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March 26, 2006

Take two!

My lovely Mummy bought my "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" for Easter, but cos it was too wet to go out for the mothers day walk we planned she asked to watch it today instead! Awesome-I was gonna be a good girl and save it, too!

ANYWAY, did we ever get around to properly discussing the plot holes?

I realised again how abrupt the ending is, and how annoyed I am at the laziness of scriptwriters!

I mean, the ritual poem and end-of-term speech were already there in the book-why not use them?!

There is a huge problem with Snape and Sirius not meeting and making up, but this may be resolved as apparently Gary Oldman has said he won't do the next one. Usually I would get annoyed, like did at Christopher "I don't wanna be type cast as the greatest sci-fi character of all time" Eccleston, but as his screen time was so brutally cut in 4 I don't blame him! Although if their previous knack for replacing actors is anything to go by I don't hold out much hope!

Also, there's gonna have to be a lot of explaination as to why no one believes Dumbledore-we weren't informed of a certain kiss, were we!

Ah well, I don't want to critise overly, cos it really is an acely done film, and I love it! I expect tomorrow will be spent checkin' ye olde (or newe!) deleted scenes, although the last few discs haven't offered much in that dept :(

On another, unrelated topic I'm heading back to Leam tomorrow! currently know of three days I'm working, well one day and 2 nights, and of course I must work on the essays and project due in 3 weeks! huzzah!

I need incentives…

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