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March 28, 2007

Somebody? Anybody?!


Sorry it’s a bit late, blame Kingdom of Loathing (.com) and um…pure laziness? oh…there’s Artemis Fowl, too, and Pheonix Wright! so many distractions…and the fact that due to the immense kindness (and possibly boredom) of many of my friends I have been to four different houses for dinner over the last week! Thanks guys, I will return the favour sometime, promise!

Thus ends my excuse making. So here’s the final proof of whether you were right or not. What do you think? Romantic Carwyn looks amazingly goofy but the other two are quite cool!

Incentives (when I get round to changing them) will be detailed shots of the last two panels cos they’ve becaome covered in bees! Um…I mean…writing…Also when I eventually teach myself photoshop the first panel will get a cool wavey-revealy effect going on. One day.

So, any thought/feelings on how it panned out? I don’t expect it to make sense yet, and if you think it does you’re either psychic or headed in a slightly incorrect direction. Anyways, goota be off in a minute to view a school, so better go!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays!


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