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January 23, 2007

All eventualities…


Appologies; appologies for this being late, appologies for the terrible thought bubble at the bottom-I promise that in half term I will once again tackle photoshop…(this image was rendered using word and paint!) and…yeah…GAH!

In other news, tomorrow it will be half-way-to-half-term! Let the teachers rejoice! Don’t get me wrong, it’s going well, but still, a few consecutive lie-ins would be nice! And an art day. Man, my side-views are so crummy cos after the art binge of the Christmas hols I just have not drawn, anything, really! One page a week…sob! only about 3 hours of art for every 168!! :( I’m totally gonna go make a piechart of my life…Don’t ask me why, but just now it seems like an entertaining idea! Oh no..waaaait…planning….

P.S., currently holding steady in the ol’ rating; around 400-410 on TWC and steady in the 340’s on buzz, thanks to everyone who’s been voting! Those who have since Sunday will notice new vote incentives! This weeks influence is the one, the only Daniel Parker (or was it “Parkinson”...we all just called him “Parker” anyway!) He is the man responsible for getting me into manga in college in the very first place! Many’s the time I borrowed his sketch pad to draw what, next to his were pretty damn awful mangas…buzz is the monumental chibi-sation of “That Group of Weirdos who Always Sit by the Door in the Cantine”, some of whom I’m still in contact with, and TWC is…well, yes…I certainly never wore that to college! Came close on occassion…or at “Subversion!!” Oh Gods…

Parker has, unfortunately faded from my social radar, but perhaps, as Haylian, Mara and Jonesy are regular holiday-catch-up-type-folks still he’ll pop up someday…his work lives on!

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