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March 24, 2006

Revival of the Blogden…

OK, I've decided that seeing as this blog is all you'll see of me for most of the next 3 months, I'd better revive it!

And what more colourful and happy way to do this than to say "Wow, I'd forgotten how awesome the first Sailor Moon book is!"
Ok, I'm not allowed to upload the image it seems, but it is very coloufuk and happy!

Book one is fast paced, with very quick intro's to the main character, Tsukino Usagi, called Serena in the English version (or "Bunny", of course!) her family and friends and Luna, which is where the story really starts!

In the next 4 chapters there's cuteness, action and romance as three more Sailor Scouts are revealed and they have to go a masquarade ball to investigste the mysterious Princess D-*WARNING SPOILER" it's a totally ace episode as Bunny tries champagne by mistake and gets tipsy (bless her) and dozes off after the stress of battle-the even more mysterious (but not really!) hero Tuxedo Mask catches her and pops her on a pillow on the balcony and sigh kisses her, before Luna asks whether he's an enemy or not, and he says he doesn't know, and runs off!

Alot can happen in half an hour!

So yeah, I really haven't changed much…although now I can look at the comic with more appreciation, not just because it's one of the best storylines ever, but because Takeuchi Naoko has a very singular drawing style, which I'm hoping will knock out some of my own rigidity; it's even more exaggerated than most artists I've watched (expecially anime, and especially "Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex, some of that is just too realistic!) Takeuchi's limbs and fingers are all exaggerated, but the bodies are rarely stretched, breasts are always in proportion and although similar distortion applies to the men they don't have the weird, angular stances that those in "Seraphic Feather" seem to spend most of their time in. To be honest I'm surprised that most of my stuff is as "normal" looking as it is, considering the only manga I read for a couple of years, ingnoring the odd compilation I'd pick up in Brighton was "Sailor Moon"!

And saying that, I'm still missing "Sailor Moon SuperS 4"-Darien and Serena could be falling through space forever :(

so YAY! COmics are ace, and the Blog is BACK! I'll try and get "My Imaginary Life" back up and running when I return to Leam next week-I was gonna try and use Photoshop to enhance it, but I can't seem to use the damn thing at all :(

Ah well…where's book 3…

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