June 04, 2007

Blogs, culture and controversy…

Hey, Blogfans!

Remember those heady days not so long ago when we first stepped into the blogosphere and blogged every little detail of our Warwick (and not so Warwick) lives? The days when Sam Hates was just germinating, and the likes of Dan Lawrence and Holly Cruise just finding their satirical feet?

Well, it has been a good 2 years and more now for some of us, and others use Live Journal or various other programmes, and as I’m sitting my Culture and Controvery exam on Thursday which contains a question related to modern technologies and language (and possibly the learning thereof), what are peoples views on this little section of our vast, hypermedia-rife world?

I’d greatly appreciate responses from anyone who reads/writes/hates blogs and online journals;

What are they good for?

What are they not so good for?

Should they be encouraged or not?

Do you think there’s scope for them as learning tools for students or is PDP just another word for “Ranting about my own miserable existance”?

You won’t be quoted directly, I’m just curious, and if you don’t want your opinion shown here, you can always email me via the address in the Life of Bowdy section.

Cheers m’dears. There’ll be a pretty icture on Deviant soon, as some kind of reward!

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  1. From and educational perspective I’m all for teh increasing use of blogs and suchlike. I’m very interested in how blogging could be used as a tool for PHSE. Anything that enables people to share ideas has got to have potential – the question is how and whether people will harves that potential.

    04 Jun 2007, 19:08

  2. I never used mine for PDP. Not once. Ok, maybe some of the history entries were related but none could actually be construed as useful to my degree. But having said that, my blog, and being able to read others, has been invaluable. Wouldn’t change a thing if I had to do it again.

    04 Jun 2007, 23:32

  3. Casper

    Blogging for me has always been about myself and what’s around me. I pass comment on things that interest me if they’re at the top my mind but essentially I just record what goes on in my life and how I view the world, I’m a very extroverted person most of the time so I use my blog for a little bit of me time and to get my thoughts out into something constructive and indeed something that can kindle dialogue through commenting. I also frequently go back through my archive and look at what I wrote about and they way I wrote it (language, style of writing etc.) and it’s amazing how much you can see you’ve changed and grown over the time since then. My LJ acts as a progress meter which I measure myself against, I’m not sure what I’m progressing towards (knowing myself I guess) but I certainly notice when I’m going backwards!

    05 Jun 2007, 19:02

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