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March 22, 2005


I just followed this link from Carter's
domain, only to get the same answer as him! But I didn't think I was anything like Carter! and I've never even haerd of this movie!

Maybe I should've faked it and tried for Edward Scissorhands.

You Are Sam From "Benny & Joon."

You are very talented at physical comedy. People are in awe of your abilities. However, you have many quirks which can either win people over or completely annoy them. But you're a sweetheart through and through, and it's hard not to love you.

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Stuff about me

I like chocolate
I don't like having been told it's bad for me!

I like finding things to do that aren't work
I don't like remembering that I've found so many things to do that aren't work I havn't done any work for days!

I like the smell in the air at the moment, that tells me it's Spring.
I don't like the smell in petrol stations.

I like cooking, experimenting and cooking for other people.
I don't like it when I get it wrong and burn things/people don't like what I've made.

I liked mum and dad's tentative use of the phrase "so, who's Richard?"

I like knowing there's someone who'll give me hugs when I need them.

I like getting in touch with old friends.

I don't like it when I don't quite know where I stand with someone.

I don't like it when friends don't call me back.

I like all the different colours the sky goes.

I like all the different colours my nails and hair go!

I like Harry Potter.

I don't like celery.

I don't like people who whine about their situation but have never done anything about it.

I don't like it when I feel I can't make a situation work in some way. I hope that won't stop me trying, though!

I like Manga and Anime waaay too much.

Same goes for LARPS.

I like who I am.

How about you?

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