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March 27, 2005


Ok, I know it's Easter, so happy-second commercialised Christian festival of the year, everyone. I hope those who it means something to have a good day and the rest of us get fat off the chocolate they provide.

But, more importantly I've decided to set up a discussion on who the half-blood prince will be, that is the character refered to in the sixth (and penultimate) Harry Potter Novel by J K Rowling. Even those of you with the vaguest, perhaps only film-only knowledge of the story can still join in.

The candidates are;

Lord Voldemort; for some reason when I read the title I assumed the prince was an evil character, perhaps because of the reference to blood. But as we all know, half-bloods aren't necessarily evil, infact it's pretty much pure-blood wizards you have to look out for.
Still, the Dark Lord himself had muggle (or boring, non-magical) parents, so he is in with a good chance.

Harry Potter; I'm hoping it isn't him, cos it would be boring to have the main character get all the good stuff, although I guess that's why he's the main character. Harry's mother Lily was from a muggle family. I'm not sure about his dad, does anyone know if the Potter's were a pure-blood family? I'm presuming not.

Hermione Granger-muggle parents although she is female, which would make her more of a princess and the title more of a give-away!

Ron Weasley; I think, even though the portrait of Sirius' mum and the malfoys lay into the Weasleys all the time, they are a pure-blood family, aren't they? correct me if I'm wrong…

Draco Malfoy; as I've said, no way. He hates half-bloods so even the title of "Prince" wouldn't make him consider being one!

Dean Thomas; his parents are indeed muggles, but he's had so little to do in the stories, appart from joining the DA, that it wold be totally surprising, and sometimes that's just not JK's thing!

Neville Longbottom; as cool as it would be for him to have something cool happen, both his parents are magical.

Rubeus Hagrid; Half blood? Extremely! half giant and magical he's one of the most mixed up characters in the book. Strong possibility, but what he's do with the title I'd dread to think!

Remus Lupin; Again, I'd love to see this man get the credit he deserves, but I have no clue about his lineage and somehow, I just don't think so!

So, based on the evidence, place your votes in the handily supplied comments box below!

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