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October 24, 2006

Recent events

” I do beg your pardon, my fine Ladies and Gents, for it’s been a while since I reported back-infact it’s pretty hard to come by paper in Shayele, let alone a spare moment to scrawl things down in, so I shall have to wax know-it-all about current events to you in person!

“Still, let’s not be too formal, eh?! So, ‘ere I was a fortnight ago, spilling news and the promise of gold to none other than the Party Leader Emilio, getting quite a name for himself it seems! And still sympathising with those _Plains people who will have no more to do with their murdering, flame-throwin’-ahem, yes well…-Aure, Yoko and Milone, as I was corrected, were there, and a few other chaps whose names I don’ recall…but I’m sure they’ll remind me.

“So”, says I “I happen to know there is a bandit Lord with his eyes on Shayele. Fancy doing everyone, including yourselves, a favour and doin’ ‘im in?” And of course for the promised gold they agree, and off they go into the forest.

“The bandits are highly active, trying to put them off at various points and with a scary new ability to organise themselves, but it’s not too long before I find our party before Bob’s very gates. Akam knows how but I get myself roped into the fray, take a nasty stab to the gut for it too, if it weren’t for Gratha experiencing a sudden urge of kindness towards me, well, the tavern would be a bit less tuneful I can tell you!

“Similarly, I was elated to reach the body of a comrade in time, quiet chap, but I was able to practice my healing skills which have rusted of late. Think I’m getting more confident with this “actually being on a battlefield” thing!

“A shame they didn’t take the head with them after defeating Bob though, I hear Gratha made a tidy profit off that!

“Another party went forth that day, containing the much missed Lady Luthien and her new aide, none other than the missing Anna DeMontford, who has since dropped that surname which caused her such grief and now answers to Annabell Felix, or still the much more simple Anna. I wonder if Lady Charlotte is anywhere within the Baracade to be told that her daughter is still alive? I suppose I could tell the Marquis….but again, I speculate!

With them were two of the new physicians. Now that the guild is a roaming franchise you see more and more of these stoic men with their short swords and large pouches…ahem..of ointment, bandages etc. There was also one gentleman whose name more than slips my mind. A poet, he claims. A poet! hah! surely squirting ink in a goblin’s face isn’t half as effectual as singing loudly at it, insulting it’s mother then giving it a good stabbing?! anyway, it’s not that I’m against a little healthy competition, but he could have at least said “hello” before scuffing the boarders of my terrain!

This intrepid bunch were after an ancient Shayele artifact, which was in fact being used by a mage of less-than-friendly persuation to raise undead and have them do his bidding! research tells me the amulet was actually fuelled by the souls it removed, but as I am not a mage this is not something I can confirm or deny!

Speakin’ o’ mages, I hear there’s a crazy li’l female one running about advertising her fathers swords as the new vehicle for some sort of power she’s trapped. Now, I’ve only spoken to Gratha, and he only gives me riddles, but if anyone who was part of Emilio’s party yesterday (I saw you all, headin’ out of the village on a Shayele Spokeswoman’s orders!) cares to tell me more of your adventure, I’d be glad to hear it!

“The adventure continues, who shall see it end?”

Arklyn Lynks, Bard of the Scarred Lands

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