October 10, 2005

All loved up and nowhere to go

Now, you may assume several things from the above title, but I doubt you'd land on the on the meaning I am using.

These are in fact mutually exclusive events at the moment-point one, it seems that everywhere I go more and more people I know are enacting that awfully-non-ambiguous Spice Girls song; or maybe they're just fighting over seats…anyway, it seems there's more than Fresher's Flu going about right now, and it's all very nice for them and I hope they're happy and that sitting like that doesn't cut off anyone's circulation.

The second relates more to my own feelings of lost-ness, which result partly from having congealed sinuses and partly from being un-informed. No-one, for instance told me that the lecture today was moved as they all forgot that I wasn't in the lecture friday afternoon where they all told each other. Also, someone thought that one hour before an event was due to take place, while I was emmersed in another event, was a good time to tell me about it, and expected a slightly more polite reaction than they got. I mean, check out my schedule, y'know, I do try and be everwhere at once but usually a few days or at least a few hours warning might help!

Especially when I'm a sick lady who just wants a long hug but who no-one feels safe to approach as she's been oozing substances, coughing like a smoker and today has had severe difficulty in talking.

The worst thing is I don't feel ill today, it's just my head is solid!! I phyisically can't get enough oxygen through the tubes!

dammit. See you at Abandon for Slybob?

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  1. Milly

    Goddamn the lurge, for I have it too!

    Here are my handy tips for getting better:

    – Make sure your kidneys are covered with at least one layer of fabric (externally, not internally)
    – Come to ours and taste the awesome soup Paul made
    – Drink vitamin C (I'm on mango juice, as orange juice is a bit dull and at times like these we need excitement)
    – Get a hot water bottle
    – Rub Vicks vaporub all over your neck and scarf (stylish as well as practical)

    11 Oct 2005, 00:06

  2. Hehe, thanks for the tips, Milly!

    I think comments make me feel better too, or perhaps the fact that I witnessed your vicks scarf is bringing back happy memories!

    11 Oct 2005, 09:22

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