he's hitting on his ex's best friend after blatantly showing signs that he still has a thing for Chrissie.

    It's all starting to heat up!

    19 Jul 2006, 09:42

  5. YAY! see, that's what I'm talking about! I want to know what people think of the story line or of the artwork or anything!

    And Holly, as I have an inate fear of big sticks I shall continue!

    I've finished chapter 6, so as 24th is a monday I may just finish it off…haven't made up my mind yet…

    19 Jul 2006, 11:21

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