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February 20, 2007


OK, am trying to plan but just had to blog…


This was the very last of my Christmas monies and they were origonally ordered from America (who then said they couldn’t send them) months ago…so I went through Artifolk again, on route discovering there is a stockist in Portsmouth and I never knew! There’s one in Leicester too (road trip, anyone?!)

So, here’s what I got;

Toner grey 1,3 and 5(T1,T3,T5)-possibly the most exciting as along with Toner 7 it means all strips will now be shaded in Copic awesome, not HB pencil!!

E13, Light Suntan-or boy-skin
E29, Burnt Umber-or “D” hair…not much different from Christine hair but Redwood isn’t available over here yet :-(
R29, Lipstick Red-self explanatory!
G05, Emerald Green-or AJY’s eyes
YR16, Apricot
YR 18, Sanguine-I know there’s a reason for the oranges…I know there is…
B39, Prussian Blue-cos I needed a dark blue!

So yes, that brings the current total to 24, which in English terms is over £80 of marker! ’_’ (of course, the first 12 were cheaper cos of where I was when I got them XD)

All this means is that the next cover (when I decide what it will be) will be even more awesome! As will all subsequent colour-works!

Dave has already witnessed the glory, and so will you, on Monday hopefully! Just let me get my observation outta the way first…

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